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After Leaving The CEO, She Stunned The World
Chapter 492 - 492 Asking the Knowledge
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492 Asking the Knowledge

“You agreed to him?” Fu Ying went straight to the point and asked.

Mo Rao nodded. “Yes, I agreed. Don’t tell me you want to say ‘you’re not allowed to go’?”

“Will you listen even if I tell you that?” Fu Ying pursed his lips. “Why are you so charming? There are always men around you.”

“Yu Ye said that he invites every contestant who wins the first round,” Mo Rao explained.

This sort of explanation was useless to Fu Ying. The gloomy look on his face didn’t subside at all.

“So, why did Gu Ci eat your food?” Fu Ying was still conflicted about this.

Mo Rao guessed that Fu Ying must have come to ask her this question, so she replied calmly, “He came to look for me overseas previously, so I let him have a meal at home.”

This explanation still didn’t make Fu Ying feel better. He was still overwhelmed with jealousy.

“I want to eat too,” Fu Ying said. “I want to eat your cooking too.”

“Didn’t you eat it today? Tomato braised beef brisket.” Mo Rao shrugged and said, “And you didn’t think it was delicious, so you voted for Liu Xin.”

When Fu Ying heard Mo Rao mention this, he asked, “Are you jealous?”

“Do you think everyone is as childish as you? I’m going home now.” Mo Rao rolled her eyes silently and walked around Fu Ying to leave.

Fu Ying grabbed Mo Rao’s hand. “I’ll send you.”

There were many staff members at the recording location. Seeing how Fu Ying brazen was, Mo Rao hurriedly tried to shake him off, but Fu Ying held her tightly.

Mo Rao was helpless and could only say, “Let go of me, then I’ll let you send me.”

Seeing that he had succeeded, Fu Ying smiled happily and let go of Mo Rao.

Mo Rao could only follow Fu Ying to the parking lot. The two of them didn’t speak along the way, but Fu Ying’s mood was clearly much better.

“Do you want to go eat first?” Fu Ying asked after getting into the car.

Mo Rao rejected flatly. “No. Qu You will come to my house today.”

“Why does she keep going to your place? Is it because of Yang Shu?” Fu Ying frowned slightly and asked.

“That’s right. This is the first time I’ve seen her so obsessed with a man.” Mo Rao couldn’t help but laugh when she thought of Qu You’s chattering.

Fu Ying couldn’t help but recall the past. At that time, Mo Rao was also obsessed with him, like Qu You was with Yang Shu.

“I have a good relationship with Yang Shu, so I might be able to help her,” Fu Ying said coldly.

Qu You and Mo Rao had a good relationship. If he could help Qu You and Yang Shu develop their relationship, wouldn’t Qu You be able to put in a good word for him in front of Mo Rao?

“Alright. Go and find out how Yang Shu feels about Qu You.” Mo Rao was very concerned about Qu You’s relationship affairs.

“Alright, I’ll help you ask later.” Fu Ying started the car and brought Mo Rao home.

When Mo Rao reached her house, before she could take out her key, Qu You opened the door.

“Rao Rao! Welcome home! Eh… why is Fu Ying here?” Qu You’s expression instantly changed from joy to gossipy when she saw Fu Ying beside Mo Rao.

Mo Rao glanced at Fu Ying and said, “He lives next door to me. He was also there for the recording today, so he sent me back.”

“Fu Ying, could it be that you bought the room next to Rao Rao’s to get close to her?”

“Aren’t you asking the obvious?”

As Qu You and Fu Ying spoke one after another, Mo Rao was sandwiched in the middle and felt a buzzing in her ears.

“Alright, thank you for sending me back.” Mo Rao quickly walked into the house and stopped Fu Ying outside.

Fu Ying looked at Mo Rao pitifully as he said, “Aren’t you going to let me into your house for a meal?”

Only then did Mo Rao realize that she had been tricked by Fu Ying.

“You treated Gu Ying to a meal at your house back then. Why can’t you treat me to a meal now?” Fu Ying added.

Mo Rao wished she could punch Fu Ying.

When did this man become so annoying?!

“You can ask my brother.” Mo Rao hurriedly mentioned Mo Yuan.

Coincidentally, Mo Yuan had just walked out of the room and saw Fu Ying outside the door.

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