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After Leaving The CEO, She Stunned The World
Chapter 12 - Substitute
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However, Fu Ying didn’t like this resistance at all.

He still liked the obedient Mo Rao who let him do whatever he wanted.

“Beg me. Didn’t you used to beg me?” He stared into Mo Rao’s eyes.

In the end, Mo Rao stopped and her eyes instantly reddened. “No, I won’t beg you anymore.”

With that, she pushed Fu Ying away and went downstairs alone.

Fu Ying was stunned for a few seconds. An indescribable frustration spread in his heart.

“Sister-in-law, long time no see.”

As soon as they arrived at the dining room, Shen Feng caught sight of Mo Rao at a glance. He looked at her gently and spoke softly.

Mo Rao liked Shen Feng’s personality. He was gentle and elegant, like a gentleman.

She pulled out a chair and sat down while smiling sweetly. “Yes, long time no see, Brother Shen Feng.”

Her seat was opposite Shen Feng’s, and Fu Ying’s seat was beside hers.

Shen Feng knew that the man sitting beside Mo Rao wasn’t him, and his eyes revealed a hint of disappointment.

At this moment, Fu Ying also came down. He had a gloomy expression and sat down beside Mo Rao. When he saw Shen Feng, he didn’t greet him.

“Rao Rao, it’s the seafood banquet today. You have to eat more to nourish your body,” Old Madam Fu said to Mo Rao happily.

There was a table full of seafood, such as king crab, large Australian abalone…

There was also the steamed yellow fish that Mo Wan had specially instructed the kitchen to make.

In the eyes of others, it was just a table of delicious food, but in Mo Rao’s eyes, it smelled fishy and she almost threw up.

She had to endure it

Mo Rao took a deep breath.

Mo Wan picked up some fish for her. She resisted the urge to throw up and ate it with all her might.

Fu Ying glanced at Shen Feng and sure enough, his gaze followed Mo Rao closely. He was afraid that after he and Mo Rao divorced, Shen Feng would immediately become his substitute, even without Mo Wan’s referral.

“I peeled prawn meat for you. Eat more.” Fu Ying took a lobster and peeled the prawn meat before placing it in front of Mo Rao.

In Shen Feng’s eyes, this scene looked like PDA.

He retracted his gaze and felt dejected.

In fact, Mo Rao couldn’t eat it at all. However, she heard that prawn meat was nutritious, so she simply mixed some sauce with it and ate it. This way, the taste was more intense, and she couldn’t taste the fishy taste.

After the meal, Mo Rao came to the yard alone.

There was a swing in the yard. She walked over and sat on it quietly. At this moment, a snow-white Persian cat jumped on it and leaned into her arms.

“Mimi? How did you know I was here?” Mo Rao was very happy. This was the kitten raised by Old Madam Fu, and its name was Mimi.

Mimi rubbed against her, and she felt a little sad. She gently stroked its fur and murmured, “Mimi, I can’t come and see you often in the future. Will you miss me?”

At this moment, Shen Feng’s voice came from behind, “Why can’t you come and see it often?”

Mo Rao was shocked and quickly got up to look back. She saw Shen Feng standing there.

“Brother Shen Feng, you scared me!” Mo Rao patted her chest. Her nervous appearance made Shen Feng feel that she was very cute.

He walked over a little and smiled. “You’re so timid. What did you say just now? Why can’t you come and see Mimi often? Did something happen between you and Fu Ying?”

Mo Rao only widened her eyes and acted like she didn’t understand. “Brother Shen Feng, what are you talking about? There’s nothing wrong between Fu Ying and me!”

Her eyes were clear and bright. When she looked at others, her eyes were enrapturing.

Shen Feng loved her eyes the most, but he didn’t dare to look at them too much because he was afraid that he would be mesmerized.

“I heard from the Qu family that Qu Ru is back.” Shen Feng said directly.

Mo Rao’s expression instantly stiffened. She said calmly, “It seems like everyone knows.”

The Qu family knew that Mo Rao was married to Fu Ying.

Qu Ru was an illegitimate daughter. The Qu family’s legitimate daughter, Qu Rou, naturally hated Qu Ru, but she also hated Mo Rao.

It was because Qu Rou liked Fu Ying.

When Mo Rao and Fu Ying had their wedding, Qu Rou had specially come to mock her.

“You’re just Qu Ru’s substitute. Do you think he really loves you? He doesn’t love you, and he won’t love you.”

Qu Rou was right. Actually, at that time, Mo Rao had really thought that love would grow with time. As long as she worked hard and as long as she was obedient, Fu Ying would fall in love with her.

But three years had passed and she was still a substitute.

She was going to be thrown away the moment the real person came back.

She thought about Qu Rou’s words and felt increasingly gloomy. She pursed her lips and didn’t answer Shen Feng because she didn’t know what to reply. Her expression made Shen Feng’s heart ache.

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