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I Am A Prodigy
Chapter 16
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Chapter 16: Never Show Off One’s Talents And Capabilities

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Game joined!

“Coold, you’ve actually arrived at expert level so soon huh. You must be cheating, right?” At the start of the game, Master Grave began sending messages in the all-chat box in an extremely provocative tone.

“Love Letter, wait and see. I’m going to defeat you in this round,” replied Coold.

“You said that the previous time too,” continued Love Letter.

Coold refused to speak straightforwardly but she said to Ye Lingchen, “Y-God, this lad enjoys being disrespectful the most. Please help me to teach him a lesson and I’ll promise you one condition!”

‘Tee-hee! What am I hearing about promising one condition!’

‘Like any condition? Tee-hee.’

‘Coold Goddess, do you know that you’re trying to entice him into committing a crime?’


As soon as Coold’s words were spoken, a wave of howling voices broke out in her live channel instantaneously along with Ye Lingchen and Love Letter’s live channel.

‘Y-God, you must resist the temptation!’

‘Y-God, you must control yourself!’

‘Come on, big brother Love Letter. Don’t you watch helplessly as Coold Goddess gets ruined by the pig!’

‘Big brother Love Letter, guardian goddess, all is dependent on your decision!’

Love Letter suddenly felt like he was growing bigger and taller as he looked at his live channel because he was shouldering the holy duty of protecting the goddess’ virginity!

“Don’t worry, everyone. Y-God will never defeat me!” declared Love Letter to his teammates. Then, he realized that his declaration was still inadequate so he typed into the game’s chat box. ‘Y-God, come and fight against me for 300 rounds!’

‘Awesome! You truly deserve the reputation of being the almighty Love Letter. I’m here for your overbearing mannerisms!’

‘Big brother Love Letter is taking this seriously. This round is a sure-win!’

The corners of Ye Lingchen’s lips curled up ever so slightly. He pondered for a moment before he replied by typing out similarly. ‘There’s no need to go through the trouble. Five from you from the opposing team should come fight me at one go.’


‘F*ck, he’s arrogant!’

‘He’s ostentatious. How dare he shows off himself before Love Letter.’

‘A moment of joy in showing off, end up struck by lightning from the sky!’

Ye Lingchen’s arrogance elevated the atmosphere of the live channel to its climax once again. The game had not started yet there was already evidence of an argument about to happen.

Ye Lingchen disregarded the rest of the matters and chose Shadow Fiend before he continued to take the mid lane.

Coold chose the Sacred Warrior while Love Letter chose the Bounty Hunter. The rest of the people chose the heroes of their choice separately. The experts were treating the game more seriously than usual.

The Invoker relied on auto attack mode mainly. There was no need of especially powerful skills in controlling the hero but the player’s flank timing and leeching ability.

The Bounty Hunter was different. It had an invisible ability that was exceedingly sneaky and required the player’s precise control. It was absolutely capable of affecting the entire battle situation if the player was skilled. Love Letter’s confidence in winning this round was clearly displayed.

Carl the Invoker was on the same lane as Ye Lingchen. Perhaps it was due to his knowledge of Ye Lingchen’s impressive gaming skills, he was sneaky. He would not give Ye Lingchen any chance to kill him and he was exceedingly skilled in last-hitting. He was an opponent with a very sturdy foundation.

Ye Lingchen immediately changed his strategy as soon as he realized he did not stand a chance to kill the opponent. He began to use Shadowraze to clear off the lane creeps so he could kill all the opposing team’s creeps.

The act of controlling the lane creeps should be given primary importance in last-hitting. Ye Lingchen’s action immediately drawn in the doubts of his teammates.

“I’m going to teach everyone a skill to control the Shadow Fiend.” said Ye Lingchen calmly as he was confronted with doubt. Next, he left the mid lane and entered the jungle.

After launching an attack at the neutral creeps, he returned to the lane once again. The opposing team’s lane creeps caught up just in time at the moment. Ye Lingchen controlled the Shadow Fiend to advance and used his Shadowraze to clear off the creeps just as before.

‘What is the streamer trying to do there? Why would he launch just one attack at the neutral creeps?’

‘He’s been pushing the creeps toward the opposing side all this time. On the contrary, he stops himself from accumulating experience as a result. He’s a f*cking fool.’

‘The opposing side is hiding under the tower to last hit. Don’t enjoy this too much, alright.’

‘A new skill? You must be bluffing. The streamer is too arrogant now…’

The fans in his live channel were all confused just as before. However, Ye Lingchen did not bother to explain but he played in loops according to his procedure.

Every single person was playing the game solemnly in this round. No one was killed for a full 5 minutes. In the midst of the calmness, there was a suffocating sensation akin to the calm before the storm.

“First blood!”

“Master Grave killed Coold-V!”

In the sixth minute, the first blood was spilled. Love Letter had actually killed Coold to everyone’s surprise.

“Double kill!”

“Master Grave killed Unyielding King!”

It was a double kill surprisingly!

In the next moment, Love Letter typed a question mark into the game chat box to mock the opposing team.

The situation turned unfavorable in an instant. It was apparent that Coold’s lane had collapsed.

“Y-God, come to the bot lane to help me with killing Love Letter. He’s too powerful.” Coold could not refrain herself from seeking Ye Lingchen’s help.

“He has invisibility. I’ll be led by the nose if I go over now. It’s a waste of time,” replied Ye Lingchen in a very straightforward manner.

“What should I do then?” muttered Coold unwillingly.

“Come over to my side,” said Ye Lingchen.

Coold was stunned ever so slightly. She had just respawned so she walked over to Shadow Fiend’s side dubiously.

“Your rank is too low. Follow me to accumulate some experience.” Ye Lingchen walked toward the jungle.

“I thought that I’m already rubbing off your experience by doing this?” asked Coold in puzzlement. However, she found that she was speechless soon. Her mouth was gaping because she was dumbstruck with astonishment.

‘What the h*ll! What the h*ck is that?’

‘Is that real? Why are there so many neutral creeps in his jungle?’

‘M*th*rf*ck*r. There are so many neutral creeps that I can feel a tingle on my scalp just by looking at it.’

‘I’m just going to say it. In the initial stage, so many of these neutral creeps are enough to kill any hero.’

‘Have you seen Coold’s expression. She was so surprised she couldn’t even close her mouth. Hah-hah-hah…’

‘Stop laughing, the person above me. I can’t close my mouth either…’

“How, how did you do that?” Coold drew in a cold breath.

The area that was supposed to contain only a few neutral creeps had actually refreshed and spawned over twenty neutral creeps now. It was exceedingly creepy-looking.

Ye Lingchen smiled. “Everyone knows that a new wave of neutral creeps is spawned every minute. As a result, I will only need to lure in the neutral creeps into their territory then a new wave of neutral creeps will be spawned again over here.”

“I chose the right timing earlier so I can lure the neutral creeps out of their territory after launching an attack at them.”

‘My dearie. That’s impressive. How come I never thought of that before in the past.’

‘How much experience and money has he invested into the game to become such an expert! He has hit the jackpot!’

“The Shadow Fiend has the Shadowraze ability that inflicts ranged damage. As a result, it’s capable of clearing off the neutral creeps quickly. Learning how to jungling is good for earning additional gold and experience!” Ye Lingchen found a suitable angle to unleash the Shadowraze while he was explaining to his fans.

A total of five waves of neutral creeps were cleared off quickly. Ye Lingchen and Coold had increased by one rank simultaneously. Moreover, Ye Lingchen’s gold had also increased close to 2000 at one go!


‘The streamer truly deserves his reputation of being a streamer. I’ve learned something today.’

‘I’m eager to try it out. I want to play a round with the hero Shadow Fiend too.’

‘The streamer makes playing Shadow Fiend looks easy.’

“Killing spree.”

“Master Grave killed Unyielding King! Master Grave is on a killing spree!”

At the same time, Love Letter began killing at the bot lane once again. The situation remained tense just as before.

“Alright, almost there.”

Ye Lingchen spoke indifferently. He had not purchased any armor or attribute-boosting item but he chose the Blink Dagger. It was an item capable of allowing him to leap across a certain distance.

He took a glance at the bot lane and noticed that two-thirds of Gondar the Bounty Hunter’s HP bar was still full after killing others.

Ye Lingchen did not procrastinate but he teleported to the bot lane at once. Love Letter seemed to have sensed danger. He bored into the jungle by the side and vanished from everyone’s sight.

Ye Lingchen did not hesitate but he followed after Love Letter to enter the jungle.

“Be careful, Y-God. Bounty Hunter is skilled in invisibility. It’s useless for you to go after him. On the contrary, you might expose yourself,” reminded Coold.

However, Ye Lingchen disregarded her. He strolled around the jungle as if he was a fool. He walked to the left and swayed to the right.

“Y-God, what are you doing? Don’t act on impulse!” Coold had panicked. Ye Lingchen was obviously in the process of seeking doom.

At the same time, an arrogant-looking youth sitting in front of his computer with his legs crossed was seen in Love Letter’s live channel. He was watching the Shadow Fiend in the computer’s screen.

“Hah-hah-hah. Brothers and sisters, Y-God doesn’t seem to be that impressive huh! He doesn’t even know that I’m strolling right in front of him. La-la-la…”

He turned on invisibility and lingered by Shadow Fiend’s side as he waited for his teammates to gather so they could kill Shadow Fiend.

The Shadow Fiend was already a dead man in his eyes.

He could not help humming a joyful tune at the thought of his plan.

However, Shadow Fiend that was still walking left and right originally suddenly raised its hand and blasted Shadowraze (Near)!

The pitch-black effect of Shadow Fiend’s ability covered its entire body. Shadow Fiend’s HP reduced by half instantaneously. The Blink Dagger was seen shimmering and Shadow Field had already leapt to the other spot even before Love Letter had reacted to the situation. Shadow Fiend turned around gracefully and casted second Shadowraze spell on the same spot once again.

“Y-God ended Master Grave’s killing spree!”

A sentence appeared on the screen. It made Love Letter sank into a dumbfounded state. He could not believe that he had already died.

‘Ugh, this feels bad…’

‘F*ck, what happened? How did Shadow Fiend know that Bounty Hunter was there?’

‘He’s a noob, absolutely a noob. He must have cheated!’

‘F*ck*r is shameless for cheating!’

Love Letter’s live channel was flooded with cursing and scolding voices at once. The atmosphere was completely different from Coold and Ye Lingchen’s live channels. Their live channels was completely astir. Their screens were flooded with people praising them because these people were aware that Ye Lingchen did not cheated.

‘Y-God is awesome. How did he do that?’

‘Could it be that this is the legendary male instincts?’

‘He diminished Love Letter’s arrogance as soon as he made an appearance. That’s so cooollll…’

“Due to Love Letter’s pride, I’m sure that he won’t be returning to his lane instantly. He would be strolling around my side after noticing that I had entered the jungle.” Ye Lingchen explain before Coold could even ask, “I was strolling around the jungle earlier in an attempt to lure in Love Letter. It was during that precise moment when I sensed the Shadow Fiend tilting ever so slightly when it was walking!”

“Even though Bounty Hunter was capable of turning invisible but I could still touch him. Shadow Fiend’s tilting body was enough to prove that I bumped into Bounty Hunter moments ago!”

“F*ck*ng impressive…’

‘He deserves the reputation of being a god. His observation skills are superb.’

‘Big brother, please take my loyalty.’

‘Good job, Y-God!” Coold praised aloud. Soon afterward, she typed a question mark into the game chat box proudly and considered that as an appropriate reply to Love Letter’s mockery earlier.

“Sh*t. The game has not ended yet.” Love Letter smoked a cigarette deeply and remembered God-Y’s ID.

Next, it was apparent that the opposing team had begun to fear that Shadow Fiend. They would avoid it at all costs during every encounter. Despite that, the Shadow Fiend still managed to kill three opponents while Love Letter had only managed to come out to leech occasionally by relying on his invisibility. He had already killed nine opponents.

However, Love Letter had apparently neglected Ye Lingchen’s ability to earn gold in the game. Shadow Fiend was already equipped with items at the moment. He was even displaying his wealth by purchasing a Gem of True Sight from the main shop. He began to gather up his teammates and pushed at the other team.

Gem of True Sight: grants the ability to see invisible units.

This way, Bounty Hunter’s invisibility was rendered useless. He was confronted by the threatening group of five opponents in addition to the Shadow Fiend with superb burst damage. Love Letter typed the word ‘GG’ unwillingly before he logged out from the game soon after.

“Oh-oh-oh. Y-God. You’re awesome!” Coold’s face was flushed from the excitement. “I’m ranked higher than Love Letter for my immortal tier now!”

“Heh-heh.” Ye Lingchen smiled humbly. He would never show off his talents and capabilities…

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