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After Leaving The CEO, She Stunned The World
Chapter 11 - Seduction
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“Fu Ying, are you guys up? It’s time to eat.” Mo Wan’s voice sounded outside the door.

Fu Ying replied, “Okay.”

“Come down quickly. Your cousin is here too!” Mo Wan went down after saying that.

Fu Ying’s expression instantly turned cold.

Mo Rao was very surprised. “Brother Shen Feng is also here?”

Shen Feng was Fu Ying’s cousin. Shen Feng’s mother, Mo Yun, and Mo Wan were biological sisters.

Although they were biological sisters, their personalities were completely different. Mo Wan was so cold and distant, but Mo Yun was very gentle. She was a typical good wife and mother.

Hearing Mo Rao call out “Brother Shen Feng” sweetly, Fu Ying was unhappy.

He retorted angrily, “How would I know? You’re asking too many questions!”

Mo Rao was really speechless. Was this called asking too many questions?

Fu Ying was really temperamental. One second, he was apologizing to her with a gentle attitude, and the next, he started to be cold, as if someone had offended him.

Mo Rao put on her pajamas and lifted the blanket to get off the bed to change.

“Wear more. Don’t dress too flimsily, lest someone harbors evil intentions,” Fu Ying ordered when he saw Mo Rao looking for clothes in the closet.

Evil intentions… who?

Mo Rao turned around and looked at Fu Ying in confusion. “Who?”

“Of course it’s Brother Shen Feng.” Fu Ying’s eyes were even colder.

Every time Shen Feng saw Mo Rao, his gaze was so gentle that it was like he was looking at the most beautiful flower, and he couldn’t bear to pluck it. It was as if he only wanted to take care of it carefully, and there was no feeling of possession. However, he made people feel that he was always waiting to get her.

However, this person was Fu Ying’s cousin. He could clearly see everything but couldn’t say things too harshly.

How crazy! Mo Rao thought to herself.

Shen Feng was Fu Ying’s cousin. He was usually gentle and elegant, so how could he be harboring evil intentions?

It must be because he was called back by Mo Wan and couldn’t go back to accompany Qu Ru, so he was in a bad mood and deliberately looked for trouble.

She deliberately pretended not to hear him.

After finding a pink strapless dress in the closet, Mo Rao changed into it quickly and wore a cream-colored cardigan, revealing her exquisite collarbones and chest. Her straight calves under the dress were slender and delicate, and they looked extremely alluring.

She pulled up her hair in a simple manner, revealing her slender swan-like neck. Then she took out a lip balm to apply in order to make her complexion better. Otherwise, Grandma and the others would be worried if they saw her.

Unexpectedly, Fu Ying snatched the lip balm away.

“It’s time to eat. Why are you applying lip balm?” Fu Ying raised the lip balm high and asked unhappily.

Mo Rao’s lips were already very beautiful. When she kissed him, they even had a hint of fragrance. After she applied lip balm, her lips looked even more lustrous, making one have the urge to kiss them.

If Shen Feng saw it, what would happen?

“This doesn’t affect our meal!” Mo Rao protested angrily. Her clear voice sounded melodious.

“Doesn’t affect our meal? Look at your dress and the straps. If you lean over during dinner, your breast will be seen by everyone, understand?” Fu Ying lowered his head and looked at Mo Rao’s chest.

Mo Rao felt puzzled. Why did she have to bend down to eat? She would at most lower her head. Besides, didn’t Fu Ying usually like her wearing this?

She didn’t speak and tiptoed to try to snatch the lip balm.

They were about to get a divorce yet he was still so bossy!

However, in front of Fu Ying, she really had no advantage in height. Fu Ying was about 1.9 meters tall while Mo Rao was only 1.65 meters tall. No matter how hard she tried to tiptoe, she couldn’t snatch that lip balm.

In a fit of anger, she reached out and grabbed Fu Ying’s arm forcefully.

Their bodies were pressed against each other. The woman’s soft chest kept rubbing against the man’s chest. The feeling made Fu Ying tantalized.

He was smitten with Mo Rao’s body to begin with, and now, this woman was seducing him like this.

“Do you want to snatch the lip balm or seduce me?” Fu Ying raised the lip balm with one hand and hugged Mo Rao with the other. His large hand was pinching her slender waist ruthlessly.

Even through her clothes, he could feel her softness.

“Fu Ying, you’re playing dirty!” Mo Rao was stunned and her face flushed. She scolded angrily, “Return the lip balm to me!”

In the past, she would throw a tantrum and beg for mercy. She would look at Fu Ying pleadingly with her innocent eyes. “Fu Ying, you’re the best. Return the lip balm to me and I’ll kiss you, okay?”

Now, it was like she was giving an order.

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