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After Leaving The CEO, She Stunned The World
Chapter 491 - 491 First Place
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491 First Place

“Qu Rou, quickly apologize to President Fu and President Gu.” The director was afraid of causing trouble and hurriedly advised.

Qu Rou didn’t dare to offend so many people, so she could only brace herself and apologize. “I’m sorry… I was too impulsive just now.”

Gu Ci and Fu Ying didn’t respond as they sat at the judges’ table with cold expressions.

Seeing that Gu Ci and Fu Ying didn’t pursue the matter, the director heaved a sigh of relief and continued to arrange for filming.

When it was time for the four judges to vote and comment, Mo Rao wasn’t nervous. She was very confident in her culinary skills.

Just as she thought, President Xu, who was the first to comment, praised Mo Rao.

“Miss Mo Rao’s dish is very delicious. It’s even better than the tomato brisket I ate in the dining room previously!”

Of course, President Xu also commented on others. In his eyes, Chen Nan’s dish was the most ordinary.

Mo Rao thought that Fu Ying would choose her. Unexpectedly, he chose Liu Xin.

“Liu Xin’s coconut chicken soup suits my taste,” Fu Ying said calmly, but he couldn’t help but glance at Mo Rao.

He actually wanted to choose Mo Rao, but when he thought about how Mo Rao had never cooked for him but cooked for Gu Ci, Fu Ying felt a little jealous and wanted to anger Mo Rao.

However, Mo Rao didn’t care at all. She was only surprised for a moment before quickly regaining her composure.

Seeing that Mo Rao seemed indifferent, Fu Ying was even more unhappy.

Gu Ci naturally chose Mo Rao, but he wasn’t being biased. He really felt that Mo Rao’s culinary skills were superb. Moreover, even the gourmet Yu Ye, who didn’t know Mo Rao, chose her.

Mo Rao naturally became the winner of the first round. This was completely different from what Qu Rou had expected.

Qu Rou thought that she would be able to get first place in the first round. At the very least, she would be able to let Mo Rao rank behind her. Unexpectedly, Mo Rao’s culinary skills were actually better than the chef she had hired.

The first recording ended here. Mo Rao packed up backstage and prepared to go back. When she turned around, she saw the gourmet, Yu Ye.

“Hello, Miss Mo.” Yu Ye smiled and reached out to shake Mo Rao’s hand. “The dish you made tastes delicious. Can you tell me more about it?”

Hearing that Yu Ye complimented of her culinary skills, Mo Rao was overjoyed and told Yu Ye about the recipe she had developed.

Yu Ye listened carefully and even took out his phone to take notes.

“I didn’t expect that not only are your acting skills good, but even your culinary skills are so good. I suggest you take on a food drama. It will save you the money of hiring outside help.” Yu Ye couldn’t help but laugh.

Food drama?

Mo Rao suddenly remembered that there was indeed a food drama among the scripts Mo Yuan had given her.

This was a good choice.

“Thank you for giving me inspiration. Perhaps I can really act in a food drama.” Mo Rao smiled at Yu Ye.

“Then I’ll definitely support you!” Yu Ye blinked as she said, “I wonder when you’ll be free. I want to invite you to my private restaurant to try my cooking. You’ll definitely like it.”

Yu Ye’s sudden invitation surprised Mo Rao.

Perhaps sensing Mo Rao’s hesitation, Yu Ye continued, “Don’t worry, the contestants who won the first round of every last season had this treatment. You’re no exception.”

Hearing this, Mo Rao was relieved.

She had a strong sense of boundaries and didn’t want any scandals.

“Tomorrow night. I have other things to do in the next two days,” Mo Rao said.

Yu Ye agreed. “Alright, I’ll contact you then. Can I have your contact number?”

“Of course not.” Mo Rao took out her phone and exchanged contact information with Yu Ye.

Fu Ying, who had come to look for Mo Rao, saw this scene.

Yu Ye turned around and bumped into Fu Ying.

Facing the gloomy Fu Ying, Yu Ye remained calm. He even smiled at him. “Hello, President Fu. I invited Miss Mo to my place for a meal. You’re free to come if you have the time.”

Fu Ying didn’t answer and only glanced at him. Yu Ye knew his personality, so he didn’t say anything else before leaving.

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