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After Leaving The CEO, She Stunned The World
Chapter 20 - Her Grievance
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However, Mo Rao didn’t know that the more she was like this, the more angry Fu Ying felt.


Mo Rao didn’t want Fu Ying to stay here anymore. She cursed angrily and turned to leave.

It was Fu Ying who had put her in danger, and now, Fu Ying was finding trouble with others. She hadn’t thought about what would have happened to her if Lin Qun hadn’t passed by.

Fu Ying’s expression darkened and he immediately followed.

He looked at the pajamas on Mo Rao that only reached her thighs. Her fair legs looked sexy. He was a little unhappy and took off his jacket to put it on her.

Mo Rao wanted to break free, but Fu Ying said, “You’re going to be angry with me because of a man?”

“Fu Ying, are you crazy?!” Mo Rao stopped in her tracks. Her chest was heaving with emotion, and her eyes couldn’t help but water. “Lin Qun saved me. If not for him, do you know what I would have faced?”

Mo Rao was already feeling aggrieved. Now, her tears fell uncontrollably.

When he saw her cry, Fu Ying’s heart tightened and he felt suffocated.

“I was almost dragged into an alley and raped! Where were you at that time? You were accompanying your lover!” Mo Rao wiped her tears and her voice was filled with anger. “You were the one who abandoned me on the street in the middle of the night. You were the one who rushed to see Qu Ru! That’s why I was in danger. If Lin Qun hadn’t passed by, then what you would have seen now would have been my corpse!”

If that had happened, she would probably kill herself.

Fu Ying panicked. “I didn’t do it on purpose, Rao Rao…”

“Yes, you didn’t do it on purpose. It’s just that there’s someone more important who needs your company, so no matter what I say, you have to get off the car. If anything really happens to me, as long as your crush wheedles you, you’ll think it’s worth it, right?” Mo Rao took a deep breath while her heart was filled with pain.

Fu Ying stammered, “Rao Rao…”

“Don’t call me!” Mo Rao interrupted Fu Ying coldly. “Fu Ying, it’s been three years. You’ve never liked me, never felt sorry for me, and never knew what I wanted.”

“How could I not know?” Fu Ying wanted to explain.

“What do you know? You sent Gu Hai to send all the dishes. You don’t know my preferences at all. The clothes I’m wearing are also according to the style you like, not the style I like. Even my birthday is something I remind you of beforehand. My gift is always a card with no limit. You let me buy things myself. Have you really treated me well? No!”

Mo Rao simply complained about all the grievances she had suffered over the years.

Seeing her tears rolling down her face, Fu Ying wanted to wipe them away for her, but Mo Rao pushed him away. “Don’t be hypocritical. Save it for Qu Ru!”

Fu Ying’s expression stiffened.

“Also, I’ve already thought about it. If you’re afraid that our divorce will harm Grandma, then the two of us will go get the divorce certificate first. When you feel that Grandma can accept it, tell her that I’ll give up my position for your sweetheart!”

With that, Mo Rao sat in the car.

She didn’t want to say anything else. She just closed her eyes and let her mind go blank.

Fu Ying didn’t say anything and just drove in silence.

When they reached home, Mo Rao got off the car and went home. Fu Ying followed.

“What are you here for?” Mo Rao asked coldly. “If I’m not wrong, Qu Ru should be waiting for you.”

“This is my home too. Do I need a reason to go home?” Fu Ying frowned.

Mo Rao sneered. “Fu Ying, do you think this is a home? Do you think it’s a home or a brothel?”

Every time he came back, he would trap her in bed and demand sex from her time and time again. After he was satisfied, he would leave. He rarely stopped and it was even difficult to get him to accompany her for a meal, unless she returned to the Fu family mansion. Only then would she have the chance to eat with him.

It seemed like the number of times they had eaten together in this family could be counted on one hand.

Fu Ying was silent. He didn’t know what he treated this place as.

Mo Rao turned to enter. Suddenly, her body softened and her vision darkened.

Fu Ying rushed forward and carried her up horizontally. His heart ached when he saw her pale face.

When she didn’t feel so dizzy anymore, Mo Rao realized that she was in Fu Ying’s arms. She had been pretending to be strong, but now, in the familiar arms, she finally couldn’t help but break down.

“You’re crying again, crybaby.” Fu Ying’s tone was doting and his heart softened.

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