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A World Worth Protecting
Chapter 72 - Expulsion from School!
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Chapter 72: Expulsion from School!

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“What use is it to say that you won’t do it again?” Wang Baole’s gaze was cold and distant. Well versed in high officials’ autobiographies, Wang Baole knew just how to treat his enemies. He could not afford to soften his heart, and he had to be determined in weakening them to the point where they no longer posed a threat to him.

That was especially so when he recalled everything that had happened in the Pond Cloud Rainforest. Thinking of that, his gaze sharpened, and his body leaped instantly with unbelievable speed as he dashed toward Cao Kun.

At the same time, Liu Daobin and company also recovered from the shock. Knowing that Wang Baole was about to go head-on with an ex-Head Prefect, their breathing hastened. That was especially so for those who had been held captive by Cao Kun previously—they rushed out to block Cao Kun from escaping.

“Get out of my way!” Cao Kun shouted. Now, he was trapped. He was like a lunatic, trying to wriggle his way to escape as he growled with bloodshot eyes. However, he had apparently forgotten that he was in Ethereal Dao College. Even if he managed to escape, he would not be able to get far.

Furthermore, he had already lost his chance. Liu Daobin and company had cornered him, directly cutting off his escape route. A moment later, Wang Baole stood before him.

Cao Kun’s entire body was shaking vigorously and uncontrollably, as a wave of fear and regret made him frightened and hysterical. Realizing that he had no chance of escape, he suddenly turned his head and began yelling, “Wang Baole, I want to see the Chancellor. I…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Wang Baole reacted with a powerful kick straight to his dantian. Cao Kun’s body recoiled in response, bright red blood spewing from his mouth as his limp body collapse to the ground, his face losing all color.

That kick was ruthless. Similar to Jiang Lin, it resulted in the destruction of Cao Kun’s meridians, making his Ancient Martial Arts cultivation obsolete.

“Tie them up by the side!” After consecutively maiming the both of them, Wang Baole calmly issued a command as he stood on the aerial port. Liu Daobin and company immediately stepped forward to pin the convulsing, dispirited Cao Kun and the unconscious Jiang Lin down.

The senior students who were observing by the side all felt chills in their bones, veneration overwhelming them as they looked at Wang Baole. As for the new students, they were not as acquainted with the Head Prefect compared to the senior students, and therefore, they were feeling envious and respectful of Wang Baole.

“The Head Prefect is so mighty!”

“This senior is Wang Baole? What faculty is he in? I want to join his faculty!”

“How do I become an inspector? That was so cool!”

All the new students were in awe, including several female students who looked at Wang Baole with a unique admiration in their eyes. After all, they were still ignorant, and Wang Baole’s moves definitely appeared more superior than the other superior individuals whom they had encountered before. The vibe that Wang Baole gave off, one that hinted at his ability to be able to decide on one’s fate, made him especially mesmerizing.

As the masses discussed among themselves in hushed voices, Wang Baole remained standing, his eyes closed and belly distended, as he awaited Lin Tianhao’s arrival. Cao Kun and Jiang Lin were mere accomplices. Lin Tianhao was the real mastermind, and he was the key focus of Wang Baole’s revenge.

However, Wang Baole also knew that the chance of Lin Tianhao’s appearance was extremely minute.

After all, Cao Kun and Jiang Lin’s family background and standing meant that they would not have heard of the news, so they had met with their fate head-on. However, Lin Tianhao was the son of a senator. When the aircraft that he was supposed to be on landed,he was nowhere to be seen, Wang Baole knew that Lin Tianhao had heard of the matter and did not return to the Dao College.

“You’re not coming back?” Wang Baole laughed coldly as he spoke calmly to Liu Daobin, who was standing near him.

“Send out the notice that Lin Tianhao of the Dharmic Armament faculty has been expelled for attempting to murder the Head Prefect!”

As Wang Baole finished his sentence, he cupped his fists at the masses before turning around to leave.

Liu Daobin immediately accepted the order as he followed behind Wang Baole with the other inspectors. With Jiang Lin and Cao Kun pinned, he swiftly conveyed the order to the entire Dharmic Armament faculty and the Lower Academy Island to dismiss Lin Tianhao.

As the contingent begin to leave, a commotion erupted immediately on the aerial port. Even on the Spirit Intranet, people were posting about it. The impact of the matter was huge, creating waves of discussion within the entire Dao College.

Not only did the Dao College not try to regain order, it actually announced that the trio had been convicted of the crime of attempting to murder the Head Prefect.

Besides the commotion, the arrests made by Wang Baole at the aerial port made him even more famous, peaking such that among the new students, he became a well-known star. People could not stop talking about what he had done after they became aware of the matter.

“The only Head Prefect of the Dharmic Armament faculty…”

“Becoming a Pulse Enrichment expert within just a year…”

With his fame, no matter which region or which faculty Wang Baole appeared at within Ethereal Dao College, he was bound to be faced with people approaching him for a chat or greeting him. Information regarding him also began to spread throughout the Dao College, proliferating throughout the other three Dao Colleges of the Federation.

Everything made Wang Baole feel at peace. He understood that the Chancellor had withheld information from Jiang Lin and Cao Kun as he wanted to use the both of them as an outlet for Wang Baole to vent his anger. Despite Lin Tianhao not showing up, the notice of his dismissal from the Lower Academy Island had already been confirmed. Wang Baole knew that this was the best outcome that he could achieve.

“The revenge is not over,” Wang Baole said under his breath. He recalled the treacherous scene where he was being pursued, and he developed a deep understanding and appreciation of the importance of knowledge and the Dharmic artifacts, which had enabled him to emerge victorious.

“Next, I will need to refine more Dharmic artifacts!”

Among the Dharmic artifacts, the purple flying sword had played a pivotal role. Thinking of that, Wang Baole took a deep breath as he straightened his attire to prepare to meet the dean of the Dharmic Armament faculty.

He wanted to express his appreciation to the dean for bestowing him with the sword!

Inside the dean’s residence, Goatee looked at Wang Baole, who had come to pay his respects. He was very emotional, for he had the right to know about what had happened to Wang Baole as the dean of the Dharmic Armament faculty. That was especially so since the matter happened within his own faculty, and it was so atrocious that rage uncontrollably developed within him.

“Baole, you were right in how you handled this matter!

“Some people think that their background allows them to disregard the rules and attempt to challenge the limits of the four major Dao Colleges. Absolutely not!”

“Thank you, Dean. If it wasn’t for the flying sword that you kindly bestowed me, I probably… wouldn’t have made it back alive,” Wang Baole said as he cupped his fists in respect, immensely touched as he felt Goatee’s genuine concern for him. He then retrieved the broken purple sword from his storage bracelet.

Looking at the pieces of the purple sword in Wang Baole’s hands, Goatee was full of emotion. He had only previously heard of what happened, but looking at the sword now, he could barely imagine how much Wang Baole struggled to survive in the treacherous situation. He raised his head to look at the specially-recruited student that he had personally chosen with gentle eyes that conveyed a sense of pride.

“Do not worry, I’ll make you another one!”

Wang Baole was pleasantly surprised. He thanked the dean immediately and chatted with him before bidding farewell. After he returned to his cave abode, he pondered for a moment before beginning to craft inscriptions on the Spirit Stones.

After that battle, Wang Baole had realized that he lacked protective Dharmic artifacts, and he began to inscribe as he thought, Those Dharmic artifacts that were made previously had coarse craftsmanship, but they were definitely important. This time, not only do I have to make more of them, I need to develop Dharmic artifacts that have protective abilities!

Time flew by. As the semester began and the new students arrived, every faculty in Dao College seemed to be busier than usual. The few times that Wang Baole headed out, he garnered looks of admiration from the new students of the Dharmic Armament faculty.

Wang Baole enjoyed the attention, but he knew that what was more important was to develop more Dharmic artifacts. Therefore, he spent most of his time in the Spirit Cauldron Cave.

Half a month later, the Chancellor sent people to deliver two boxes. In the first box was a mirror that emitted a strong suppressive force. Three Armament Marks were present on the top of the mirror as well. Wang Baole was overwhelmed, looking at it.

That was… a third-grade numinous treasure!

He immediately opened the second box, and a jade pendant with a flood dragon inscribed on it appeared. Similarly, there were three Armament Marks, and the flood dragon appeared life-like. As Wang Baole glanced at it, the flood dragon seemed to come alive, even moving slightly.

This is another third-grade numinous treasure!

Wang Baole took a deep breath. He knew how precious and valuable they were. He did not take them out immediately and instead activated his voice transmission ring to contact the Chancellor.

Soon, the Chancellor’s voice emerged from the voice transmission ring.

“I refined the jade pendant myself; it’s a gift for you so that you can stay protected!

“As for the mirror, it was sent by the City Lord of Ethereal City. Thorough checks have been made, and there shouldn’t be any issue with it. If you don’t want it…”‘

As Wang Baole listened, his thoughts poured in. He had an inkling that Lin Tianhao’s father had reached some kind of agreement with Ethereal Dao College. Thinking of that, he spoke immediately.

“I want it! Why would I not want it?”

Hearing what Wang Baole had to say, the Chancellor laughed approvingly. He had wanted to persuade Wang Baole to accept it, and now, seeing that Wang Baole understood the significance of accepting the gift, he fell silent for a moment before speaking with a low voice.

“Baole, the four major Dao Colleges and seventeen senators are all part of the Federation. Therefore, many issues cannot be truly investigated. Let this matter rest, and I assure you that nothing similar will happen again!”

“Has the expulsion been canceled as well?” Wang Baole asked softly, his gaze turning cold.

“The rules of the Dao College will not change. His membership as a student of the Lower Academy Island will not be restored!” The Chancellor comforted Wang Baole slightly before ending the voice transmission.

Wang Baole sat in the Spirit Cauldron Cave, looking at the two boxes and the voice transmission ring, before narrowing his eyes.

Membership as a student in the Lower Academy Island… That means that enrollment is divided between the Upper and Lower Academies?

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