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After Leaving The CEO, She Stunned The World
Chapter 9 - The Feeling of Rejection
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Her son was really full of nonsense!

Mo Wan looked at him coldly. “I gave birth to you. I know what you’re thinking. Don’t push the blame on a woman. You’re really a disgrace!”

Why did a mother not believe her son but her daughter-in-law?

Fu Ying frowned. “It’s true. I asked her.”

Fu Ying also wanted a child. What he didn’t want was a marriage with Mo Rao. If Mo Rao could give birth to a child and let him raise the child, he could give her a huge sum of compensation.

However, Mo Rao rejected it herself and said that it was still early.

“Did you ask to have a child because you wanted to have a stable family with Mo Rao?” Mo Wan questioned. “Didn’t she say that to satisfy you? If you had a child, since Qu Ru is back now, she will probably become a single mother! Have you given her a sense of security?”

“Even if Qu Ru comes back, I won’t abandon the child. I’ll give her a large sum of money. I’ll raise the child, and Little Ru will too. I won’t mistreat the child!” Fu Ying explained.

Mo Wan was almost angered to death. She had taken on many strange cases, but none of them had made her as infuriated as she was at this moment.

She kicked Fu Ying’s legs. “Get lost. How can I, Mo Wan, have given birth to a coward like you? Did your genes mutate?!”

Fu Ying felt helpless.

“Alright, I won’t meddle. If you want to break up with Mo Rao, go find Qu Ru. It’s not easy to find three-legged toads in this world, but there are many two-legged men. With me, Mo Wan, around, I don’t believe that I can’t find a good man for Mo Rao. This is also what our Fu family owes her!”

With that, Mo Wan went back.

Her attitude surprised Fu Ying. in the Fu family, Grandma was the one who liked Mo Rao the most, while Mo Wan was cold to everyone and had never shown her affection for Mo Rao.

He didn’t expect Mo Wan to be so angry this time because of Mo Rao.

She was going to introduce a man to Mo Rao!

With Mo Wan’s connections, she could indeed find many good men to introduce to Mo Rao. However, when Fu Ying thought about how Mo Rao would marry another man and how her obedient and charming ways would be monopolized by another man, he felt a little suffocated. His damn possessiveness was acting up!

Fu Ying went upstairs to Mo Rao’s room.

He was originally enraged and felt that Mo Rao had complained, but when he saw the little woman sleeping soundly on the bed, his anger disappeared inexplicably.

Mo Rao’s skin was extremely fair and smooth. Just one touch was enough to tantalize him.

At this moment, she was wearing a sexy black negligee that revealed her fair shoulders and arms. Even her two soft breasts were almost revealed. As she breathed, they undulated up and down, and the visual impact was extremely great.

All of Mo Rao’s pajamas were bought by Fu Ying. This was the only thing he had ever cared about.

Because it concerned his sexual pleasure in bed.

He even specially brought a few pieces to the old residence. Sometimes, he would let Mo Rao wear them when she came back to spend the night. No matter where she was, Fu Ying’s interest in her would never disappear.

Something between his legs quickly became aroused. Fu Ying’s anger quickly turned to lust.

This was Mo Rao’s magical power.

Every time, Fu Ying would instantly lose control because her body was too seductive.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so reluctant to part with her.

Fu Ying squatted down beside the bed and reached out to gently pull the strap down, revealing the nipple. He sucked it without thinking and licked it with the tip of his tongue. His hand followed reached under Mo Rao’s body.

Mo Rao was sleeping soundly when she suddenly felt a numbness in her chest. Her lower body seemed to be invaded by something. She woke up in a daze and saw Fu Ying’s lustful eyes.

“No, I want to sleep…” She rejected him.

She had indeed been a little sleepy recently and had pregnancy symptoms.

Fu Ying admitted that he was a jerk. Even if he was going to divorce Mo Rao, he still wanted to possess this body. He felt guilty towards Qu Ru, but he couldn’t control himself.

The most primitive impulse took over his rationality. He immediately turned over and got on the bed before pressing himself on Mo Rao. He propped his arms on both sides to avoid crushing her.

“You sleep yours, and I’ll sleep mine. How about that?” Fu Ying’s voice was tainted with lust and was slightly hoarse.

However, Mo Rao instantly became much more awake. She couldn’t have sex with him for the first three months. Furthermore, she was relatively weak and Fu Ying had always been intense. It would be bad if he hurt the child.

“No, you can’t!”

Mo Rao raised her hand to prop up Fu Ying’s chest and pushed him with all her might. She had clearly used a lot of strength, but the man on her body didn’t move at all. He looked at her like she was a kitten.

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