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A World Worth Protecting
Chapter 62 - There Is Only Retaliation!
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Chapter 62: There Is Only Retaliation!

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“Damn it!” Seeing Wang Baole jump from the cruiser without hesitation, the expressions of the second batch of men in black that came from the surrounding cruisers changed, realizing that it was too late to stop him.

From taking out his megaphone to jumping off the cruiser, Wang Baole had acted without hesitation and at great speed too. This made the men in black tense, their gazes imposing.

When they reached Wang Baole’s previous location, they could only see Wang Baole roaring toward land from below, his figure growing smaller and smaller. Vaguely, they could even make out Wang Baole’s icy expression when he raised his head.

This gaze made the men in black shudder for no reason.

This was because Wang Baole had exceeded their expectations. After all, to them, Wang Baole was only a youth, but this youth actually shocked them twice!

They had underestimated him. His fearful expression had caused the first group of men in black to let down their guard. When they thought victory was in sight, he had taken them by surprise by taking out his Dharmic artifact. With the sound wave blast, he had injured one man, pushed back the rest, and taken the initiative!

This kind of method… was not something an ordinary youth could do. It required calm judgment and good timing, and what made the men in black even more surprised was the fact that when he faced the second group of men in black, Wang Baole… actually jumped off the cruiser!

It had to be said that even those men in black would not have jumped from such a height, but Wang Baole actually did!

Even if it had been anyone else, they would have hesitated before jumping. After all, the cruiser was several kilometers above ground. At such a height, a True Breath expert might have survived, but for someone from the Ancient Martial realm, without the adequate preparation, they would definitely die!

But for Wang Baole, he had not stopped at all. From this, one could see that Wang Baole was vicious, even to himself!

And this method was indeed the only way to escape at this moment!

“How vicious. He’s not even twenty. If we give him enough time to grow, he will definitely be someone who kills resolutely!”

“Initially, I was wondering why we had to kill a youth… Now I understand!”

“If he’s so vicious to himself, he will definitely be even more vicious to his enemies!”

Nearly thirty men in black from the two batches were left alarmed on the cruiser. After exchanging glances between themselves, they all looked at an elder from the second batch

This man was dressed like the others, except that he had a black glove on his right hand. This glove seemed like it was made of metal and was very unique. The man’s gaze was cold, and he emitted a threatening aura; clearly, he was the leader of the men in black.

“This Wang Baole… We can’t leave him alive. No matter what, we must leave with his head today. Chase him!” the Elder said coldly, and the surrounding men in black immediately chimed in agreement.

Ignoring the shaking tourists around them, all of them returned to the cruiser, chasing after Wang Baole.

At the same time, Wang Baole was in midair, hurtling toward the ground. He had no time to think of the reason why these men in black wanted to kill him; instead, the only thought in his mind was frantically calculating his speed of descent and the distance between him and the ground.

All his calculations and constant adjusting of his body to change direction was because his Inscriptions systemic deduction caused him to grow sharper at calculations.

Dampening, I need some sort of dampening, at least nine of them!

The overwhelming speed made it hard for Wang Baole to breathe. At that moment, his body felt like it was being crushed, and his vision was turning black. However, he resolutely gritted his teeth to clear his mind. In a few breaths, he flipped his right hand furiously, and a seal appeared.

This was one of the Dharmic artifacts that he had refined. Taking it out, he did not hesitate to send all his Spirit Qi into the artifact with a howl. He chose to scramble up the Inscriptions that made up the Spirit Kernel, causing an obstruction in the surge of energy that would result in an explosion!

If it had been anyone else, they would have found it difficult to do this. However, Wang Baole had refined this Dharmic artifact by himself, carving every Inscription in it, so he was completely clear on its construction. Soon, the seal in his hand released a blinding light. Wang Baole threw it downward, and with a boom, it exploded toward the ground!

With the explosion, not only was Wang Baole hit directly, blood leaked from the corner of his mouth. However, in that instant, his speed finally slowed down somewhat.

Without stopping, Wang Baole’s gaze grew vicious. He continuously took out Dharmic artifacts and made them explode again and again. By doing so, he finally managed to slow his descent and adjust his position of landing. Thus, when he landed on the ground, he no longer landed on the plains. Instead, he smashed towards a valley’s cliff.

The instant his body fell toward the cliff, even though Wang Baole had reduced his speed significantly, the impact was still strong, especially as he flew toward rocks and trees. With his current speed, his body would break down the moment he landed, and he would die instantly.

Wang Baole understood that the most important moment had arrived. Just before he landed on the cliff, Wang Baole roared, the devouring seed in his body exploding at that moment.

With the surge in his spirit energy and with the frenzy of his survival instinct, the devouring seed in his body released a huge suction force toward the cliffs.

This suction force was powerful, and Wang Baole’s speed was not slow either, so it exerted a pulling force. The pain caused Wang Baole to let out a shrill scream, as though his body was breaking into pieces. However, all this pain was worth it, as his speed started to slow. With the pull from the suction force, he finally… completely slowed down.

When he was about ten feet from the ground, he had completely stabilized. Even though he still fell onto the ground, his Head Prefect robe and storage bracelet protected him. Wang Baole fell to the ground with a bang, but his injuries were not severe. Although blood spurted out, he climbed up again, his speed still the same. Following the small road along the cliff, he rushed forward.

The entire way, Wang Baole huffed and puffed. He knew the danger was still out there; however, this was nothing compared to the life and death tests that he had encountered previously!

The men in black arrived aggressively. It seemed that as long as they did not see Wang Baole’s body, they would not rest.

Who are they?

Why do they want to kill me?

And how did they know I was on this cruiser?

Wang Baole clenched his fists. After all, he was only a youth. At this point, he was suppressing his fear and terror and attempted to open his voice transmission ring to call for help. However, he found that the voice transmission ring failed. This caused his last hopes to vanish.

Then his gaze started to show his frenzy. He understood that the assassins must have planned this for a while, else their preparations would not have been so thorough.

It must have something to do with the notification I received about returning to the Dao College!

Resoluteness flashed across Wang Baole’s face. He knew that it was no use thinking of all this, and it was also nearly impossible for him to escape.

Today, the only one who could save him was himself!

Then, there is only… retaliation! Wang Baole gritted his teeth. With a burst of speed, he dashed along the cliff’s path, and he soon reached the top of the cliffs.

As he ran, he swallowed some pills. While he felt his injuries heal, his breathing became labored.

I need to calm down, I can’t get scared. I need to calm down! Wang Baole constantly used his breathing to adjust his state of mind. Although his heart was still shaking, he seemed calmer.

These people have a strong desire to kill me. Just for me, they actually used several cruisers with almost thirty people with who knows how many more people on-board… They have so many people, and they also have perfected Pulse Enrichment experts. I could handle one person, but with so many people, I will definitely die!

But I have my own advantage—I have quite a number of Dharmic artifacts. Although I can only control them simply as I’ve not reached the True Breath Realm, if I match it by adjusting the Inscriptions, I can fight them!

I need to separate them; I can’t be trapped! And I can’t remain out in the open… Forest, I need to enter the forest!

With this thought, Wang Baole raised his head suddenly, looked around, and then ran toward the faraway Pond Cloud Rainforest!

When he neared the forest and took his first step inside, Wang Baole heard the sound of faraway cruisers. He paused and turned; immediately, he saw five cruisers speeding toward him.

You want to kill me? We’ll have to see if you have the ability! Wang Baole seemed like a cornered beast, giving off a foul air. He turned and ran into the forest.

Not long after he entered the forest, the five cruisers arrived, flying straight for the area above the Pond Cloud Rainforest. As this place was not open, with trees with broad leaves reaching for the sky, it blocked their vision. Thus, these five cruisers lost their advantage. Soon, each of them spread out in a different direction. Then, more than twenty men in black descended to envelop the area, searching for Wang Baole.

“We must find Wang Baole. Kill him on sight!”

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