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Godly Stay-Home Dad
Chapter 104
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“No, Mengmeng is not a piglet but PaPa is, humph! I don’t like PaPa.” Mengmeng said unwillingly. She, the little princess, loved beauty very much.

“Okay, okay,” Zhang Han chuckled and begged for mercy, “well, it’s dad’s fault. Mengmeng is not a piglet but dad is.”

“Ho ho, PaPa is a piglet…” Mengmeng waved her little arms jovially but felt something wrong after a few childish words. In the next breath, she said with a soft voice, “Handsome PaPa is not a piglet at all.”

“Your Papa is not a piglet, so who is?” Zhou Fei played with Mengmeng and asked simultaneously.

“You are. Aunty Feifei is a piglet. You lie here as soon as you finish the meal. You are lazy.” Mengmeng replied seriously.

Zhou Fei’s face was as hard as stone on the spot, as if a few black lines floated across her forehead.


“Haha…” Zi Yan and Zhang Li burst out laughing.

“Well, Mengmeng, Aunty Feifei doesn’t like you any more if you act in this way. Give you another chance to say, who is a piglet?” Zhou Fei stared at Mengmeng and asked with exaggerated expressions.

“Huh!” Not being afraid of Zhou Fei, Mengmeng burrowed into Zi Yan’s arms and said, “It’s Aunty Feifei, Aunty Feifei is exactly a piglet.”

“Fine, Let’s see how Aunty Piggy punishes you!” Zhou Fei’s arms played on Mengmeng’s body, provoking bursts of laughter in the house.

Although this restaurant was open for an hour, it took more than two hours for diners from queuing to leaving.

What was more, after several days’ preparation, people who came to eat almost have their own circles nowadays, which were set up for the establishment of Zhang Han’s restaurant. They sometimes came in groups and had a lot of communication groups named Mengmeng Restaurant Communication Group.

Most of the topics were focused on food. Therefore, the noodle soup newly appeared at noon, which was spread by the people who had eaten it, evoked a strong response.

Mainly due to the amount of milk, per capita consumption in the restaurant was over 1000 yuan. Many people drank more than three glasses of milk at every meal on account of small cups.

They were out of milk after a few swallows. It was definitely not enough to drink.

They also felt vigorous a whole daylong after eating in the restaurant, but due to the relatively high consumption, most people couldn’t come here for every meal.

The news of the noodle soup, like a hurricane, swept through the friend circles of these people, resulting in a large number of people being ready to come to the restaurant for a try. There were even quite a few people called their colleagues, classmates, and roommates who hadn’t eaten to go together.

All of a sudden, the restaurant seemed to usher in an extraordinary hot scene.

After the lunch break, Zhang Li and Zhou Fei volunteered to tidy up the upstairs, while the downstairs was cleaned by Zhao Feng and Zhao Dahu.

“Oh, PaPa, MaMa, aren’t we going to the Ocean Park?” Mengmeng suddenly thought of the journey she looked forward to all day, so she immediately sat up and asked with her clear wide eyes.

“Yes,” Zi Yan nodded her head slightly, took a look at the time and said, “We have rested up, so shall we go now?”

Zi Yan turned her eyes to Zhang Han, in a tone of inquiry, just like a well-behaved wife who was about to ask for her husband’s advice before going out.

At this time even Zi Yan didn’t know her attitude toward Zhang Han was quietly changing.

“So…” Zhang Han looked at Mengmeng with a smile, drew out the voice and said, “Go?”

“Ok, ok, let’s go, let’s go to Ocean Park, ho ho…” Mengmeng was really happy, keeping on jumping on the sofa.

So the family of three was going to go out to play, then the problems had arisen.

“Zhang Han, what do you think I should wear?” As Zi Yan walked towards the bedroom, the words came out of her mouth naturally.

“Whatever.” Zhang Han replied.

“Hum, you are perfunctory. If I am recognized, we would be surrounded. I have to make up first to simply disguise.” Zi Yan said with a snort.

“Make up?”

Zhang Han looked at the time, it was already two o’clock. He was afraid it was a waste of time for Zi Yan to make up.


Zhang Han stopped at the beginning of the sentence. He just wanted to say anyway no one knew her at present.

But Zhang Han thought if he said that, he must receive Zi Yan’s disdain. Hence, he added a turn and said, “All you have to do is to wear a hat.”

“Will that do?” Zi Yan hesitated to say.

In her mind, although she was not popular now, people knew her. It must be troublesome to be recognized.

“Well, I’ll make you up.”

Zhang Han thought of the useless copper coin. With the phantom copper coin, it would be easy to change Zi Yan’s appearance slightly in others’ eyes.

“You? Forget it.” Zi Yan shook her head, showing an expression that she didn’t believe in him at all.

“Are you kidding? How would he, a stalwart man make up?”

“Just a makeup.” Zhang Han rashly grabbed Zi Yan’s hand towards the bedroom.


Zi Yan was surprised at first, then her face flushed in a moment.

How bossy he was.

Zi Yan wanted to draw her hand back but did not act finally, allowing Zhang Han to pull her hand to walk towards the bedroom.

“Oh, oh, oh, what are you doing? Ah, you go to the bedroom to do bad things in the daytime, it’s too ashamed.” As soon as Zhou Fei went upstairs, she saw this scene and started to cry.

She now sincerely hoped that Zi Yan and Zhang Han could be together, not only because Zhang Han conquered her stomach, but also that was good for Mengmeng.

Zhou Fei was very fond of Mengmeng. Meanwhile, she considered that the more they contacted, the more they looked like a couple.

“Ho ho…” Zhang Li did not say anything but just covered her mouth and chuckled.

“They’re not doing bad things,” said Mengmeng as she bounced on the sofa, “PaPa is gonna make MaMa up.”

“Oh, oh!” Zhou Fei bantered in a voice dripping with sarcasm, “They have reached the level of makeup, how fast!”

Hearing the commotion behind, Zi Yan did not pay attention to it, even did not lift her head, because her face turned red with embarrassment. This charming look of Zi Yan was just as beautiful as a blooming flower.

After entering the bedroom, Zi Yan shut the door. But she immediately regretted doing this, it seemed that she and Zhang Han truly would do some shamefaced things in the bedroom.

The very thought made Zi Yan pull her hand back. She gave Zhang Han a stare with beautiful eyes and pouted, “It’s all your fault, they all make jokes of me!”

“So what?” Zhang Han did not know whether to laugh or cry.

He just wanted to make her up casually to save a little time, not doing anything else.

“Give me your cosmetic bag,” Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan’s some bashful appearance, funnily said, “I make you up simply and others will not recognize you. Let’s hurry up, or Mengmeng won’t have a good time.”

“How can you only take care of Mengmeng?” Zi Yan said sourly, intending to ask why he did not treat her like this, but she felt as if she had quarreled form jealousy with her daughter. Therefore, she quickly stopped talking and changed the topic.

“Hum… Do you, do you really know how to make up?”

“Why would I lie to you?” Zhang Han slightly shook his head and said, “Take the cosmetic bag, and you’ll know whether I can make up or not later.”

“All right.” Zi Yan responded with her lips pursed, then she turned to her suitcase to take out the cosmetic bag.

“Come and sit here,” said Zhang Han as he walked to the edge of the round bed and patted the mattress in front of him.

Zi Yan came and sat down sensibly, worrying about Zhang Han’s skill in the mind.

When Zhang Han got the cosmetic bag in this hand, he took out an eyebrow pencil. Zi Yan felt he might really know how to make up for his relatively regular posture.


As Zhang Han’s eyes swept over and his body got closer and closer to her, Zi Yan suddenly became nervous and only felt that her heart was leaping.

“So let’s get started, your face should come up a little bit.” Zhang Han reminded, holding the eyebrow pencil.

Zi Yan slightly twisted her lips and subconsciously moved her head closer. With the proximity of distance, Zi Yan could even feel Zhang Han’s breath.

Feeling a breath of male virility against her face for a moment, she could not help closing her eyes tensely. Her long eyelashes constantly trembled and anyone could see her tension at this time.

“Take it easy, don’t be nervous, it will be all right soon.”

Zhang Han said softly and gently lifted Zi Yan’s chin up with his left hand. At the same time, he let her face slightly raised.

They were face to face, and Zhang Han slightly froze when he looked at Zi Yan’s delicate face.

Looking from Zi Yan’s forehead, eyes, nose, and gradually to her soft lips, Zhang Han could not help thinking of the passion of that night, which led to an impulse to kiss her.

Zhang Han just looked at her for a while. Zi Yan gradually found something abnormal and slowly opened her big eyes.

When she discovered Zhang Han’s eyes focused on her red lips, her heart beat faster and she got more and more anxious.

“You, you start…”

Zi Yan reminded him with her voice as low as the mosquito, then closed her eyes promptly.

“Well… Okay, here I go.”

Zhang Han coughed softly and prepared to start.

While Zi Yan closed her eyes, she let out a tender and vague hum using her nose. Tension made her complexion more and more ruddy, which was so tempting.

“He, he wants to kiss me.”

At that moment, Zi Yan saw what he was thinking from Zhang Han’s eyes, that was why she was so nervous. In fact, there was a problem that she did not know how to deal with it, and she just felt a little giddy and confused.

“What should I do if he kisses me…”

“Should I say no? I can’t just accept it…”


Suddenly, she felt something touch her lips while she was letting her imagination run wild.

Zi Yan’s delicate body trembled in a twinkle with a tingling feeling welled up in her heart.

“He, he kissed me…”

Just as the thought was about to come up, something on her lips abruptly moved.

As the feeling of touch deepened, Zi Yan eventually knew what it was.

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