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Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation
Chapter 12 - The Holy Maiden Is Gone Again! Settle the Reward!
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Chapter 12: The Holy Maiden Is Gone Again! Settle the Reward!

In the end, Chen Qianxue did not disappoint Bai Yi. In the Immortal Cultivation Simulator, after a full three years of bitter cultivation, she finally transformed from an ordinary person into an Immortal cultivator.

The first level Qi Refinement stage cultivators were very weak and belonged to the lowest level of the immortal cultivation world, but they were still Immortal cultivators. Even the lowest level of Immortal cultivators were much stronger than ordinary people.

With his authority, Bai Yi could clearly sense through the Immortal Cultivation Simulator that Chen Qianxue’s entire body was now filled with energy, and she was not quite the same as before.

It was as if she had lost a bit of the worldly aura of the secular world. She had gained a bit of the unique aura of an Immortal cultivator, a special aura that transcended things.

Chen Qianxue’s achievement in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator once again proved that Bai Yi’s original choice was very correct.

To pull the Holy Maiden of the Spirit Sword Sect into the simulator was a very wise choice!

One had to know… Bai Yi had died more than 30 times in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator, but he had never come into contact with any Immortal Cultivation Methods.

He had never even come into contact with the martial arts Cultivation Methods of the martial artists in the martial arts world.

Almost every time he died, he would not live more than a month. It was truly depressing.

On the other hand… Chen Qianxue formed a very distinct contrast with him.

The first time, Chen Qianxue obtained a breathing technique.

The second time, it was a Cultivation Method!

Seeing this, Bai Yi was quite happy.

As long as he felt that he was a good-for-nothing, he would not have any dispirited thoughts.

He was sure!

Just as Bai Yi was looking forward to Chen Qianxue stepping into a higher stage, he was shocked to find that she was dead!


What was going on?

He had only been absent-minded for less than half a minute, right? Chen Qianxue was dead?

He quickly browsed through the notification of the simulator that he had missed.

[Chen Qianxue, who had broken through to the first level of the Qi Refinement stage, noticed that the spiritual energy in her cultivation ground was so thin that it was difficult for her to achieve higher levels. She chose to enter deeper mountains to train.]

[Training hard…]

[Chen Qianxue found a stalk of spiritual medicine in the mountains. After consuming it, she felt that her constitution had improved significantly.]

[Constitution + 2]

[A demonic beast that had already turned into a Demon did not care about martial virtue. While Chen Qianxue was training hard, it launched a sneak attack. Chen Qianxue reacted quickly and fought with it. In the end, she was no match for it!]

Chen Qianxue is dead

[Age: 8 years 4 months 6 days]




Bai Yi did not know what to say. Was fate playing a joke on him? A second before Chen Qianxue just stepped on the road of Immortal cultivation, and then the next second, she became food on the plate of the monster?

He did not know if he should say that Chen Qianxue’s luck was good or bad. Perhaps the Immortal Cultivation Simulator was just plain cruel.

Could it be that she really used her lifespan to exchange for such astonishing luck?

Was this the legendary ‘life-reaping’?

Could it be… that he had cursed her?



Absolutely impossible!


Pure coincidence!

Bai Yi denied that it was his fault.

[The candidate you invited, Chen Qianxue, lived for 8 years, 4 months, and 6 days in the simulated immortal cultivation life. There is still a 24-hour cooldown time before the next simulated immortal cultivation life.]

[Chen Qianxue has achieved revenge in the second simulated Immortal cultivation life. There is an additional reward!]

[You have received the following rewards –]

[Reward 1: Beginner Sword Cultivation Technique (complete Sword Cultivation Technique)]

[Reward 2: First level of Qi Refinement (Chen Qianxue’s cultivation level of three years of hard work)]

[Reward 3: Ancestral Jade Pendant (will bring a bit of good luck)]

[Additional reward: 5 wisps of spiritual energy]

[Please choose any one of the rewards. The additional reward is a must-have reward. There is no need to specially choose.]

Looking at the Immortal Cultivation Simulator’s calculation reward, Bai Yi could not help but fall into a bit of contemplation.

Chen Qianxue had only lived for more than eight years, and this time, she had also died in a hurry.

He was still recovering from the shock.

However… it did not seem like he had lost anything.

This reward was absolutely too generous.

In addition to the three rewards, there was an additional reward.

Although Bai Yi did not know how much improvement five wisps of spiritual energy could bring, it should be quite good.

“The complete version of the Sword Cultivation Technique, the cultivation of the first level of the Qi Refinement stage… As for that jade pendant, I’ll ignore it for now.”

“Which one should I choose?”

Bai Yi had some difficulty in choosing.

He really needed the complete Sword Cultivation Technique. This was because it was an Immortal Cultivation Method. It would allow his understanding of the Sword Cultivation Technique to reach the beginner level, and it would also allow him to have a certain level of combat strength.

However, cultivation of the first level Qi Refinement was also something he wanted. This would allow him to become an Immortal cultivator directly.

However, the problem was that after he became an Immortal cultivator, he could not possibly use ordinary sword techniques to fight, right?

Bai Yi looked at the final bonus reward. Five wisps of spiritual energy was not enough for him to break through to the first level of the Qi Refinement stage, but it was still spiritual energy, so it should be able to activate the Sword Cultivation Technique.

“I choose reward 1!”

Instantly, he received a huge amount of information.

He instantly learned a high-level Immortal Cultivation Method, and it reached the beginner level.

Only then did Bai Yi realize that in the Sword Cultivation Technique, there were cultivation techniques used to refine the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth.

There was a sword technique that matched the Cultivation Method very well. There was also a footwork technique, as well as the core Sword Cultivation Technique.

At the same time, an extremely pure spiritual energy also entered his meridians and Dantian, and forcibly assimilated the three years of inner energy into spiritual energy.

Spiritual energy flowed through his meridians like a stream, causing Bai Yi’s body to constantly undergo changes.

His strength increased, his spirit doubled, and his perception increased.

Even his palm gradually recovered, as if nothing had happened.

Bai Yi restrained the excitement in his heart. He seemed to have remembered something. “I remember, I bought a longsword…”

How could Bai Yi not have a dream of becoming an Immortal after transmigrating to an exciting cultivation world?

Not long after transmigrating, he had excitedly bought a longsword.

He played with it all day long, letting his imagination run wild.

In the end… he found that his foundations were not very good, he randomly found a place to stash away the longsword.

After searching for a while at home, Bai Yi finally found the longsword.

The sheath and hilt of the sword were covered with a layer of dust.

Bai Yi grabbed the hilt of the sword, and he pulled it out!

The bright silver body of the sword was instantly unsheathed. He skillfully played with the sword as if he had been immersed in the way of the sword for many years. This was actually the reason why there was a sword technique in the Sword Cultivation Technique.

As he searched for information about the Sword Cultivation Technique in his mind, Bai Yi suddenly tossed his longsword upwards.

His right hand formed a sword finger, and the spiritual energy in his body surged!


With a light shout.

The longsword that was about to fall abruptly stopped its falling momentum.

It floated in front of Bai Yi as if an invisible force had lifted it up.

However, the longsword that was floating was a little shaky.

“According to the Sword Cultivation Technique, the Immortal cultivator who can ride a sword is at least at the fifth level of the Qi Refinement stage. However, because the Sword Cultivation Technique is quite special, even if I don’t have the first level of the Qi Refinement stage, because of the five strands of spiritual energy in my body, I can barely ride a sword.”

“This sword is, after all, an ordinary longsword. If I have the opportunity to get a spiritual sword, then riding a sword will be even easier, and I can wield it like an arm.”

Bai Yi muttered to himself.

He retracted his sword finger and stretched out his hand to grab the sword.

He steadily caught the hilt of the longsword and returned it to its sheath.

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