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A World Worth Protecting
Chapter 77 - Unlocking a New Model
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Chapter 77: Unlocking a New Model

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Hearing those words, everyone was taken aback. Confused, they raised their heads. Seeing the rapidly approaching puppet, their eyes widened, especially that main culprit surnamed Chen. That youth was muddled, staring blankly at the replica of himself. The puppet walked in front of him and sat cross-legged, glaring at him.

“You…” Regardless of what the person before him looked like, the glare felt extremely familiar to the youth surnamed Chen. He could not help but pause. Before he could finish speaking, the puppet spoke blandly.

“I am enlightening myself on the Dao!”

These words almost made Brother Chen jump. This line was the Dao Enlightenment faculty’s trademark line, and they had constantly been saying it to other people. Seeing another one of himself appearing and saying it to him made him lose his temper.

This scene was too shocking and caused him to draw a gasp, feeling that this scene was extremely bizarre. The surrounding Dao Enlightenment faculty students felt shaken. They looked at Brother Chen then his replica, feeling that was something very strange about the picture before them.

“Wang Baole, it must be you!” Angered, Brother Chen stood and kicked at the puppet. With a bang, however, the puppet was unharmed. Instead, Brother Chen groaned. His leg had cramped up. Truly, the puppet was… too sturdy!

Especially after being kicked, the puppet glared angrily at the youth surnamed Chen and shouted, “I am enlightening myself on the Dao!”

“Enlighten your sister’s Dao! Wang Baole, identity theft is not a joke; millions of families suffer every year!” Brother Chen roared angrily, and the surrounding Dao Enlightenment faculty students also stood to help. But at that time… from the distant crowd, ten more figures walked out suddenly. These figures were actually the counterparts to the Dao Enlightenment faculty students… and they were puppets that were exact replicas!

Four of the puppets among them were replicas of the people around Brother Chen. After taking a good look at the approaching puppets, those Dao Enlightenment faculty students stared with wide-eyes, utterly tongue-tied.

To deal with the Dao Enlightenment faculty, Wang Baole had bought a large amount of materials from Xie Haiyang. The price of all these materials were truly shocking.

Although Xie Haiyang did not want to offend the Dao Enlightenment faculty, he liked doing business. This was especially as Wang Baole had previously split the Dao Enlightenment faculty’s attention, allowing a smooth transaction between them.

With the materials, Wang Baole spent a lot of effort refining these puppets, designing Inscriptions commands, and making them lock onto their original. At this moment, when these puppets noticed their Dao Enlightenment faculty originals, they rushed over and stood in front of their originals, glaring and roaring.

“I am enlightening myself on the Dao!”

This scene made the Dao Enlightenment faculty students shake. After all, they had never experienced the strange feeling of someone glaring at them and seeking enlightenment.

Furthermore, this scene was clearly not going to be resolved simply. Just as these people were being tortured to the point of madness, days later, another group of the Dao Enlightenment faculty students in the Dharmic Armament faculty suddenly discovered replicas of themselves on the Dharmic Armament peak.

The moment that these puppets locked on to their originals, they immediately followed. No matter where the original went, they would follow, glaring. They would even stand beside the bed while the originals slept, yelling occasionally about enlightening themselves.

This drove the Dao Enlightenment faculty students crazy. In addition, the puppets were too sturdy to be broken. All this time, the Dao Enlightenment faculty had only been bullying the weak, and now all of them started to cry, feeling like they were going mad.

“We can’t lose. This is Wang Baole’s counterattack. He’s trying to repel us. Everyone, hold on!”

“That’s right. We need to find the real Wang Baole and show him that he can’t offend the sacred Dao Enlightenment faculty!” The Dao Enlightenment faculty students gritted their teeth and tried their best to get used to the feeling of being stared at by their replica puppet. Not only did they not retreat, it even bolstered their fighting spirit.

The development of this situation shook the entire Dao College—even the Chancellor occasionally paid attention. The other faculties discussed the situation energetically, and the Spirit Intranet seemed as though it was going to explode.

“The fight between Wang Baole and the Dao Enlightenment faculty has another new development!”

“Almost a hundred replica puppets of the Dao Enlightenment faculty students appeared in the Dharmic Armament faculty. They are currently staring at their originals, enlightening themselves with them…”

“Haha, that’s amazing. Wang Baole actually came up with such a tactic!”

As everyone watched the show, the Traps faculty was also shaken and immediately went to observe. After all, they were interested in the refinement of puppets.

Just as the entire Dao College was shaken, the Dao Enlightenment faculty students’ anger grew. However, they had no way to express it. Seeing that the Dao Enlightenment faculty students had no intention of retreating, Wang Baole decided that he had to use his ultimate tactic.

If not for the fact that time is tight, I would give all of you a puppet. Although I don’t have even one hundred puppets, this is enough!

Regardless of whether it’s sending these puppets to the Dao Enlightenment faculty to create chaos or letting them sabotage and slander other people, these are all underhanded methods. It affects the innocent and makes my standards appear low!

I want to lock onto these people who offended me and make them regret ever doing so!

He had previously thought of the pathetic man in black from Pond Cloud Rainforest. Although he had determined not to take the low road, seeing how despicable the Dao Enlightenment faculty was, his eyes flashed as he decided to give them a taste of their own medicine.

“Moaning mode, begin!” Wang Baole raised his right hand, and a circular disk appeared in his palm. This disk was used to control these puppets. As he adjusted it, the disk started to shine.

At the same time, those Dao Enlightenment faculty students who had not become templates for Wang Baole’s puppets felt lucky but also showed their disdain. They felt that it was just being stared at by a replica, nothing much.

As for those who had become Wang Baole’s templates, they began to get used to being followed by their replicas. Some people even joked that it made it easier for them to enlighten themselves.

Just as they felt that they had gotten used to the situation, their puppets’ eyes flashed. Then… they actually stared at their originals, showing an expression filled with passion. They opened their mouths and let out seductive moaning…

This sound stunned all the Dao Enlightenment faculty students in that instant. They felt as though their bodies had been struck by lightning. Their hair standing on end, their scalps felt like exploding. All of them were rendered speechless, and some were even frightened till they shook, stumbling over themselves to retreat.

“This… What is this!”

“Heavens, it… it can still call out. What damn sound is this? Wang Baole, quickly turn it off!”

“It… it actually moaned at me tenderly!!”

The students from the Dao Enlightenment faculty that had become the original templates for the puppets felt as though they had been pushed to their limit. Each of them was extremely terrified and infuriated. The feeling of being watched while hearing the moans drove them crazy till they felt like they were going to break down.

“Shut this darned thing up. Shut up!”

“Stop making noises!”

This was especially so for Brother Chen. It seemed that Wang Baole had paid special attention to his puppet, and the sound was particularly resonant.

The other Dao Enlightenment faculty students who had not been turned into templates gasped as they saw the situation. They no longer felt disdain and felt lucky. This tender breathing was truly too shocking.

This was especially as… the entire Dao College was watching. It was almost as though the moment the puppets cried out, the entire Dao College exploded, whether it was the Spirit Intranet or the various faculties.

“Wang Baole has come out with a huge tactic. Heavens, this tactic… is unparalleled!”

“Furthermore, the Dao Enlightenment faculty’s moaning is quite moving to hear too. Wang Baole’s puppets are actually quite realistic.”

“Head Prefect Baole, are you selling your puppets? I want to buy one!”

Seeing that people were even talking about buying these puppets on the Spirit Intranet, all the people from the Dao Enlightenment faculty shivered. All those who did not have replica puppets hesitated, and some even wanted to withdraw. They truly felt fear, and the wretched state of their classmates was a lesson to them. Furthermore, if someone really bought a puppet with their likeness… The picture was so frightening that they did not dare to think of it. Soon, many people chose to escape the Dharmic Armament faculty.

Although they could escape, the Dao Enlightenment faculty students looked at their own puppets moaning at them and felt afraid. Yet, they were unwilling to take their defeat lying down. While some of them chose to run away, there was still a significant number who went in search of Wang Baole, their eyes red.

Even though the puppets followed them, shouting about enlightenment and crying out, they still endured it and searched like crazy.

“Wang Baole, come out!”

“If you dare, don’t hide. Come out and face us!”

Seeing that these people were incredibly thickheaded, Wang Baole grew angry.

“You’re asking for it. Perverted model, begin!” Wang Baole gritted his teeth, took out his Dharma disk, and pressed it.

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