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A World Worth Protecting
Chapter 71 - It Is Never Too Early for Revenge
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Chapter 71: It Is Never Too Early for Revenge

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Wang Baole’s narrow-minded personality meant that he had to take revenge for even the slightest grievance. This was especially so after experiencing near-certain death and eventually surviving the battle that occurred in the Pond Cloud Rainforest. He would have died if he had made a single mistake.

Even if he experienced the events in the Pond Cloud Rainforest again, he could not be sure that he could walk out alive.

The battle not only breached the bottom line of Ethereal Dao College but also provoked Wang Baole. Even though the notice released by the Dao College did not imply a need for him to respond to the issue, Wang Baole still desired to carry out revenge personally.

Doing that would incite more hatred, but Wang Baole did not care. After all, even if he did not take revenge, Lin Tianhao and company would not see him as less of an enemy. Since that was the case, he might as well take revenge by himself and relish in the glee of his accomplishment after that.

In the results of the Chancellor’s investigations and the notifications sent out, it was revealed that Cao Kun and Jiang Lin were also accomplices of Lin Tianhao’s. The investigation had been extremely thorough. Even though Cao Kun and Jiang Lin did not participate directly, they were co-conspirators.

Slaps to their faces should be given in the public eye by me, only then will it feel satisfying! Wang Baole was in high-spirits, munching loudly on a bag of snacks in the cave abode, as he thought excitedly about the scene upon the return of Lin Tianhao and company.

Very quickly, three days passed. Liu Daobin and the other inspectors of the Dharmic Armament faculty acted immediately and promptly returned to Ethereal Dao College to report to Wang Baole upon receiving Wang Baole’s notice.

Wang Baole did not specifically assign duties to his subordinates beforehand and instead instructed them to be ready for duty. Finally, two more days passed, and the first day of the new semester in Ethereal Dao College arrived.

On the morning of the first day of the semester, Wang Baole was up early. He wore his new Head Prefect Daoist robe as he posed in front of the mirror to choose a posture that he deemed to be the mightiest. He turned his head with gusto and lowered his voice as he directed orders to Liu Daobin through his voice transmission ring.

“All inspectors of the Dharmic Armament faculty are to assemble in the aerial port of Dao College within half an hour!”

After directing the order, Wang Baole took a deep breath and felt immensely pleased. With his belly plumped up and his hands clasped, he walked directly out of the Cave Abode. Almost immediately, he heard whirring in the skies and saw an endless stream of aircrafts coming from all directions in the sky.

Almost all the senior students would return to the Dao College on the first day of the semester. Some of the aircrafts carried new students who arrived in advance. On this day every year, the aerial port of Ethereal Dao College was packed.

Furthermore, among the senior students who had returned, many would mix within the crowds of new students almost immediately upon arrival, searching relentlessly for a junior whom they could connect with for the coming year, as they dreamed of starting a passionate relationship in the Dao College.

This year, however, seemed different. At this moment, at the aerial port, Liu Daobin and hundreds of black-robed inspectors were assembled almost immediately at the highest possible efficiency upon receiving their orders, even before Wang Baole arrived. Their presence resulted in a commotion at the aerial port, causing all the students to gasp in surprise.

“What happened!?”

“Why are there so many inspectors?”

“They are from… the Dharmic Armament faculty!”

Amid the discussions among the masses, Liu Daobin and the other inspectors assembled in neat formation, with everyone carrying a stern expression as they stood waiting without speaking.

Before long, when Wang Baole’s silhouette appeared from afar, the hundreds of inspectors revealed intense passion in their eyes and began greeting him respectfully. It didn’t matter if their reaction was genuine or not.

“Greetings, Head Prefect!”

They were loud, their voices transforming into waves that reverberated all around, causing the students to tremble in response. As for Wang Baole, he was filled with indescribable pleasure as he approached the black-robed inspectors with his hands clutched, looking at the aircraft that was about to land from the sky.

After proposing that he would take matters into his own hands to the Chancellor, the Chancellor had already informed Wang Baole of the serial numbers of the aircrafts that carried Lin Tianhao, Cao Kun, and Jiang Lin. Now, Wang Baole waited silently as his eyes swept over the aircrafts in the sky with squinted eyes.

His silence resulted in doubts in the minds of Liu Daobin and the other inspectors, but they did not have the courage to question anything. They remained stern as they waited in silence. For the masses at the aerial port, the usual hustle and bustle seemed to have been lost, replaced with an overwhelmingly pressure. They speculated with each other, whispering endlessly.

Time passed slowly. Before long, the aircrafts landed one by one. Every senior student that stepped out of the aircraft was initially excited and conversing with each other cheerfully, but after noticing the hundreds of inspectors from the Dharmic Armament faculty, the conversations stopped. Taken aback and shocked, they all avoided walking toward the assembly directly, instead gathering at the side as they appraised the situation.

Furthermore, some of the aircrafts carried teachers who were leading the new students. The new students were unaware of the identities of the inspectors. The exhilaration of stepping into the Dao College made them cheer, but they quickly noticed the gazes of the masses looking at the black-robed inspectors as questions began to form in their minds.

“Who are they?”

“Look, a fatty is standing in front of them. That fatty seems to have a different status from the others. Even his attire is different.”

As they discussed with lowered voices, the teacher leading them took a quick glance at Wang Baole. After briefly explaining to the new students, all the new students took a deep breath as they understood the identities of the black-robed inspectors and especially the status of the fatso standing in front.

As the aircrafts progressively landed, the crowd grew. Eventually, the bustle began to build up once more. Suddenly, Wang Baole’s gaze focused on an aircraft that was preparing for landing, and he approached it with narrowed eyes.

His move prompted the many inspectors assembled behind him to follow suite. The imposing manner given off by the contingent caught the attention of the surrounding masses again.

As the aircraft that Wang Baole was fixated on landed, the senior students began to alight. Among them was a senior student who appeared uneasy and troubled. That person was none other than the ex-Spirit Stones Head Prefect, Jiang Lin!

He had been punished by Wang Baole in the past, but at the first Head Prefect meeting, during the period when Wang Baole had lost his powers, Jiang Lin was exonerated of his crimes. He hated Wang Baole and was aware of Lin Tianhao’s plans, even having participated in the planning process. That was the reason the sight of Wang Baole caused him to become hyper-focused and hyperventilate. He stopped abruptly in his tracks, his gut feeling telling him that something unfortunate was about to happen.

Wang Baole’s eyes lit up the moment he stopped in his tracks. His entire body leaped into the air with unbelievable speed, as if his body had transformed into a long rainbow, hurtling directly toward the aircraft that had just landed.

At the same time, a low voice emerged from Wang Baole.

“Jiang Lin, you have been expelled from school for plotting to kill the Head Prefect. I am going to apprehend you! All inspectors, grab hold of Jiang Lin!”

Wang Baole’s voice was like a typhoon, creating waves all around as soon as it emerged. The very moment that he heard it, Jiang Lin’s expression changed drastically, his whole body trembling as if he had been struck by lightning. He retreated subconsciously as he let out a shrill scream.

“Wang Baole, what are you doing!?”

His companions and the teachers standing around him were taken aback and subconsciously responded by trying to block off Wang Baole upon seeing his sudden movement. However, having heard what Wang Baole had to say, they all took a deep breath and moved away, clearing up a path for Wang Baole so that he could confront Jiang Lin directly.

Jiang Lin’s eyes revealed intense fear and hopelessness, and he snarled as he tried to struggle and retaliate.

“Resisting the rule of law?” Wang Baole gaze was cold. He was extremely quick, approaching directly as Jiang Lin reeled in stupefaction and fear. Wang Baole raised his right hand and grabbed hold of Jiang Lin, slamming him down hard.

Cries of pain erupted from Jiang Lin as beads of sweat emerged on his forehead. Wang Baole’s killing intent was strong, and with a turn of his body, he twisted Jiang Lin’s other hand. Amid the cries of pain, Wang Baole jabbed directly into Jiang Lin’s chest with great intensity, destroying his meridians and maiming him of his Ancient Martial Arts!

Crimson red blood spurted from Jiang Lin’s mouth. His cultivation was no longer a match for Wang Baole’s, who had emerged triumphant from a bloody bout in the forest. Right now, his bloodied body was hurled out of the aircraft. The moment it landed on the floor, he fainted from the concussion, and he was dragged away immediately by Liu Daobin and company.

The entire scene that took place in a blink of an eye, as well as Wang Baole’s ruthlessness, made everyone stare unblinkingly in shock. They all drew deep breaths, and the words that Wang Baole said previously made them especially flabbergasted.

“Attempting to murder the Head Prefect?”

“Heavens! What is happening? Expulsion from school?”

“I remember now. When I saw Wang Baole a few days ago, he was covered in blood.”

As the masses speculated in shock, Wang Baole, who was standing atop the aircraft, turned his head suddenly, looking at another aircraft that had just landed. There was someone who appeared to have lost all color as he continuously stepped back. That person was Cao Kun!

Looking at Cao Kun, Wang Baole’s lips curled into a fierce smile.

Cao Kun noticed Wang Baole’s gaze on him, especially the intensity of his attention. His mind was blank as he tried to escape in despair. However, his speed was no match for Wang Baole’s voice.

“Cao Kun, you are expelled from school for attempting to murder the Head Prefect!” As he spoke, Wang Baole charged directly at Cao Kun.

What had happened to Jiang Lin had made Cao Kun frightened, and he shouted as he retreated, “Wang Baole, I’m innocent! It was Lin Tianhao—he’s the mastermind! Forgive me, I won’t do it again!”

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