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After Leaving The CEO, She Stunned The World
Chapter 18 - No Longer Her Choice
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“Okay, throw it in the trash.”

Fu Ying ignored the bloody smell in the air and the wretched man’s painful screams as he instructed coldly.

He would leave such trash to fend for himself.

A few subordinates dragged him away.

At this moment, Gu Hai’s phone rang.

“Are you Mo Rao’s family?” The other party’s voice was very serious.

Gu Hai was instantly on guard. “Mo Rao is in your hands?”

Fu Ying narrowed his eyes and took Gu Hai’s phone. “Where is she?”

When Lin Qun heard Fu Ying’s voice, he frowned. “Who are you to Mo Rao?”

“I’m her brother,” Fu Ying replied casually.

“She doesn’t have a brother. Who are you?” Lin Qun didn’t believe her. He knew very well about Mo Rao’s family background.

This man seemed to know Mo Rao very well?

Fu Ying was very unhappy. “Why do you have Gu Hai’s number?”

Since it was about Mo Rao, shouldn’t he be the first to receive the call?

He was Mo Rao’s legal husband!

Lin Qun said calmly, “I have my ways to find out that Mo Rao’s contact is Gu Hai. Please return the phone to Mr. Gu Hai.”

Fu Ying was extremely unhappy, but in order not to waste time, he still returned the phone to Gu Hai.

“Just ask about Mo Rao’s whereabouts,” he instructed.

Gu Hai nodded and asked, “Where’s Mo Rao?”

“She’s very safe now, don’t worry. I’m just contacting you guys first. After I confirm with her, I’ll tell you guys about her whereabouts.” With that, Lin Qun hung up.

Gu Hai looked at Fu Ying apprehensively. “President Fu, the other party said that they will wait for Young Madam to confirm our identity before telling us her whereabouts.”

Heh heh, he didn’t have the patience to wait.

“Check the owner of this number,” he instructed.

“Yes,” Gu Hai replied.

Although Fu Ying felt relieved, he felt unhappy.

When Mo Rao was in the most danger, he wasn’t by her side, and her emergency contact wasn’t him. So he had never been her first choice?

This woman clearly loved him the most and relied on him the most!

After Lin Qun hung up, he knocked on the door.

Mo Rao opened the door while wearing Lin Wen’s pajamas. Her expression was a little unpleasant.

“I brought you breakfast.” Lin Qun shifted his gaze. Because Mo Rao’s figure was more voluptuous than Lin Wen’s, her full chest and fair legs made him a little afraid to look at her.

After all, he was a man, so it was normal for him to have some desires.

The two of them already felt a little awkward when they met. If he had any other messy thoughts, Lin Qun would feel guilty.

Mo Rao looked at the steaming breakfast on the table and said softly, “Okay, thank you.”

For the sake of the child in her stomach, she had to eat on time.

“Lin Wen went to work,” Mo Rao said to Lin Qun while eating breakfast.

“Yes, I know. She’s quite busy as a nurse,” Lin Qun replied.

“Nurse? I didn’t expect her to actually be a nurse now. She’s quite impressive!” Mo Rao felt admiration from the bottom of her heart.

Lin Qun just smiled. “It’s just a job. There’s nothing impressive about doing what you have to do.”

Mo Rao smiled and continued to eat the warm porridge.

Lin Qun couldn’t help but ask, “How have you been these years?”

“Not bad.” Mo Rao nodded and didn’t mention a word about her experience.

Lin Qun could sense her perfunctory tone and felt a little vexed. He was really concerned about her. Once he was vexed, he habitually wanted to smoke, but Mo Rao stopped him. “Smoking is bad for your health.”

Lin Qun stopped smoking and revealed a shy smile. “That’s right, especially if I let you inhale secondhand.”

He put away his cigarette.

At this moment, he seemed to be a little happy since she was concerned about him.

After breakfast, Mo Rao elegantly wiped the corners of her mouth and thanked Lin Qun. “Thank you for saving me and buying me breakfast.”

“In that situation, anyone would save you.” Lin Qun’s heart ached when he thought of the scene last night. “As a girl, you shouldn’t go out alone at night. Although it’s a lawful society, there are always some bad people.”

Mo Rao smiled and nodded, but her heart ached.

See, even others knew that they couldn’t let a woman stay alone on the street in the middle of the night while Fu Ying personally chased her out of the car.

It was too ironic. A man who had slept with her for three years was less concerned about her than a friend who she had reunited with after a long time.

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