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After Leaving The CEO, She Stunned The World
Chapter 495 - 495 Unpredictable
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495 Unpredictable

After Mo Yuan finally finished cooking, the four of them sat around the dining table, and the originally cold house became much livelier.

Qu You and Mo Yuan were like two chatterboxes. With the two of them around, there wouldn’t be an awkward silence anywhere.

“What were the two of you chatting so happily about in the kitchen just now?” Mo Rao couldn’t help but ask as she ate.

Mo Yuan coughed twice and said, “Doesn’t Fu Ying want to woo you? I’m telling him my standards for my brother-in-law and asking him to improve himself.”

Mo Rao rolled her eyes. “Mo Yuan, are you hiding something from me?”

Mo Yuan was bad at lying, so he was immediately seen through by Mo Rao.

Fu Ying smiled. “Not really. Your brother wants to help his actors take on a drama I invested in recently and wants me to open a back door. That’s why he changed his attitude towards me.”

Mo Rao was skeptical. Mo Yuan hurriedly echoed, “Yes, yes, yes. That drama is too competitive. I have to get President Fu to help.”

“You sold me out for this?” Mo Rao frowned. “It’s fine, since I don’t need a brother like you anyway.”

“By the way, Fu Ying, help me ask Yang Shu what type of girl he likes!” Qu You recalled this and quickly asked.

Fu Ying said without hesitation, “Gentle.”

“How do you know?” Mo Rao was puzzled.

Fu Ying picked up a piece of braised pork and placed it in Mo Rao’s bowl.

“I told you, I have a good relationship with him. We even attended the same school in the past. Yang Shu even wrote a love letter to a girl before. That girl was called Rao Man and looked very gentle.” Fu Ying recalled.

When she heard Fu Ying’s words, the smile on Qu You’s face gradually disappeared.

It turned out that Yang Shu actually liked gentle girls. Moreover, Yang Shu even wrote a love letter to a girl in the past.

She had always thought that Yang Shu was socially awkward.

It seemed that Yang Shu wasn’t too interested in her.

Mo Rao could tell that Qu You’s mood had changed, so she pushed Fu Ying’s arm.

Only then did Fu Ying realize that he had said something wrong and quickly shut up.

“This was many years ago. At that time, Yang Shu was only in high school. Perhaps he doesn’t like gentle women anymore.” Fu Ying changed his words. “Maybe he likes your type? Don’t worry, I’ll help you ask.”

As he spoke, Fu Ying picked up his phone and sent a message to Yang Shu to ask him what he thought of Qu You.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Qu You adjusted her emotions and smiled at Fu Ying and Mo Rao. “I wrote love letters to boys in middle school as well. This is nothing. Who hasn’t been young and ignorant before?”

At this moment, Fu Ying’s phone vibrated.

When he picked up his phone, he saw that Yang Shu had replied to him.

“Qu You?”

“She’s alright. My family arranged the date, so we’ll see.”

Mo Rao couldn’t help but lean forward to take a look. For a moment, she had mixed feelings.

She kept feeling that Yang Shu seemed to be very reluctant, as if he was completing an assignment from his family.

“What did he say?” Qu You looked at Mo Rao and Fu Ying as she asked.

“He said that he thinks you’re okay and wants to continue interacting with you.” Mo Rao smiled at Qu You. “This means that you still have a chance. Don’t be too fixated on him. You have to understand him first.”

When Qu You heard this, she finally smiled from the bottom of her heart and nodded. “Okay.”

“Actually, I’ve never liked anyone so much before. Perhaps this is fate.” Qu You pursed her lips. “But it’s fine even if he doesn’t like me. There are many men wooing me.”

Although she said that, Mo Rao could still tell that Qu You really liked Yang Shu.

Mo Rao had learned her lesson, so she didn’t want Qu You to be like she was in the past.

This way, Qu You wouldn’t get hurt, like she did.

However, seeing that Qu You was head over heels in love, Mo Rao didn’t know how to remind her.

“By the way, Rao Rao, Qu Rou is going to release a new album.” Qu You thought of Qu Rou and said to her, “I wonder if it’s her mother or her who has hooked up with the rich and powerful. She’ll probably go against you in the future.”

“I met her today. She seemed to be quite smug.” Mo Rao recalled Qu Rou’s smug look today.

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