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A World Worth Protecting
Chapter 74 - I Am Enlightening Myself on the Dao!
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Chapter 74: I Am Enlightening Myself on the Dao!

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The moment the youth spoke, the happiness that Wang Baole felt instantly disappeared. It was akin to finally finding a bottle of Ice Spirit Water on a blistering hot day but realizing that a housefly had contaminated it.

Instinctively, Wang Baole wanted to give the youth a death stare, but he eventually only exhaled deeply. He felt that he should act like a gentlemen, so he remained silent although he was frowning deeply.

Bunny was frowning as well. However, she had apparently experienced encounters like this before and remained demure as she spoke.

“We have never met, but I have no intention of getting to know you.” She was direct and thorough in her rejection. After she finished speaking, she no longer paid attention to the youth, instead dragging Wang Baole to continue on their original path.

Worried about Wang Baole’s emotions, Zhou Xiaoya nervously said, “Brother Baole, don’t be angry. I do not know him.”

Wang Baole was instantly comforted by her words, but he wanted to maintain his image and put on a gentlemanly demeanor as he began to speak with a smile.

“Why would I be angry? This proves the charm of my Xiaoya!”

Listening to Wang Baole’s words, Zhou Xiaoya was instantly delighted, her smile even more beautiful. In the glow of the setting sun, she walked alongside Wang Baole. She wished that the path could be longer so that everything could be eternalized.

Wang Baole was happy as well. He felt that he was still charming, and he wanted to boast when that skinny youth caught up with them again at that moment.

“Schoolmate, schoolmate! I have a gift for you. Will you accept it?” The youth was panting as he caught up, indicating that his Ancient Martial Arts realm was not high. However, his gaze glittered, focusing on Bunny and disregarding Wang Baole’s presence.

This made Wang Baole furious. That composure and thoughts of being gentlemanly were instantly forgotten. Even before Bunny could say anything, Wang Baole stared angrily at the youth.

“What crap is that? She doesn’t want it! Do you get it? She won’t accept it!” Wang Baole responded angrily as he dragged Bunny along with him.

The skinny youth seemed to only recognize Wang Baole’s presence at that moment. He did not care much about Wang Baole’s identity and stared angrily back at him.

Wang Baole blatantly ignored the youth’s angry stare. He pulled Bunny away, and Bunny became curious of the gift that the youth had described.

“He is so annoying. I already made it clear that I do not know him, but he still wants to give me a gift.”

“What else could it be? He will definitely say that he is the gift. I have used tricks like that since I was six, giving myself away as a ‘gift’ countless times. Humph, he only has these petty tricks up his sleeves, and he still thinks that he can go against me?” Wang Baole said arrogantly, staring hard.

Bunny’s eyes widened, slightly dazed as she was seemingly shocked by Wang Baole’s words. She only snapped back into reality after a while, and noticing that Wang Baole was holding her hand, she blushed red. As happiness filled her heart, the pair continued on their blissful journey under the glow of the setting sun.

It was just that… very soon, the skinny teenager reappeared again, undeterred. This time, he had managed to find a bouquet of wild flowers somewhere. The very instant he appeared, he immediately knelt down on one knee in front of Bunny, his eyes sincere, as he began to speak.

“Schoolmate, believe it or not, it was love at first sight for me when I saw you. You are exactly type. Please accept my love, for I am willing to hold your hand and be yours for the rest of my life!”

This scene made Bunny astounded. Even though she frequently met suitors coming up to her, she had never met someone as persistent as this youth.

Right now, many students were passing by. Noticing the scene and recognizing Wang Baole, they all stopped to watch the commotion.

Wang Baole was furious at the scene before his eyes, and he immediately stepped forward to shove the skinny youth aside.

“Are you looking for trouble?”

The youth, recoiling from the impact, stepped back. He looked angrily at Wang Baole and began speaking in his low voice.

“I am from the Dao Enlightenment faculty!”

“So what if it’s the Dao Enlightenment faculty? I am the Triple Head Prefect from the Dharmic Armament faculty!” Wang Baole spoke arrogantly, sensing that the youth wanted to compare the strength of their backgrounds.

Despite hearing Wang Baole’s words, the skinny youth did not seem to back down. Rather, his green veins emerged in anger, and he continued to argue in a loud voice. “I am enlightening myself on the Dao!”

“To hell with your Dao Enlightenment!” Wang Baole had grown increasingly impatient. He immediately sent a slap toward the teenager, but he exercised restraint. Even though he was immensely irritated, he only threw the youth back several steps. He then pulled Bunny, who was shocked still, wanting to leave.

However, the youth responded by staring at Wang Baole intently before laughing loudly and leaving.

At this moment, the onlookers were taken aback after hearing the skinny youth’s laughter. Many of them drew deep gasps, shocked speechless.

“Dao Enlightenment faculty! Wang Baole has gotten himself into trouble now!”

“Gosh! We don’t typically see anyone from the Dao Enlightenment faculty since they hardly leave the Enlightenment Mountain. People from that faculty are not to be offended! I heard that no matter what they do or where they go, as long as they shout out ‘I am enlightening myself on the Dao’, no one can interfere as that is part of their studies!”

“The Dao Enlightenment faculty has no lectures. All the students there have to do is attempt to enlighten themselves. They can step into any area of the Lower Academy Island as they wish!”

“Rules and regulations of the college are useless to them, for they just need to say that they are enlightening themselves, and they can resolve anything.”

The words of surprise from the onlookers entered the ears of Wang Baole and Bunny. Bunny’s expression changed instantly, and she grew nervous.

“Brother Baole, he was from the Dao Enlightenment faculty…”

“It’s just the Dao Enlightenment faculty, so what!” Wang Baole was surprised as well. For the past year, he had spent most of his time in seclusion and climbing up the ranks. Even though he was aware that the previous Federation President had come from the Dao Enlightenment faculty and roughly understood that students from the Dao Enlightenment faculty attempted to enlighten themselves daily, even being a little envious, he did not understand the whole situation.

Right now, as he heard the words from the onlookers, he harrumphed softly without thinking much. Along the way, as Wang Baole sent Bunny back to the Alchemy faculty, Bunny was still worried. However, she was slightly relieved after seeing how calm Wang Baole was.

Seeing that Bunny had ascended the mountain, Wang Baole turned to return to the Dao Enlightenment faculty. On his way back, he thought of the student from the Dao Enlightenment faculty and turned on his voice transmission ring to ask Liu Daobin about the Dao Enlightenment faculty.

Very quickly, Liu Daobin conveyed information regarding the Dao Enlightenment faculty to Wang Baole. After reading the information sent by Liu Daobin, Wang Baole stopped in his tracks.

This is the Dao Enlightenment faculty?

In Liu Daobin’s message, the Dao Enlightenment faculty could be considered the weakest faculty in Ethereal Dao College’s Lower Academy Island. However, in some respects, they could be considered the strongest faculty. Students from the faculty would spend most of their days reciting poems and drinking alcohol, beginning their process of achieving Dao enlightenment as and when they desired.

They had a saying—Teacher of Heaven and Earth, your teachers are mere mortals, but our teacher is the Heaven and the Earth. Therefore, we can be in the process of Dao enlightenment anywhere!

This faculty is one that wastes their lives waiting for death! Even though Wang Baole was shocked, he was not too ruffled by it. After returning to his cave abode in Dharmic Armament faculty, he quickly threw the incident to the back of his mind.

It was a night of silence.

However, at dawn the next day, even before Wang Baole could step out of his cave abode, he quickly received a voice transmission sent by a nervous Liu Daobin.

“Head Prefect, there is trouble! Out… outside your cave abode…”

“Outside my cave abode?” Wang Baole was confused and flabbergasted. He stood up to open the door of the cave abode. The moment he stepped out, he was shocked frozen as there were suddenly seven to eight students dressed in Daoist robes meditating outside his Cave Abode. The very instant Wang Baole appeared, their gaze immediately turned to him, staring fiercely.

Of the seven to eight students, one of the was the youth who had confessed to Bunny yesterday.

Wang Baole was surprised by the students and returned their stares.

“What are all of you doing? This is the Dharmic Armament faculty!”

“We are enlightening ourselves on the Dao!” the students bellowed loudly uniformly. They all clenched their teeth, staring intently at Wang Baole, wanting to irritate the heck out of him through Dao enlightenment even if they got attacked.

“Bunch of lunatics!” Wang Baole was fuming. He decided to not bother too much about them and began to walk toward the Spirit Cauldron Cave. However, the instant he stepped out, the group of students from the Dao Enlightenment faculty all stood up, following behind him.

In the beginning, Wang Baole did not care much, but very quickly, he could not stand it anymore. No matter where he went, the group of people followed closely. Even if he entered the Spirit Cauldron Cave, they could as well. Sitting beside Wang Baole, they surrounded him. They seemed determined to follow him, regardless of what he was doing.

Even if Wang Baole conveyed an order for Liu Daobin and company to help disperse the students from the Dao Enlightenment faculty, Liu Daobin could only laugh bitterly, telling Wang Baole that as long as students of the Dao Enlightenment faculty said that they were gaining Dao enlightenment, even the College Discipline Department did not have the ability to chase them away.

Furthermore, the students from the Dao Enlightenment faculty were immensely stubborn. After being followed by them for three consecutive days, Wang Baole was so irritated that he finally took action!

The end result was… the morning after, even more students from the Dao Enlightenment faculty appeared outside his cave abode, fully surrounding the cave abode, as they stared intently while gaining Dao enlightenment!

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