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A World Worth Protecting
Chapter 61 - Killing Intent Descends!
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Chapter 61: Killing Intent Descends!

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Another document was attached to the emergency call-back letter that Wang Baole received. It stated that three days ago, in the Dharmic Armament faculty of Ethereal Dao College, trouble occurred among the students who stayed behind over the holidays.

It was a serious matter warranting immediate action from the College Discipline Department. Therefore, since Wang Baole was the only Head Prefect of the Dharmic Armament faculty, it was necessary for him to return.

If issues like that occurred in other faculties, the Head Prefect who lived nearest to the college would be asked to return, but in the Dharmic Armament faculty, the status and power that Wang Baole had attained also came with a certain level of responsibility.

Wang Baole clearly understood that it was his duty.

This is the challenge of being a Head Prefect. You have to give up on your personal time in order to serve the masses.

Without further delay, he explained the situation to his parents on the very day. Even though his parents could not bear to have him depart, they understood that their son had matured and sent him to the airport.

As there were still several days before the new semester started, the aircraft from Ethereal Dao College had not arrived. Wang Baole wanted to return to the Dao College in the shortest time possible; thus, he could only choose the smaller aircraft returning to Ethereal City.

Although the tickets were not cheap, he could reclaim his expenses from the Dao College. With his parents bidding him farewell, Wang Baole bought the earliest flight out and was in the air after half an hour.

Small aircrafts that shuttled people between two cities were definitely not as safe as the larger aircrafts like those from Ethereal Dao College. However, as long as no major disruptions arose, everything could still proceed smoothly.

After all, all the flights were regularly assessed to ensure that the flight paths remained clear and accessible.

Sitting in his cabin, Wang Baole yawned.

The long holidays had allowed him to completely relax. He rubbed his eyes and looked at the night sky outside the window.

Even if this small aircraft flew faster, it would still take about five days for me to arrive.

Thinking that, Wang Baole lay on his bed in the aircraft and drifted off to sleep.

The second morning, Wang Baole walked out of the cabin and stretched as he looked at the other passengers on board.

There were at most a little over ten passengers, of which seven to eight of them were clearly businessmen traveling between the two cities. The rest of the passengers looked like ordinary men and women, and there were two or three who were a similar age to him. There was a fatty on board as well, who passionately greeted Wang Baole upon noticing him.

After they exchanged greetings, Wang Baole entered the dining area for his meal. He was bored after that and relaxed on the deck, overlooking the landscape beneath.

This aircraft should fly faster. Moving further in this direction, one will arrive at the Pond Cloud Rainforest. Wang Baole recalled his father’s description of the mountain ranges as he looked at them sweeping past.

It’s a pity that my capabilities are still insufficient now. If not, I would really love to visit those sites. Wang Baole shook his head regrettably. He was clear that numerous ferocious monsters lurked in the wilderness. Even though he had attained the level of Pulse Enrichment, there was still a high likelihood of him dying if he met such a beast. The archaeological facility that his father was in now would have several hundred staff protected by numerous guards in order for their trip to be safe.

Wang Baole knew full well that more manpower was needed, but he was reluctant to let others know about the site. He sighed as he planned to visit the place once he attained the highest level of Pulse Enrichment and had prepared more Dharmic artifacts and pills.

As he was about to return to the cabin to rest, all of a sudden, he noticed a pocket of light permeating through the sky ahead!

Directly ahead of the zooming aircraft was a dark glow, spanning half a mile, that resembled a large metal plate!

It had appeared too suddenly, and the aircraft did not have enough time to avoid it. Wang Baole’s eyes widened as the aircraft crashed into it.

The sound of the crash was earth-shaking!

An indescribably powerful turbulence exploded from the aircraft immediately.

“What happened?”

“Is this how you steer the aircraft?”

Everything happened too suddenly, causing everyone on board to moan. At the same time, under the impact of the collision, the head of the aircraft broke in two.

Due to the high speed with which the aircraft was traveling, the debris flew with immense energy and was like shooting stars crashing and perforating numerous other parts of the aircraft!

Wang Baole’s expression changed immediately. One piece of debris flew right past him. Even the strong winds that followed it made Wang Baole tense.

If not for his strong grip on the railing, he would have been thrown off the aircraft.

What is going on? Wang Baole’s pupils constricted, his mind in disarray. Everything had happened too rapidly, taking mere seconds from the appearance of the black glow to the collision with the aircraft. Wang Baole did not even have time to react before his close shave with death.

It was fortunate that the body of the aircraft was sturdy, and the black glow was not completely solid. Thus, the aircraft was not completely destroyed. However, it was also because of this that the aftershock was intense.

Upon colliding with the black glow, the aircraft was no longer operational. The inertia that arose from the sudden stopping of the high-speed aircraft threw everyone out of their seats and into each other.

At the same time, a loud alarm reverberated within the aircraft.


“There is an enemy!”

The cabin crew and guards on board climbed up, their facial expressions revealing indescribable shock. They looked at their surroundings and held their breath, their gazes betraying their despair.

All the passengers on board were at a loss as to what to do. Although some tried to hide, most of them rushed out of the cabin and onto the deck to look at the surroundings. Instantly, chills ran down their spines, and they opened their mouths to scream. However, no sound emerged.

Those are… sky pirates!

Wang Baole’s breathing turned erratic. The sudden change in events was nothing compared to the initial assessment within the Hallucination Realm. He also noticed that five aircrafts were circling in the sky right above, closing in on them.

The five aircraft were colored bright red, resembling blood. There was even a logo of the air pirates carved on them, emanating an aura of ferocity directly toward the trapped aircraft.

If that was it, there could still have been a chance of fighting back. However, as the five aircrafts narrowed in, seventeen to eighteen men in black hopped out, each of them carrying a murderous look. It was obvious that they were no strangers to bloodshed, especially when their gazes revealed looks of cruelty and cold-bloodedness that sent chills down one’s spine.

Every one of them had reached Pulse Enrichment, and there were even a few of them who had reached perfected Pulse Enrichment. The guards of the aircraft felt extremely hopeless, and several of the passengers began crying as the thought of impending death overwhelmed their minds.

Within the crowd, the person-in-charge of the aircraft, a middle-aged man, began to speak with his voice trembling. “We are Dong Lin Airlines…”

However, before he could finish, he was interrupted by the men in black who had stepped into the aircraft.

“Shut up!”

The men in black entered the aircraft one-by-one, sweeping their gazes over everyone as if looking for something. They even took out a jade slip for comparison. After seeing the fatty who looked similar in age to Wang Baole, their eyes lit up. However, after making the comparison, they knitted their brows

This scene made Wang Baole narrow his eyes as his pulse increased rapidly. He knew something was wrong—this was reality, not a scene in the Hallucination Realm assessment. His life was being threatened right at this moment, and without hesitation, he shoved his hand into his sleeve and took out a flying sword from the storage bracelet.

His facial expression was one of shock and his body trembled as he hid the flying sword in his hands, looking at the Pulse Enrichment men in black who had already fixated their gaze on him.

They eyes lit up, especially after identifying Wang Baole. Their killing intent was prominent, and they did not pay attention to the others. As they charged toward him, Wang Baole had long understood that he was the target of these people!

“The b*stard’s here!” one of the men in black sneered. They were quick, and in that instant, more than ten men in black charged directly at Wang Baole at Pulse Enrichment speeds, carrying a strong desire to kill.

Wang Baole held his breath nervously. As the men in black approached, the flying sword that he was hiding disappeared, only to be replaced by the Dharmic artifact megaphone that he had developed. As he picked the horn up, he wore a ferocious look, with his veins bulging up. Harnessing all his energy, he shouted right into the megaphone, “You are the b*stards!”

The scream was loud, and this Dharmic artifact megaphone that he had developed was exceedingly effective. It amplified Wang Baole’s shout and instantly became like a thunder, forming a gigantic sound wave, exploding outward!

The man in black closest to Wang Baole stared with his eyes wide open as he let out a shrill screech. His eardrums instantly burst, and his body flew right out from the blast as he screamed tragically.

The other men in black also suffered due to the sound wave. Those who were worse off started to spew blood from within, and even those who were less impacted were overwhelmed and had to stop in their tracks.

Wang Baole, whose ears were also ringing despite knowing what would happen, noticed that more men in black were arriving. He took a deep breath, and making use of the men in black’s momentary paralysis, he leaped over the railing and plummeted down toward the ground beneath!

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