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Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation
Chapter 8 - The Mess Left behind by the Predecessor for Bai Yi
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Chapter 8: The Mess Left behind by the Predecessor for Bai Yi

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The invisible internal force condensed in the palm was like a mass of continuously twisting and rippling air.

This kind of special energy was naturally not as high-level as the spiritual power of an Immortal cultivator, but it was also an extremely astonishing scene for the common people.

At least, it was enough to cause Old Liu to be dumbfounded.

No wonder he had always felt that there was something wrong with Young Master Bai today. It seemed that his spirit, energy, and spirit were not quite the same as before.

It turned out that Young Master Bai had gone to learn martial arts from an unknown master and had become an expert swordsman!

Chen Qianxue was carefully observing and looked extremely serious.

After a long time… she revealed a slightly disappointed expression.

“It’s a little different.”

After a close observation, she realized that Bai Yi’s internal energy was not the same as when she was in the simulator. There were many differences in the details.

She thought that the person in front of her was the same as her and could enter the Immortal Cultivation Simulator.

Moreover, they had experienced almost the same life and obtained that breathing technique.

She thought that they both cultivated that kind of inner strength.

In the end, now it seemed that… she had thought too much.

It made sense… how could an Immortal Cultivation Simulator just casually open up to anyone?

Not everyone in the world had the same luck and opportunity as her.

Thinking of this, for some reason, Chen Qianxue relaxed quite a bit.

She did not know what kind of mentality it was. Was it possessiveness?

Maybe! After all, the Immortal Cultivation Simulator was a great opportunity for her. She had accumulated countless lives of virtue before she had the chance to be chosen by the Immortal Cultivation Simulator.

Chen Qianxue’s mind was filled with a myriad of thoughts. He thought about his death in the simulator… It seemed to dissipate.

She turned and left.

Of course, Chen Qianxue was still very faithful to her promise. The three Heart-cleansing Pills had already entered Bai Yi’s bag. Bai Yi had a clear understanding of the wealth of the Spirit Sword Sect’s Holy Maiden.

“Young Master Bai, you made a huge fortune today, so the rent for next month…” Old Liu licked his lips.

“Next month? I’ll spare you three months.” Since Old Liu had seen it, he wanted to keep it a secret. If it leaked, it would inevitably attract some trouble.

Bai Yi knew that if he wanted to shut old Liu’s mouth, he could either disappear from the world, or he could use silver to do so.

No matter what, Old Liu was one of the few acquaintances he had in this Immortal cultivation world. How could Bai Yi possibly disappear from the world in such a crazed manner? He was not an extremely vicious person.

“Wow! Three months! Alright!” Old Liu immediately beamed with joy. Waiving a month’s rent was equivalent to saving a few pieces of silver.

He tactfully guaranteed, “I know nothing about what happened today! This bottle of ointment, it’s free of charge, Young Master Bai.”


Old Liu suddenly wanted to say something, but for a moment, he hesitated.

He gritted his teeth.

He said, “Young Master Bai, a few days ago, the Li Clan came to look for us again. The Li Clan asked us not to rent your shop anymore. They also said that if we don’t cooperate with them, they won’t be so polite to us next time.”

“Young Master Bai, we know that they are coming for you. They have been eyeing your shop for several years. We are all small businesses. We can’t afford to mess with them, and we can’t afford to offend the Li Clan.”

“Many people are already tempted to take their offer. For example, the couple who sells food, that Qiang Family who sells cloth…”

“Young Master Bai, don’t worry. I am a loyal person. I will support you all my heart!”

After listening to Old Liu’s reminder, Bai Yi did not show too much surprise.

It was not that he did not have trouble after transmigrating to this world.

His predecessor had left him with a lot of mess. The biggest mess was the conflict between his predecessor and the Li Clan.

The Li Clan was a famous family in Qinghe County.

It was said that it had been passed down for hundreds of years, and it was a family that specialized in business, so it had quite a lot of influence in the county.

They had their eyes on the shop that his predecessor had inherited.

His predecessor was very straightforward and also very rigid.

All the conditions that the Li Clan put forward were rejected by his predecessor.

This was the last thing his deceased parents left him. He felt that if he sold them, it would be unfilial.

However, the Li Clan was not happy about this. After all, the ten or so stores in his predecessor’s hands were all located in the Golden District of Qinghe County. The land was extremely expensive.

Therefore, the Li Clan began to take some improper measures, and it seemed to be getting more and more intense.

Until a year ago, Bai Yi transmigrated because his predecessor had accidentally drowned.

It was not that Bai Yi did not have conspiracy theories. Was his predecessor killed by the Li Clan? Would the people of the Li Clan be dumbfounded after he replaced his predecessor?

It was a pity that he did not have any evidence.

After coming back to Earth and seeing the mess left behind by his predecessor, Bai Yi had always been on guard against the Li Clan. Of course, he did not have the intention to sell the shop and let the Li Clan settle the matter peacefully.

After all, what if his predecessor was really killed by the Li Clan, and then the Li Clan found out that he was not completely killed…

They would make a move against him, right?

Even if he sold the store to the Li Clan, or even gave it to them for free…

If they were worried that his predecessor’s death would be exposed, they would finish the job. They would kill him again.

Then, what should he do?

He must be more vigilant…

It was necessary.

Old Liu was indeed a loyal person, daring to reveal such things to him.

One had to know that the other merchants who rented the stores were all mute.

It was as if they all wanted to keep Bai Yi in the dark.

Bai Yi was not particularly worried about the Li Clan, because there was a Holy Maiden from the Spirit Sword Sect simulating immortal cultivation for him. He could rely on Chen Qianxue to obtain a large number of rewards from the Immortal Cultivation Simulator.

Perhaps it would not take long for him to become an Immortal cultivator.

In this way, he did not need to be wary of the Li Clan.

If the other party dared to make a move, he would chop off their claws,

He picked up the bottle of ointment.

Bai Yi smiled and said to old Liu, “I understand, Old Liu. You should be careful, in case the Li Clan makes a move against you. For the sake of profit, those great clans don’t care about the laws of the imperial court.”

“I understand.” Old Liu nodded his head heavily.

Bai Yi left.

When he walked outside, he realized that Chen Qianxue had long disappeared.

He did not expect that he would meet his ‘human tool’ in such a manner.

He knew that Chen Qianxue was doubting him at the beginning. However, she did not know that the inner strength given by the simulator had been enhanced to a certain extent. It now looked and felt different from what Chen Qianxue had cultivated.

This difference caused doubts in Chen Qianxue’s mind.

It was a close call. He could not believe that he was tempted by the three Heart-cleansing Pills from Chen Qianxue!

He almost succumbed to the temptation of money.

What a shame!

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