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Godly Stay-Home Dad
Chapter 30
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“Aoowoo……” Xiao Hei shook his big tongue, turned his body around and lied down on the floor.

After lying down on the floor and waited for Meng Meng to sit on his back, Xiao Hei started crawling forward. This time, Meng Meng did not slip to the side and began laughing happily.

Seeing that, Zhang Han smiled slightly. His expression was very gentle. This kind of life, wasn’t it what he had always yearned for?

After looking at Meng Meng for a while, Zhang Han began to start working.

Transplanting seedlings was simply planting the seedlings into the paddy field.

Zhang Han’s knowledge of growing crops was learned right before he was going to work on the paddy field. He knew about assembly line and also knew that the density for producing excellent quality rice was around 30cm x 20cm.

Thus, Zhang Han reckoned the distance and planted the seedlings into the paddy field one by one.

After 2 hours, the paddy field was filled with seedlings. It must be said that the professionalism of the seller was good. After asking Zhang Han about how big the paddy field was, the number of goods he packaged was just nice. Right now, only 4 or 5 more seedlings and the entire paddy field would be completely full.

After finishing with the paddy field, it was already about afternoon 1 pm.

Meng Meng’s energy was exuberant, she was still continuously running around the underbrush with Xiao Hei.

“Meng Meng, let’s go eat lunch first. After finish eating then we will come back here to play.”

Zhang Han used the water of the paddy field to wash his feet. Taking a look at his own body, he immediately didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

He forgot another matter, which was that he should have changed into another clothing for farm work. But after thinking about it, Zhang Han shook his head, it seems that he also did not have clothes to wear for farm work specially.

“Daddy, eh, what are we going to go eat? Meng Meng is currently still not hungry.”

Even though Meng Meng was already full of sweat, she still did not play enough with Xiao Hei.

It must be said that, Xiao Hei was truly a high-grade playmate, being able to play crazily with Meng Meng. When Meng Meng slipped down from his body, he would rush forward in a blink of an eye to act as a pad for Meng Meng. Afterward, Meng Meng would purposely slip down from his body or when she was not able to catch up to Xiao Hei, she would make herself fall down on the ground.

This truly made Xiao Hei extremely dazed. However, he also truly extremely likes to play with his little master.

“Let’s go, daddy bring you to go eat western food.”

Zhang Han tidied up simply, then walk over, carried Meng Meng and said with a smile.

“Western food? Oh…okay then. Then…then are we coming back to play after finish eating?” Meng Meng nodded her head obediently, then asked.

“En, we will come back to play after we finished eating.” Zhang Han smiled and kissed onto Meng Meng’s cheek.

“Aiyaya, it is all saliva.” Meng Meng stretched out her little palm and lightly wipe her cheek.

Actually, it was Meng Meng’s sweat. After being kissed by Zhang Han, the sweat stuck onto Meng Meng’s skin, making her felt ticklish.

“Meng Meng actually dislikes daddy already, daddy feels so sad.” Zhang Han curled his lips and feigned a broken-hearted expression.

“Hmmm, doesn’t dislike, Meng Meng doesn’t dislike.” Upon seeing that, Meng Meng hurriedly moved her cherry lips over and kissed a few times onto Zhang Han’s face, “Muack, muack, muack, Meng Meng would never dislike daddy.”


Zhang Han laughed out heartily without restraint. He felt that ever since he had the little princess, it seemed as if a sun had been hung up in the endless dark night, brightly lighting up the entire world.

The dark night was Zhang Han’s 500 years of loneliness, emptiness and other negative emotions, and Meng Meng was that bright sun which gentled his heart.

After driving for 20 minutes, they arrived at a western restaurant named ‘Bombana’ that was at Crescent Gulf. Entering into the restaurant, the decorations was gorgeous and even the waitresses were all tall and slim foreign female.

“Hello sir, welcome to Bombana, table for two?” (先生您好,欢迎来到餐厅,请问是两个人用餐吗?)

(If I put Chinese words with bracket at the back, it means the language is being spoken in English in the novel.)

A beautiful waitress walked up and said with fluent English.

“What are you saying? Do you know Chinese?” Zhang Han asked.

His English level was only grade 3 and a half. If someone was speaking English slower or spoke a simple sentence, Zhang Han would be able to understand. But if the person speaking English was speaking fast and all the sentence was stuck together, he would somewhat not be able to understand.

Just by chance, two local middle-aged males walked by. After they heard what Zhang Han said, there was a trace of a sneer in their gaze when they looked at Zhang Han.

“Just a look and I can tell that he is a mainlander. To speak English is a characteristic of this restaurant. Entering the restaurant without even understanding the rule, only mainlanders would be able to do this kind of thing.” One of the crew cut hairstyle middle-aged man used English to speak with his companion.

“Truly a disgrace.” His companion also used English and mumbled.

The both of them thought that Zhang Han was not able to understand what they were speaking about and spoke unrestrainedly. Even the beautiful waitress was able to clearly hear what they said. Hearing what they said, the waitress only smiled slightly.

Zhang Han did not understand what they were talking about, but the little fellow in his embrace understood!

With an angry face, Meng Meng pointed to the two males and said loudly with extremely fluent English, “You insects, don’t bark in front of me!”(你们这蝼蚁不要在本尊面前犬吠!)

When Meng Meng spoke, the expression of the two males froze and they quickly left with a somewhat red face.

Speaking badly about others in front of them and being heard by them was after all not any good thing. Also, locals like them felt that children who knew how to speak English were children who had underwent higher education and would look highly on them.

“What’s the matter Meng Meng?” Zhang Han asked with a smile.

“They are bad…bad guys. They are talking badly about daddy……” Meng Meng angrily told Zhang Han about what the two of them said about him.

Zhang Han stroke Meng Meng’s head and said with a faint smile,

“Meng Meng, those people, no matter how highly they think of themselves, they are but still insects, you don’t have to pay attention to them. Let’s go eat. Meng Meng is so powerful, to be able to speak English that well. When we are outside ordering food, daddy will have to depend on Meng Meng.”

“Really?’ Hearing that, Meng Meng immediately became happy, feeling that she finally had a chance to be useful in front of her daddy.

“Of course, Meng Meng you are the most powerful.” Zhang Han smiled and rubbed Meng Meng’s little cheek, causing the little princess to giggle and laugh.

In the end, with the help of Meng Meng’s translating, Zhang Han successfully ordered a relatively sumptuous western meal.

When eating the western food, Zhang Han pondered to himself in his heart, seems like I will have to take some time to learn other languages soon.

English, German, Franch, oppa, yamete, all of those, I have to learn it all.

How could mere languages be a problem for the renowned Hanyang Immortal Monarch?

After finish eating, Zhang Han brought Meng Meng back to Crescent Mountain.

Meng Meng continued playing on the underbrush with Xiao Hei, while Zhang Han began planting wheat and other crops.

Wheat was planted on a flat land. The process of planting wheat was to use a tool to sweep the soil to both sides, sprinkle the seeds, and then cover up the seeds. As for corn and soybean, both of them needed furrow. At the furrow, the seeds will be planted at the potruding area.

On Crescent Mountain, Zhang Han was doing farm work, Meng Meng and Xiao Hei was playing at the side, causing a comforting atmosphere to linger at this Paradise Land.

Imperial Entertainment Company, Zi Yan’s office.

“Big sister Yan.” Zhou Fei walked in from the outside and sighed as if she was relieved from a burden, then said,

“That witch gave you some face in the end. Although the team that will be shooting the MV is not really that good, but in any case, a team has at least been set up. The final refinement of the songs has also been finished.”

“Let’s go to the recording studio then. We will go shoot the MV after we finish with recording the songs in the next few days.” Zi Yan stood up and said.

“Big Sister Yan, there is no need to be this hurry right? You are also quite exhausted from those past few days, so how about we take a break this afternoon?” Zhou Fei raised her brow and said.

“No, we don’t have much time. I heard that Xu Ruoyu is already rushing her MV. After finish recording the MV, there is still a need for manufacturing and publicize. There is not much time. Also, I want to quickly finish with everything and properly accompany Meng Meng.” Zi Yan shook her head and said.

“Alright.” Zhou Fei curled her lips and said with an approving tone, “You should really properly accompany Meng Meng already, if not that little brat who has no conscience is going to be snatched away by Zhang Han. You see, when you didn’t allow Meng Meng to go out today, that Zhang Han just ignored and straightforwardly brought Meng Meng out. If this carries on, who knows what will happen?”

“Humph!” Zi Yan took the lead and walked out. On the way, she lightly snorted and said petulantly, “Tonight when I go back I want to have a talk with him. Not even a few days and the guest wants to act as the host, dream on!”

“Dream on! Hehe, tonight I will chase him out!” Zhou Fei had always been someone who loves watching shows and didn’t mind big troubles. Hearing Zi Yan’s words, she herself, on the contrary, had a smiling look.

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