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I Am A Prodigy
Chapter 15
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Chapter 15: Master Grave

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After Xiao Feifei’s massage session had ended, Sister Lin hid in her room and refused to come out for some unknown reason. Ye Lingchen did not expect the huge celebrity Xiao Feifei to send him off personally either. So, he could only hail a taxi home.

Fortunately, he had just made a good amount of money recently. The taxi fare was nothing for him.

After he got into the taxi, Ye Lingchen had just noticed that there were a dozen unread messages in his Wechat app. These messages were all sent by the same friend.

‘Was it Leng Leng?’

Ye Lingchen frowned ever so slightly. He pondered for a moment before he remembered the friend’s identity.

[Y-God, are you there?]

[F*ck you, how dare you not reply me!]

[Are you running away for fear of punishment. Reply me now!]

Ye Lingchen was troubled. He could sense the other person’s rage across the screen.

After the few messages, it was estimated that Leng Leng could not be bothered to type out the messages anymore. She straightforwardly sent over voice clips instead.

Ye Lingchen pressed play after hesitating for a moment.

“B*st*rd. Speak to me!”

“It was your fault that you affected me so badly. You must pay your dues until the end! You’re not a man if you don’t reply to me!”

All these messages were sent over during the two hour period when he was engaged in the massage session. The newest message was sent ten minutes ago.

Ye Lingchen had a forced expression on his face as he looked at the phone. He wondered if he should reply to her.

“Young boy, have you been quarreling with your girlfriend?” Meanwhile, the taxi driver suddenly looked toward Ye Lingchen with a shady expression.

Ye Lingchen shook his head while smiling bitterly. “Uncle, there’s a misunderstanding. We are not…”

“There’s no need to explain anymore. Uncle understands all!” The uncle cast Ye Lingchen an understanding glance. “Uncle has been a person of your age before. I know!”

“Judging by this girl’s voice, I’m sure that she is quite pretty right? Judging by her tone, she cares about you very much too. Young boy, you must hold on to her!” The uncle continued to speak with sincere words and earnest wishes, “A man must be willing to take charge! It’s not that easy to find true love at this age!”

“There was a true love waiting for me right before myself once. I didn’t appreciate it and I only regretted after I had lost it. The most agonizing pain in this mortal world is but as such…” The uncle talked about the many vicissitudes of life. His gaze was filled with despair and sorrow. He exclaimed emotionally, “Young boy, don’t you follow the uncle’s old path huh!”


“Uncle, you were using a script from the movies earlier.” Ye Lingchen reminded kindly, “also, you seem to have jumped a red light there earlier…”

“What?!” The uncle had a drastic change of expression. He began to wallow in self-pity and became even more depressed…

It was hard to make the talkative uncle quiet down. Now that he had quieted down, Ye Lingchen looked toward his phone once again. He pondered for a moment before he typed, “I’m sorry. I was taking the college entrance examination.”

“You’ve replied finally! You’re taking the college entrance examination? You’re still so young?” Ye Lingchen was surprised at how soon the other person could reply.


“Hmph! I shall forgive you since you’re taking the college entrance examination!” Leng Leng replied arrogantly then she continued, “However, it’s your fault for affecting me so badly. You must help me to avenge myself!”

“What happened?” Ye Lingchen sent over an inquisitive emoticon.

Soon, Leng Leng sent over a long message comprised of many words.

So it turned out that there were circles in both the Dota world or the live streaming world. Leng Leng had a sweet voice, a beautiful face, and her arrogantly cold attitude. She was the topic of conversation in these two circles. However, she was pushed to the tip of the storm due to the four continuous defeat during the opening earlier. She became a target of banter for these people.

There was a large number of jesters and anti-fans that appeared on her Wechat page and she had even made it to Wechat’s hottest topics.

Just moments earlier, she was similarly ridiculed mercilessly by a gamer in Dota named ‘Loveletter’. To prove herself, Leng Leng proposed for a solo mode match against ‘Loveletter’. However, she was defeated badly in the end. This had resulted in even more people taunting at her so she came looking for Ye Lingchen.

Leng Leng described her situation like she was in a tragedy. As if she was abandoned by the entire world. On the other hand, all of this was started by the evildoer Ye Lingchen!

“What do you want me to do?” replied Ye Lingchen in slight embarrassment.

“Take me to immortal tier!” Leng Leng replied quickly. “They taunt me so I will fight my way to become the first in immortal tier. I want to smack them right in the face!”

“So you have so much confidence in me that I can do it?” asked Ye Lingchen.

“I don’t care. You must take me to become the first. Otherwise, I’ll never forgive you,” said Leng Leng ferociously.

“Sure. However, I’m not free today. Let’s do it tomorrow.” The college entrance examination had ended. Anyhow, Ye Lingchen was unoccupied so he agreed. Of course, live streaming could make him some money most importantly.

Dawn was just breaking the next day.

Xiao Feifei did not stay in bed anymore as opposed to her usual habit. Not only had she gotten up early, she felt refreshed and energized.

She walked to the front of a mirror habitually. She screamed out in surprise instantaneously after taking a glance of herself in the mirror.

“Sister Lin, Sister Lin…” Xiao Feifei was as excited as a little girl. She dashed to the front of Sister Lin in excitement. “Look, Sister Lin. My dark eye circles are gone and also, the pimples on my left cheek are gone too!”

As a popular celebrity, she paid a great deal of attention to maintain her complexion. Any little flaw on her face would riddle her with anxiety. She could only use makeup to conceal these flaws on the usual days. However, these flaws had all vanished just after a good night’s sleep!


In the next moment, Xiao Feifei gazed upon Sister Lin with a judgemental look in her eyes.

“Sister Lin, why do I feel like your skin is much more moisturized and the color of your face is turning pinker?” Xiao Feifei expressed her surprise as if she had just discovered a brand new continent.

“Really?” Sister Lin smiled. She had also discovered the changes to her complexion similarly when she woke up this morning.

“It seems like Ye Lingchen’s massage is truly effective. I have never felt as relaxed as I’ve been today before. I’ll be asking him to massage me frequently from now on!” exclaimed Xiao Feifei emotionally. However, she could not help blushing as soon as she thought about what Ye Lingchen did to herself yesterday. Her entire body felt limp.

At present, Ye Lingchen had already completed his routine cleanup.

As compared to the city where every inch of land was costly, the best part about living in a village was its space. Every house in the village had its own courtyard. There even two hundred acres of farmland stretched out in front of the courtyard. A river ran through the land, away from the crowdedness and noise of the city. The scene was as exquisite as a painting.

Ye Lingchen enjoyed the early morning very much. Droplets of dew accentuate the plants under the slightly dimmed sky. There was no artificial lighting and all sounds were hushed.

Ye Lingchen walked out to the back courtyard and assumed a stance before he began to train his Arhat Fist.

Arhat Fist was the rudimental fighting style of Shaolin Kungfu. Even though it was only a rudimentary fighting style but it was the foundation of Kungfu. It included a wide range of techniques including hand methods, kick methods, and et cetera.

Due to the presence of the Genius System, Ye Lingchen had utterly no need for a master’s guidance. He could achieve an accuracy of 100% for his Arhat Fist postures.

Arhat Fist was developed into 18 postures. Every posture required high physical endurance and tenacity. Ye Lingchen was already panting loudly after conducting the training for one round. He felt waves of soreness rippling through the muscles of his arms and legs. He felt as if his limbs were about to fall off.

“This technique truly deserves its reputation of being the orthodox Shaolin Kungfu’s teachings. It is much better at strengthening the body as compared to the aerobics in school.” Ye Lingchen was not surprised but joyous for the result. This had proven that Arhat Fist was truly effective in strengthening the body precisely.

After taking a shower, Ye Lingchen found that the fatigue had diminished. He felt refreshed and energized. His body felt as light as a sparrow. The effect was so obvious despite having only trained for 1 round. Perhaps, he could even become a martial art master if he were to continue training in such a manner.

“Buzz.” His phone vibrated.

It was from Leng Leng. “Y-God, are you awake. Let’s play!”

“So early? I thought you usually stream in the afternoon?”

“I can’t wait anymore. I’m asking you again, are you in?” It was apparent that Leng Leng could not resist the hunger anymore after being wronged for so long.


There was a Wanyoo Gaming Cafe that was located about 1 kilometer away from Ye Lingchen’s house. He ran at full speed all the way there. Ye Lingchen realized that he was only feeling shortness of breath but he did not even sweat at all.

Perhaps it was due to the end of the college entrance examination, the gaming cafe was already filled with people. The place was bubbling with noises and voices. The odor of cigarettes, alcohol, and sweat filled the place. Cursing voices were heard occasionally. The gaming atmosphere in this place was incomparably thick.

He found a corner seat and turned on the computer. He logged in to the game and found that Leng Leng was already waiting for him online.

“Y-God, you’re finally here,” said Leng Leng at once through the microphone.

“I’m sorry. Shall we matchmake now?” asked Ye Lingchen


During the matchmaking process, the fans that were subscribed to Y-God had also begun to enter the channel in succession. Even though there were only a few hundred people, but it did turn the live channel into a bustling room.

[Whoa. Y-God is online finally.]

[Y-God, here’s a friendly reminder to you. As a streamer, you’re gonna lose your fans if you’re so stubborn.]

[Haven’t you noticed yet? Y-God is going to gank up with Goddess Leng Leng. I sense an ominous premonition.]

[F*ck. I’m afraid that the Cold Goddess has already been degraded!]

“I’m sorry. I’ve been taking the college entrance examination for the past few days. Next, I’ll be taking you into the game through Shadow Fiend’s first-person view,” said Ye Lingchen in the live channel.

He chose the Shadow Fiend and entered the mid lane at once.

Three minutes later, Ye Lingchen took 1 point off the mid lane opponent’s HP at once. Eight minutes later, Ye Lingchen’s Shadow Fiend achieved Beyond Godlike so the opponent chose to log out from the game.

In the second round, the same situation occurred again. Ye Lingchen interacted and chatted with his teammates while he was playing the game. It was incomparably relaxing without even an ounce of stress.

After being MVP for five continuous rounds, he was only matched with slightly more powerful opponents without his notice. However, these opponents were still finished off with one blow by Ye Lingchen just as before. He was defeating all his opponents by complete suppression. Leng Leng followed Ye Lingchen all the way and enjoyed the feeling of doing nothing to win from the start to end.

He won a total of ten rounds continuously. The entire live channel was completely astir.

[That is too crazy right. How can he play the Shadow Fiend so powerfully?]

[For some unknown reason, it feels most satisfying when I watch Y-God playing games. Every control of his is executed smoothly to perfection. It feels like I’m watching a television series.]

[I agree with the person above. I feel just the same.]

[I feel like I’m learning a lot just by watching the streamer playing the game. However, I noticed that it’s utterly impossible to do when I try to utilize the technique on my own.]

[That is because your APM is too slow. The streamer’s APM is amazing!]

He had won a total of ten rounds and was voted MVP for all rounds. It was absolutely hardcore. Even the majority of professional gamers could not do that.

Leng Leng was more surprised than anybody else. She was well aware that there were skilled players in the game during all ten rounds. However, these skilled players were no different from noobs when fighting against Ye Lingchen. Most importantly, Ye Lingchen had been using only the Shadow Fiend from the beginning to the end!

Currently, Ye Lingchen’s hero Shadow Fiend accumulated a terrifying 3000 points. This had proven that he had already achieved professional-level control over the Shadow Fiend.

“Y-God, you’re truly abnormal!” Leng Leng condensed thousands and thousands of words into one sentence.

“Shall we continue?” asked Ye Lingchen.

“Go on!”

The eleventh round of matchmaking took a longer time than before. This had proven that the system had already categorized them as experts. They were going to fight against the experts in the expert league now.

Matchmaking process would usually take only a dozen seconds, but it took a total of two long minutes before they were matched. They entered the room. Ye Lingchen’s gaze swept past the players and landed on one of the ID’s in the opposing team.

It was Master Grave!

The name was overbearing and extravagant enough.

“That’s Love Letter,” said Leng Leng through her clenched teeth.

“He’s Love Letter?” Ye Lingchen remembered that Leng Leng told him about how she lost to Love Letter in solo mode.

“Hmm. you should be careful this round. He was a professional gamer in the past and very powerful!” said Leng Leng. Then, she continued and said, “Also, you must take me along and defeat him!”

[That’s Love Letter! The streamer has been matched to Love Letter. Heh-heh-heh, it’s going to be exciting!]

[Everyone, let’s make a bet. Who do you think will win?]

[That’s so exciting. Do you feel like you’re watching a blockbuster movie?]

[The popcorn has already been prepared. I’m going to sit and watch the streamer gets f*cked!]

[I think so too. I’m afraid that the streamer’s winning streak record is about to be broken.]

As he watched his live stream channel boiling over with excitement, Ye Lingchen could feel Love Letter’s powerful appeal as well. Then, his number of fans would soar if he could defeat Love Letter, right…?

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