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After Leaving The CEO, She Stunned The World
Chapter 2 - Just a Substitute
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She had originally graduated as an acting major. However, after she married Fu Ying, she gave up on entering the entertainment industry.

It was a huge stain. The Young Madam of the Fu family couldn’t have any scandals.

Furthermore, Mo Rao was very innocent and alluring. Many people in the entertainment industry yearned for her. Fu Ying didn’t like his things to be coveted.

But now that they were getting a divorce, there was no need for him to be so petty.

“Alright, after the divorce, I will get Chenhui to sign you. With your qualifications, it won’t be difficult for you to become famous within three years.” Fu Ying’s voice had a hint of coldness.

He was really going to do it. Mo Rao didn’t know whether to be happy or sad.

She smiled and said, “I was just casually saying so. I’m not sure yet. Let’s think about how to explain it to Grandma.”

This was also what troubled Fu Ying the most.

Old Madam Fu would never agree to their divorce. She hated Qu Ru.

“Go ahead. If you suggest it, Grandma will agree.” Fu Ying pondered and said, “If it succeeds, I’ll give you an additional 20 million.”

“Money again,” Mo Rao thought with a bitter smile.

What did she want so much money for?

What she wanted was Fu Ying!

But Fu Ying always measured the three years between them with money.

“Alright, Fu Ying, accompany me some more. You won’t have a chance in the future.” Mo Rao raised her head and kissed Fu Ying’s Adam’s apple. This action was undoubtedly a seduction.

Fu Ying was tantalized, and the lust in his eyes surged again. He turned around and pressed Mo Rao under him while his lips curled into a mischievous smile. “Okay, I’ll make it unforgettable for you.”

Mo Rao reached out her slender and soft arms and hooked them around Fu Ying’s neck. Her fair and slender legs also cooperated as she wrapped them around his muscular waist.

When the man’s warm and firm lower body was pressed against the wet, soft lady part, their bodies became extremely sensitive. Mo Rao moaned emotionally. “Mmm… Ah… come in quickly, okay…”

“I’ve already done it three times tonight. Rao Rao, do you want to squeeze me dry?” Fu Ying deliberately didn’t enter and only used his large hand to rub Mo Rao’s lady part. When he saw her begging expression, the pleasure in his heart became even more intense.

Mo Rao blushed, but she couldn’t help but lean forward. She wanted to devour that huge object. She said flirtatiously, “You made me become like this. Don’t you like it?”

“I didn’t make you become like this. It’s this.” Fu Ying’s large hand grabbed Mo Rao’s wrist and made her touch his lower body. She held the warm and swollen stick. The rubbing of her soft fingers gave him a completely different kind of pleasure from the one brought by her vagina.

Fu Ying released Mo Rao and his hand landed on the two soft breasts again. He rubbed her pink nipples from time to time. The numbing feeling made Mo Rao blush. Her eyes were misty, and she was completely overwhelmed by the pleasure Fu Ying gave her.

Finally, looking at Mo Rao’s horny appearance, Fu Ying couldn’t help but enter and thrust. The intimacy made the two of them moan.

The woman’s moans and the man’s growls sounded in the room.

Fu Ying actually liked the feeling of being with Mo Rao, especially in bed.

He felt like this wasn’t enough. His body felt a great sense of release, and he was like a thirsty traveler in the desert who had encountered an oasis and didn’t want to leave again.

An “oasis” like Mo Rao would become another “tourist”‘s gentle home in the future. He felt disgusted just thinking about it.

Fu Ying exerted more strength, as if he wanted to get all the regrets he would never have in the future.

After the lovemaking, Mo Rao fell asleep.

The next morning, she was awakened by the ringing of a phone.

It was Fu Ying’s phone.

Fu Ying had originally set it to be silent or vibrating. He knew that she was sleepy and didn’t want to wake her up because of any calls.

Why was it back to ring mode now?

Mo Rao, wanting to tell Fu Ying that a call had come, touched his phone in a daze.

But when she saw the caller ID, she was stunned.

The name “Xiao Ru” pierced her eyes.

So he was afraid that he wouldn’t receive the call when Qu Ru called? Mo Rao was instantly awake and her heart ached.

In the past three years, Fu Ying had indeed been good to her.

But only in front of Qu Ru was Fu Ying truly gentle and considerate.

For a moment, Mo Rao felt like she had had a dream in the past three years, a dream that was so beautiful that she didn’t want to wake up from.

All of this hadn’t happened suddenly, but it had been predetermined at the beginning.

Mo Rao knew that she looked a little similar to Qu Ru, so Fu Ying finally agreed to Old Madam Fu’s request and married her because Fu Ying saw a shadow of another woman in her.

So even if he didn’t love her, he still treated her well and did everything he wanted to do to Qu Ru with her.

Mo Rao smiled helplessly and sorrowfully.

How could a substitute like her think of replacing true love? She turned to look at Fu Ying’s handsome face. He seemed to be in a deep and pleasureable sleep, as if he had a beautiful dream. There was a smile on his face.

Had he dreamed of his future with Qu Ru? Mo Rao pushed him gently. “Fu Ying, it’s your call.”

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