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Godly Stay-Home Dad
Chapter 2
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Suddenly, under the cheers and screams of the crowd, the two cars shot forward like lightning.

People ran to the electronic screens and watched the contest between the two cars from the point of view of the mid-air remote control aircraft.

“Elder brother Feng’s starting speed is so fast!”

“Of course. The two cars are not even on the same level.”

After all, elder brother Feng has the strength of a professional gamer. But for Zhang Han, he hasn’t touched a sportscar in five years, right?

From the screen, Liu Feng’s Ferrari was ten metres ahead of him after five seconds. Do not underestimate these ten metres.

In the first half of the winding road, the two cars drove through various fine drifts one after the other. As far as the mountain top, one could hear the sound of tires rubbing against the ground.

“Liu Feng is worthy of being the car king of Los Angeles. He has his own unique understanding and talent.

A bald middle-aged man in his middle age was in discussion. He was a professional sports car commentator. As he was talking, he suddenly exclaimed in surprise:

“Eh? Who would have thought that Zhang Han’s drifting was much better than Liu Feng’s. He truly has the ability to be proficient in terms of distance and strength! ”

From the camera, the speed and precision of the blue Ford Mustang was smoother than Ferrari’s.

Gradually, the distance between the two cars grew closer and closer. Seeing that the Mustang was about to overtake him, Ferrari began to sway from side to side, entering a sharp position.

This also slowed down the progress of the Mustang.

“Yes, Liu Feng’s skill is not bad. It’s just that he has to pay attention to the following long bend. If he is not careful, he will get overtaken.” The baldy stared at the screen and said.

The two cars followed one after the other into the long bend in the road. As they moved about, Liu Feng controlled the car, not allowing Zhang Han’s car to pass by.

After seeing this, the baldy praised, “Not bad, not bad. This move is very eye-catching.”

“That’s right, after all, he’s my elder brother Feng!”

“How can a trifling Zhang Han be a match for the elder brother Feng?”


“Next is a straight stretch of track, after which, they will reach the last and most difficult part of the road in the Mount Lang Xing, the nine curves and eighteen turns.” Next is a straight stretch of track, after which they will reach the last and most difficult part of the road in the Mount Lang Xing. The baldy stroked his chin as he spoke.

Sure enough, the two cars entered the straight runway and sped forward at full speed.

At this moment, a hint of a cold smile flashed across the eyes of the fatty who was standing in the corner.

At the same time, within the wild horse carriage, Zhang Han’s mouth had a similar smile.

“Sure enough, the brake system is malfunctioning?”

In his previous life, he was seriously injured while overturning the car at the bend of the road because he couldn’t slow down. The reason for this was all because of his former brother, Dong Hu.

A few years ago, he was a drifter who followed Zhang Han around due to luck. Although Zhang Han was young, he was still very kind to his little brother, and with his help, Dong Hu had managed to get a few jobs. He ran a used car shop, and had car houses in the Shang Jing. He had saved over five million, which made his life very comfortable.

But five years ago, when something happened to Zhang Han, he did not greet her at all. It was only a few days ago that he had hypocritically contacted her about their relationship.

“However… Actually, I don’t even intend to slow down! ”

Zhang Han laughed lightly.

Normally speaking, it would be difficult to drift without a brake, but there was no absolute in this world. Zhang Han’s precise control of his power could break this shackle.

At this time, Liu Feng still kept controlling the car to Zhang Han’s right until they reached the eighteen entrances of the Nine Winding Passage.

“You found that you can’t slow down?”

Liu Feng sneered, looking at the Ford that surpassed him, his eyes held a trace of anticipation for the destruction of the car.

On the other end, the people watching carefully on the screen gasped in shock!

“He’s not slowing down? Did he not want to live? If you are not careful, you will fall off a cliff! “The bald man frowned.

“Damn, isn’t Zhang Han too bold?”

“I think he really has lived enough!”

“If he died early, then so would he. He probably got over it too.”


In the corner at the back, the cute girl at Dong Hu’s feet, could only see the legs of the many people in front of her, but after hearing everyone’s ridicule towards Zhang Han, she started to cry as if she was wronged.

“Daddy …”

“Shut up! “Stop crying and I’ll hit you!”

Dong Hu glared and bellowed.

How could a three or four year old little girl understand so much? She cried even louder after being frightened by Dong Hu.

Dong Hu’s face was filled with anger, he raised his hand wanting to hit the little girl, but seeing that many people were looking at him from the side, Dong Hu retracted his hand and laughed awkwardly.

“What a cute girl.”

When a twenty year old woman saw the pitiful crying little princess, she couldn’t help but run over to console her.

“What!?” What did I see!? ”

At the front of the crowd, a cry of disbelief came from the bald man’s mouth.

The Ford didn’t slow down at all as it charged straight into the nine corners and the eighteen bends! The first curve was a semicircle, and the Mustang turned and crossed it with an ornate drift, not slowing down to the second curve.

The second curve was ninety degrees, and the third was a conical curve. Because the two curves were very close together, it was very difficult for them to fly out of the mountain at high speeds.

In everyone’s eyes, the Ford Mustang was still moving at full speed, just like a ghost chariot. It turned right around the second bend and entered the third.

“It’s over! This speed will not stop at all! ” The bald man sighed, pity in his eyes.

However, the scene that happened in the next moment made him widen his eyes.

He saw the Ford Mustang, which was speeding, spin at 360 degrees before it reached the third turn.

After the first turn, the car entered the bend. The second turn, the car crossed the conical bend. After the third turn, the car had already started moving towards the fourth turn!

“My, my god!”

“What kind of driving skill is this?” Three rounds and 360 degrees, how did he do it … ”

“He’s the first one to step into the Nine Winding Path and not slow down!”

“Zhang Han, he …wants to write a legend of the Mount Lang Xing? ”

Everyone was dumbstruck. They watched in amazement as the wild horses took beautiful turns, maintaining their full speed through all nine curves.

After turning a corner, the Ford Wildhorse was like a running wild beast, quickly advancing forward.

And at this time, Liu Feng’s Ferrari gave off a feeling as if it were a snail, and only then did it slowly make its way past the fourth bend.

A few minutes later, with a violent rumble, the Mustang pulled back onto the platform, still at full speed. At ten ornate 360 degrees, it stopped, facing the steep slope ahead.


Zhang Han got off the car and leaned against the door. His body was still sloppy and his hair was still messy, to the point that his movements were the same as before.

“7 minutes and 30 seconds, this is a terrifying record, unprecedented.” The bald man said in awe, “If he had also driven the Ferrari, the time would have shortened!”

“Mount Lang Xing’s fastest record is 10 minutes 20 seconds, right? Heavens, Zhang Han is too strong! ”

“If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it. Ah, the elder brother Feng would have lost to him.”


Everyone shook their heads and lamented, but Dong Hu’s expression was extremely ugly. When he turned his head and saw the little girl, who was crying and calling out ‘Daddy’, his expression changed into a smile. Then he picked up the little girl and walked towards Zhang Han.

“As expected of my elder brother Han, awesome!”

Dong Hu flattered.

“Heh, your car is still the best. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to win.” Zhang Han said with a light laugh.

“Daddy …”

At this time, the little princess in Dong Hu’s embrace struggled nonstop. Her voice was soft and there were still tears hanging from the corners of her eyes.

Zhang Han subconsciously held the Little Princess in his arms, let out a light laugh, and said:

“Beautiful girl, why do you call me Daddy?”

On the other hand, the little girl was tired from crying, and after standing there for a long time, she fell asleep in Zhang Han’s arms.

“Is this your daughter?” Zhang Han asked indifferently.

“How could I have such a cute daughter? Haha, elder brother Han, isn’t she your daughter?” Dong Hu said with a smile.

“How could I have a daughter?”

“Then I don’t know. In short, you’ve brought this little girl here, and she always calls you daddy. Didn’t you ask me to take care of her just now? Did you forget?” Dong Hu asked curiously.

My daughter?

Zhang Han’s eyes that were hidden under her bangs focused, a daughter had appeared out of nowhere, what was going on?

Before he could think much about it, Liu Feng’s Ferrari drove back after a series of explosions.

The car stopped by the side, and after a while, the pale Liu Feng got off.

He stared at Zhang Han with thirty percent shock and seventy percent resentment, and walked over with large strides.

At this moment, there was complete silence on the stage. Everyone’s gaze was fixated on that spot.

“Do you dare to have another match with me!?” Liu Feng said as he gnashed his teeth.

“Hehe, I have no interest in wasting my time with a defeated opponent.” Zhang Han smiled and said: “Hand over the car keys.”

Hearing that, Liu Feng’s eyes turned red, his right hand held the car key tightly as he said with hatred:

“We’ll have a match in a month!”

Judging from his posture, it was likely that he would not let Zhang Han go if he did not agree to it.

“Fine, fine, fine. Give me the car keys.” Zhang Han extended his hand.

Liu Feng placed the car keys angrily into Zhang Han’s hands, he had just bought a new car! At the first time it started running, it were courted by someone else.

Zhang Han carried the keys to the red Ferrari and put the little princess who was in his arms on the front seat. He started the car and drove for a hundred meters before stopping by the roadside, looking at the side of the road through the rearview mirror.

After the competition ended, the crowd left in small groups.

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