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After Leaving The CEO, She Stunned The World
Chapter 7 - A Little
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“I said, don’t be too greedy!”

Fu Ying’s expression was already extremely gloomy.

But Mo Rao wasn’t afraid. She was about to lose everything. What was there to be afraid of?

For the sake of the child in her stomach and for the sake of her final shred of dignity, she wouldn’t compromise this time.

“I think there’s no need to continue eating this meal.” Mo Rao took her bag with a cold expression. It was impossible for Fu Ying not to know how much she loved him.

But he had used this love to take advantage of her, not knowing that she would feel pain too.

After she left, Mo Rao gathered her emotions and went to the Fu family’s old residence.

Old Madam Fu was very good to her, her granddaughter-in-law. Even if she fell out with Fu Ying, she couldn’t ignore Fu Ying’s grandmother.

Furthermore, Old Madam Fu had been feeling unwell recently. Every time, she would wait for Mo Rao to massage her to relax her muscles and bones so she could feel comfortable.

“Grandma, are you feeling better?”

After she was done, Mo Rao sat beside Old Madam Fu and asked with concern.

Old Madam Fu held her hand and her old eyes were filled with kindness. She nodded, and her tone was filled with praise. “Rao Rao is the best. The massage specialists I hired aren’t as good as you.”

Every time Old Madam Fu felt unwell, it was always Mo Rao, her granddaughter-in-law, who took care of her and even treated her illness.

Her filial piety touched Old Madam Fu greatly. She firmly believed that she had made the right decision by forcing Fu Ying to marry her.

“You’re flattering me. How can I compare to those specialists? I just learned a little from my parents in the past.” Mo Rao was a little embarrassed.

Old Madam Fu sighed. The little girl in front of her was beautiful and had a good personality. She had also heard that an entertainment company had taken a fancy to her and wanted to sign her. Her future was bright and she could treat many illnesses. If she hadn’t married Fu Ying, she would definitely have had her own achievements!

“Speaking of which, it’s all Fu Ying’s fault for delaying your development.” Old Madam Fu felt a sense of heartache. “I know you’ve sacrificed too much for him. It’s just that that guy was blind and didn’t know.”

Mo Rao pleaded, “Grandma, don’t tell him these things. I don’t want him to accommodate me because he’s touched and become his burden.”

This girl was too kind-hearted. Old Madam Fu doted on her, but she could understand. “Okay, okay, okay. I won’t say it. I only want the two of you to have a child soon and let me hug my great-grandson.”

At the mention of this, Mo Rao instantly flushed. “Grandma, this…”

“I’ll tell Fu Ying about this. As if he can decide not to have a child just because he doesn’t want to?” Old Madam Fu said in a resentful tone. “You should give birth and let him bear the responsibility of being a father. With a child, he won’t be able to go anywhere. Forget about Qu Ru. In the future, no one can shake your position!”

Mo Rao forced a smile and didn’t dare to tell Old Madam Fu that Qu Ru had actually returned.

Furthermore, for Qu Ru, Fu Ying was willing to abort this child.

The child wouldn’t be her bargaining chip. Instead, they would become the source of his disgust.

In Fu Ying’s heart, Qu Ru was the first.

After chatting with Old Madam Fu for a while, Mo Rao stood up and took her leave. Just as she was about to go downstairs, she met Mo Wan, Fu Ying’s biological mother.

“Mother.” Mo Rao greeted respectfully.

Mo Wan was different from the other wealthy ladies. She was more arrogant and cold, and she didn’t have any objections nor did she voice her support when Fu Ying married Mo Rao. She seemed indifferent about it.

After entering the Fu family, Mo Rao rarely saw her mother-in-law. Even if she did, the two of them would only greet each other politely.

Mo Wan was a lawyer and had her own firm. She was usually very busy with work and didn’t like to talk nonsense. She was always so concise and indifferent to everyone.

“You’re here.”

Mo Wan replied calmly. She was an intimidating yet soft-hearted person. She actually liked Mo Rao since she was obedient and sensible.

But she didn’t like to appear enthusiastic toward anyone.

Furthermore, in her heart, her son wasn’t worthy of Mo Rao!

Apart from being rich and handsome, Fu Ying was terrible in other aspects. He didn’t deserve a good girl like Mo Rao.

Many women had their eye on the Fu family’s wealth. Only Mo Rao loved Fu Ying from the bottom of her heart. Even Mo Wan could feel it.

This was also why she felt sorry for Mo Rao. Who didn’t know who that bastard Fu Ying had in his heart?!

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