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I Am A Prodigy
Chapter 14
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Chapter 14: Yielded

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“Lay on the bed. I’ll be treating you now,” said Ye Lingchen with carefree grace as he had completely disregarded Sister Lin’s hostility.

“What? You want me to lie… lie on the bed?” Sister Lin was slightly astonished.

“That’s right. How am I going to perform Tui Na on you if you don’t lie down?” Ye Lingchen answered in a well-justified manner.

“Yet… this is…” Sister Lin displayed a little woman-like behavior completely out of character as compared to her attitude earlier. She clenched her teeth. “If you’re a conman, I’ll never let you off!”

Ye Lingchen followed Sister Lin into a room. The entire room was tidy and everything was arranged in good order. There were not many things in the room. Only a bed, a wardrobe, and an office table with a laptop on it.

There was a scent in a room that was the same as the perfumed scent radiating from Sister Lin’s body. There was no doubt that this was Sister Lin’s room.

“Go ahead!” Sister Lin lay down and looked at Ye Lingchen with a fully cautious look in her eyes. She warned him, “Don’t just simply touch me anywhere you like. Also, you must stop when I order you to!”

Ye Lingchen nodded and walked to the side of the bed.

Ye Lingchen had no choice but to admit that Sister Lin took good care of herself truthfully. There was utterly no way to tell her age.

It was only that she was nervous at this very moment.

‘She’s so nervous. It can’t be that she is still unmarried right?’

Ye Lingchen pondered to himself. However, this was a highly possible scenario. It was not unusual for a successful woman like her to be wholeheartedly devoted to her job. She might have never been in a relationship, let alone being married.

A moment later, Ye Lingchen raised his hand and extended his left index finger to press onto the back of Sister Lin’s neck first.

At this very moment, it was apparent that Sister Lin was extremely nervous and her body was slightly tensed.

Ye Lingchen disregarded her but he began to massage the point with a solemn expression.

A wave of electric current-like numbness was produced along the Tui Na point.

She felt awkward at the beginning and found it hard to relax. However, she could gradually feel Ye Lingchen’s finger which seemed to be heating up. She felt as if the back of her neck was on fire. She felt a gush of warmness that drove away her excess coldness such that she shivered from the sensation.

“Another reason that causes spondylosis is the excess coldness inside the body. The excess coldness is hidden inside the human body and it is accumulated over a long time. One does not feel it on usual days but it will cause a lot of issues when too much has accumulated!” said Ye Lingchen while he was performing the massage.


Sister Lin scoffed dully. There was no way to tell if her scoff was due to disdain or approval. It was only that her current voice had completely lost its prior powerfulness. On the contrary, she sounded as if she was a spoiled child.

Meanwhile, Ye Lingchen changed his technique. He began to massage along the cervical vertebrae on the back of her neck slowly. His right hand was raised as well to perform Tui Na from bottom to top.

Sister Lin appeared to be even more nervous now. It felt as if Ye Lingchen’s hands carried a form of peculiar magic power. She felt like her entire body was electrocuted where he massaged. It felt incomparably numb to the point that she was rendered incapable of exerting the slightest ounce of strength. Moreover, the pressure points of the massage were exceedingly accurate. He was capable of pressing onto her blocked blood vessels at all times. The cells inside her entire body trembled and she could not stop it even if she wanted to.

“Be gentle…”

By the time Ye Lingchen pressed onto the center of her spine, Sister Lin could not help exclaiming about feeling a piercing pain over that area.

“You spend a lot of time on the computer on usual days. The blood vessels in this area are severely blocked. If this continues, you’ll be feeling dizzy as well. Please try to hold on,” said Ye Lingchen. He continued to massage that area without listening to her protests.

Spondylosis was already a commonly seen condition in this world. It could be said that everyone had it at some point in their lives. Sister Lin’s situation was only slightly better than Xiao Feifei.


Sister Lin held back with great effort.

“Sister Lin, how do you feel?” Xiao Feifei could not help feeling concerned for her. She had no idea what was the significance of Sister Lin’s symptoms.

“It’s nothing much. This is not that different from the spa treatment that we do. It’s numb and ticklish. Pretty much the same,” said Sister Lin stubbornly. She would not admit that Ye Lingchen’s massage was effective.

Ye Lingchen raised his eyebrows ever so slightly and cracked into a cunning smile. He began exerting more strength in his hands.

Sister Lin was stubborn and reluctant to admit her mistakes. He wanted to make her yield this time. Otherwise, she could pose a threat to him in the future!

A few minutes later, Sister Lin felt that the pain around that area had begun to reduce gradually and replaced by an exceedingly comfortable sensation.

The feeling was ineffable. It felt as if the meridians in that area were moving in such a way that she felt like her body was about to convulse. Theoretically, the feeling should be unpleasant but instead, she felt that it was extremely comfortable. She did not want it to end at all.

The feeling grew stronger and stronger as Ye Lingchen continued to massage further down. Moreover, it had spread to her entire body such that even her spirit and soul were shivering along.

“You can make a sound if you can’t stand it anymore. It will be even more effective that way,” reminded Ye Lingchen ‘kindly’.

Sister Lin clenched her teeth and refused to reply.

‘I can’t lose. I’ll never yield to him.’

Ye Lingchen disregarded her response but he focused on the task at hand to move her blocked blood vessels.


At a certain moment, Sister Lin finally could not refrain herself anymore but she moaned from the depths of her throat…

‘The chickens have come home to roost, the chickens have come home to roost!’

‘It’s just a massage, does it need to go so far as this?’

Xiao Feifei had begun to grow restless as she sat at the side. Sister Lin’s voice echoed into her ears and made her blush in embarrassment. She found that situation to be slightly uncomfortable for her.

She had never seen Sister Lin behave in such manner. She was not the same cold and arrogant woman she was on the usual days.

Xiao Feifei cautiously took a glance at Ye Lingchen. She could not help lowering her head. Nervousness crept onto her heart involuntarily as she became reminded that it was her turn next.

‘Should I reject the service, yet I find that I kind of look forward to it too. What should I do?”

“Ooo!” All of a sudden, Sister Lin’s body stiffened abruptly.

“The treatment has ended,” said Ye Lingchen.

“Sister Lin, how do you feel?” asked Xiao Feifei with a blushing face.

“Fine… I’m fine.” Sister Lin avoided Feifei’s gaze. Her body was almost slumping limply on the bed. She got up shakily. “I’m… I’m going to take a shower…”

She dared not even look toward Ye Lingchen. She was supposed to put Ye Lingchen on the spot yet she did not expect that she would embarrass herself in such manner.

Sister Lin fled the scene in disorder, leaving behind only Ye Lingchen and Xiao Feifei. The young man and woman gazed into the eyes of one another awkwardly.

The atmosphere in the room originally felt slightly cozy. At present, it was filled with a more intimate feeling.

“Be… be gentle when you’re performing the Tui Na manipulation. I can’t stand the pain…” said Xiao Feifei as she looked at Ye Lingchen with her blushing face.

“Sure.” Ye Lingchen nodded.

When Xiao Feifei laid herself on the bed before Ye Lingchen, Ye Lingchen’s forced calmness had also begun to melt away. Even though Sister Lin was beautiful, Ye Lingchen acknowledged that he was still capable of suppressing his desires. Xiao Feifei was already beyond what was describable as beautiful. She was just like a fairy maiden that had fallen into the mortal world. She was graceful, pure and exquisite.

There was only the sound of their breathing in that quiet room.

‘Medical practitioners must be as compassionate as the patient’s parents. I must control myself!’

Ye Lingchen had to remind himself of that constantly. He inhaled a deep breath. ‘A person capable of marrying a woman like this is definitely a winner in life!’ He exclaimed emotionally in his heart while he began to massage her cautiously.

“Mmm…” Xiao Feifei’s body was much more sensitive as compared to Sister Lin’s. She would moan aloud every once in a while.

Veins were popping out on Ye Lingchen’s forehead. His face flushed scarlet as if his brain was swelling up.

“Lady Xiao, please control yourself. Try not to make any sounds as best as you can.” Ye Lingchen kindly reminded her to ensure the safety of both parties.

Xiao Feifei shrank back a little and said in embarrassment, “Yet, I really can’t stand it anymore.”


Ye Lingchen’s hands trembled for a moment. He rubbed his nose hastily to check if he was having a nosebleed.

One hour later, Ye Lingchen left the villa in a shabby state. His entire person was drenched in sweat.

He patted his flushed burning cheeks. It was a high-risk job. This was absolutely a high-risk job!

Fortunately, he had a shocking amount of self-control. He was a gentleman of honor. Otherwise, something would surely happen.


His phone vibrated. Xiao Feifei transferred another 5000RMB to him with an attached message, [Thank you. I feel much better. I’ll make another appointment later! (joyous emoticon)]

The 5000RMB from this session combined with the 5000RMB deposit from earlier was equal to 10000RMB. He made 10000RMB in two hours. Even though it was a torturous process, the returns were quite impressive.

Ye Lingchen cracked into a smile. ‘It’s a profitable session. I’ll take it again if you make another appointment later! I’m not afraid of you!’

‘So what if it’s a high-risk job? I have no choice because I’m a doctor. Treating patients and saving people’s lives are my duties. I swear that I’m not doing this for the money!’

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