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Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation
Chapter 17 - The Holy Maiden Who Has Entered an Immortal Cultivation Sect
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Chapter 17: The Holy Maiden Who Has Entered an Immortal Cultivation Sect

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Chen Qianxue had experienced nine long years of her childhood in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator. Bai Yi, who was watching all of this in reality, felt that only nine minutes had passed.

In just nine minutes, he gained all of Chen Qianxue’s experiences in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator.

Bai Yi did not expect that this Holy Maiden would actually be chosen by an Immortal cultivation sect.

The other party actually personally sent people over to take Chen Qianxue into the sect.

It could only be said that gold would always shine, and people would always notice it.

Chen Qianxue was very low-key in her third Immortal Cultivation Simulation. She basically did not reveal her extraordinary strength in front of outsiders.

However, she was still noticed by the Immortal cultivators.

“By the way, she lived to the age of nine this time. She broke her previous record, right?” Bai Yi took in everything. “I don’t know if she can hold on for a few more years. After all, she looks like she is about to break through to the second level of the Qi Refinement stage.”

“However, she seems to be trying her best to suppress the thought of breaking through just to be on the safe side so that her foundation would be more solid. In other words, it’s very likely that she will choose to break through to the second level of the Qi Refinement stage when she’s 10 or 11 years old.”

He wondered what kind of rewards would he receive when Chen Qianxue reached the second level of the Qi Refinement stage.

Bai Yi was not too sure, but he was looking forward to it.

What could be more enjoyable than watching others work hard for him while he only had to sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labor?

In the Immortal Cultivation Simulator.

Chen Qianxue’s father’s eyes were full of vigilance as he looked at the two fellows who claimed to be Immortal cultivators. He could not help but ask, “You said that Qianxue has a very high aptitude for Immortal cultivation, and you want to test her innate ability?”

In front of him, there were two people who were dressed in the same clothes as ordinary people but had a different temperament than ordinary people.

They claimed to be Immortal cultivators from the Immortal Ascension Sect, and they heard about the things that Chen Qianxue had done.

Therefore, they were a little interested and curious.

Thus, they went down the mountain to recruit Chen Qianxue into the sect.

Chen Qianxue’s mother was suspicious of this because too many people these days pretended to be Immortal cultivators and fooled around.

The two Immortal cultivators who claimed to be from the Immortal Ascension Sect had a very amiable attitude.

One of them said with a smile, “Your daughter is only nine years old. She took revenge for her father and executed justice for the Heavens, killing dozens of mountain bandits. This is enough to show that she is very talented.”

“The Sect Master of our Immortal Ascension Sect overheard this matter and felt that your daughter is very likely to have talent in Immortal cultivation.”

“He asked the two of us to go down the mountain to test your daughter’s innate talent.”

“If your daughter really has talent in Immortal cultivation, the Immortal Ascension Sect will take her into our sect.”

“At the same time, your family will also receive the protection of the Immortal Ascension Sect.”

Hearing him speak so calmly and calmly, Chen Qianxue’s father was a bit hesitant for a moment.

Immortal cultivation.

It was something that people yearned for no matter where they were placed.

Chen Qianxue’s father had been in the military and had served the imperial court for several years.

He had also met some Immortal cultivators in the military. He knew the formidable strength of immortal cultivators.

If his daughter could become an Immortal cultivator, she might be able to live a better life in this man-eating world, right? She would not have to hide in a village and spend her days either running into the mountains to hunt or helping to harvest food.

“Father, they are indeed Immortal cultivators.”

Behind him, Chen Qianxue’s tender voice could be heard.

Chen Qianxue, who was also an Immortal cultivator, could clearly sense that there were spiritual energy fluctuations in the bodies of the two people in front of her.

However, these fluctuations were very weak, which meant that these two people were at least at the first level of the Qi Refinement stage just like her.

In fact…

They were not even at the first level of the Qi Refinement stage.

However, this was enough to prove that they were indeed Immortal cultivators. They were not swindlers.

Moreover, Chen Qianxue was very familiar with this ‘Immortal Ascension Sect’.

When she first simulated Immortal cultivation, the sect that tested her innate ability, and returned disappointed…

It was the Immortal Ascension Sect!

She had not expected that the third time she had simulated Immortal cultivation, the Immortal Ascension Sect had come knocking on her door again.

It made her feel that it was quite dramatic.

“Qianxue, you… Do you want to join the Immortal Ascension Sect and become an Immortal cultivator?” Chen Qianxue’s father looked at his daughter. His father’s tone did not like it carried the dignity of a parent.

In fact, the current backbone of the Chen Family was not Chen Qianxue’s father or her mother.

It was Chen Qianxue herself!

At the age of nine, she displayed a mature mind and powerful strength, which made her easily become the head of the family.

It was true that the little devil was the head of the family.

“Yes!” Chen Qianxue nodded.


She had decided to join an Immortal cultivation sect. This was a decision that she had made after careful consideration.

For Immortal cultivation, there were four indispensable things, which were wealth, magic, and land.

Wealth. She was holed up in a small mountain village. Other than going into the mountains to hunt, there was basically no source of income to speak of.

Partner. Needless to say, she did not have a partner. In this life, she had cultivated for nine years without a single companion.

Magic. This was the only one that she had.

Land. She did not have any land!

Chen Qianxue knew that she wanted to steadily become stronger, and if she wanted to smoothly cultivate to a higher realm, the only thing she could do was to join a sect and use the sect’s resources to make herself stronger.

With a sect as her backing, when she cultivated, she was not afraid of being ambushed by demonic beasts.

Moreover, she could also obtain medicinal pills for cultivation, and she might even be able to obtain Spirit Tools.

If Immortal cultivators wanted to climb higher…

They had to take advantage of the situation!

Chen Qianxue walked out from behind her father and raised her head to look at the two Immortal cultivators from the Immortal Ascension Sect.

Her tone and expression were unusually calm. “I feel that there’s no need to test my foundations. With this, it should be enough for me to enter the Immortal Ascension Sect, right?”

She mobilized the spiritual energy in her body, and the spiritual energy undulations were exceptionally shocking, causing the two of them to be dumbstruck.

There was no need to hide her cultivation. After all, to enter the Immortal Ascension Sect, those who were stronger would be able to see through her cultivation with just a glance.

Moreover, Chen Qianxue knew that her innate ability was not that great.

The only reason she was able to cultivate was because of the ‘Sword Cultivation Technique’ and her innate talent ‘Sword’.

If they tested her innate ability… they might turn around and leave.

“Oh! You… are already at the Qi Refinement stage?” The Immortal cultivator from the Immortal Ascension Sect secretly swallowed his saliva, feeling as if he had lived for decades.

[Your cultivation base at the first level of Qi Refinement stunned the Immortal cultivators of the Immortal Ascension Sect. They decided to bring you back to their sect. Although your parents were very reluctant to part with you, they didn’t interfere with your decision.]

[You came to the Immortal Ascension Sect after a long journey and discovered that it was only a small Immortal cultivation sect. The Sect Master was only at the ninth level of the Foundation Establishment stage.]

[The Sect Master was very shocked by your talent and decided to accept you as a Successor Disciple.]

[You successfully entered the Immortal Ascension Sect!]

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