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After Leaving The CEO, She Stunned The World
Chapter 5 - Why Did You Touch Me?
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“What a coincidence, you’re here too.”

Mo Rao took the initiative to greet him with an indifferent smile.

Qu Ru looked at her delicate appearance. She was dressed in luxurious clothes that exuded nobility from the inside out. The Fu family had spent a lot of money on her these years.

These were supposed to be hers!

“Yes, I have leukemia. Fu Ying specially arranged for me to be admitted to this hospital and said that this place is very professional in treating leukemia.” There was jealousy and hatred in Qu Ru’s eyes, but she still sounded indifferent.

“Leukemia?” Mo Rao was stunned.

“That’s right. Fu Ying said that your parents used to be experts in leukemia and worked in this hospital. Therefore, there are many treatments and methods left behind by them here.” Qu Ru mentioned Fu Ying in every sentence she said.

Every word she said was to snub Mo Rao.

The man she loved spent money to treat her love rival in the hospital her parents used to work in.

Mo Rao’s smile cooled. “Oh, I hope you recover soon.”

With that, she prepared to leave.

Qu Ru spoke again. “Mo Rao, Fu Ying is mine.”

She spoke in a confident tone and said confident words.

Mo Rao stopped in her tracks. Qu Ru, who was behind her, continued to speak. “If not for your appearance back then, Fu Ying would have definitely married m no matter what. You should know that the person who isn’t loved is the third party. Because of you, I’ve missed out on being with him for so many years. You enjoyed everything that I should have. Don’t you feel ashamed? Fu Ying doesn’t love you at all. What’s the point of guarding an empty shell?”

That’s right. In the past three years, Fu Ying had never given Mo Rao love and only gave her money.

“Since he loves you so much, let him talk about this. You don’t have to take his responsibility.” Mo Rao turned around and replied coldly.

Qu Ru said all this to provoke her. She knew.

Even if this were the truth, hearing it from Qu Ru still made her feel extremely miserable.

Because she loved Fu Ying and had loved him for many years.

Qu Ru laughed silently. “He just thinks that you’re a very pitiful orphan so he couldn’t bear to say it too harshly. Besides, Old Madam Fu likes you so much. Didn’t you marry into the Fu family because of this? Unfortunately, Fu Ying doesn’t love you at all!”

“Oh yeah? What if he does love me a little? He was very passionate in bed. Every time, I was tormented by him until I almost fell apart. Why do you think he touched me when he loved you so much?”

Just as Mo Rao finished speaking, Qu Ru’s expression changed slightly. She looked behind her. “Fu Ying!”

Hehe, she had been tricked.

Mo Rao sighed. As expected, she still didn’t manage to keep her calm.

She turned around and met that familiar yet unfamiliar handsome face. He looked cold and sulky.

“I’m here to check on my body. I just happened to see her. You guys can chat. I’m leaving,” Mo Rao said generously without feeling guilty.

“How was it?” Fu Ying stopped her coldly.

“The result was given to Gu Hai. He will bring it to you. Don’t worry, I’m not pregnant.” Mo Rao smiled sweetly.

Hearing her words, Fu Ying felt a little disappointed.

He didn’t expect that he actually looked forward to her having their child.

However, when he faced Qu Ru, this anticipation instantly dissipated. He only wanted to resolve the following matter as soon as possible. “Since you’re not pregnant, let’s discuss the other matters and resolve them as soon as possible.”

“Talk in the hospital? I didn’t even eat because of the checkup. I’m about to starve to death!” Mo Rao smiled slightly. Her pink lips looked soft. This was her usual coquettish demeanor.

Fu Ying usually liked her coquettish look the most.

But now, he looked very cold. “Then we’ll talk after you eat.”

“Why don’t we talk while we eat?” Mo Rao was unwilling to let it slide. Her fair arm held Fu Ying’s hand. “Look, I came here obediently to get a checkup and even have to help you deal with Grandma. Don’t I deserve a meal together? If not for me, it wouldn’t be so easy for you to divorce me!”

Her words made sense. Fu Ying couldn’t refute her.

Qu Ru looked at Mo Rao’s arm. Her heart was burning with jealousy, but she still maintained her gentle and composed expression. “That’s right. Fu Ying, accompany her to have a meal. You guys can discuss the matter while you eat.”

“Look, Miss Qu is more sensible than you. I know a private restaurant nearby that has delicious food. I’ve wanted to go since long ago.”

Since Qu Ru wanted to maintain her noble and kind image, she would let her maintain it.

“Xiao Ru, go back to your room and rest well. I’ll be back soon.” Fu Ying agreed to Mo Rao and didn’t forget to remind Qu Ru carefully.

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