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I Am A Prodigy
Chapter 17
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Chapter 17: The Feast

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With the help of Leng Leng and Love Letter’s popularity, Ye Lingchen’s live channel already had 10000 views. In addition to his amazing gaming skills and commentary, he had also accumulated 2500RMB worth of reward from his patrons!

‘F*ck. I made 2500RMB through 2 live streaming sessions and 10000 through 2 hours of massage sessions. Since when is making money such an easy task.’

He thanked his patrons’ rewards as he clicked the withdraw button in preparation to withdraw the money from his reward.


Ye Lingchen frowned ever so slightly. He found that there was no way he could withdraw the money.

He sent out a Wechat message. “Leng Leng, why can’t I withdraw the money in my reward?”

“You haven’t signed the contract, right? You can only withdraw the money after signing the contract.”

Ye Lingchen felt slightly speechless. “Sign the contract? How do I do that?”

“It’s a simple procedure. I’m acquainted with someone from iHuyu’s management. I can help you to apply for a high tier privilege contract.” Leng Leng was very enthusiastic. “An ordinary contract will grant you a split of 40% and 60% between streamer and the platform. The streamer takes 40% and the platform takes 60%. On the other hand, the contract that I can help you to apply will grant you a 60% 40% split. Moreover, you will be bound by fewer terms if you take the high tier contract.”

Ye Lingchen was tempted because the 20% was still extra money for him!

“So how do I apply for that?”

“That’s none of your business. I’ll help you to contact them naturally. However, the 1 condition that I owe it to you is considered fulfilled in return.” Leng Leng finally expressed her purpose.

“Sure, no problem.” Ye Lingchen smiled. He felt that the situation was beneficial for him regardless.

At the same time, Leng Leng cracked into a fox-like cunning smile on her live channel.

Ye Lingchen’s gaming skills and performance would draw in iHuyu’s management level sooner or later. It was not that difficult for him to be offered a high tier privilege contract. She had nothing much to do but only to pass on a message. She felt like she had the potential to become a dishonest salesman because of her success in exchanging for a condition with such a simple matter.

‘Have you all seen that Cold Goddess is actually smiling to herself.’

‘F*ck. This is obviously a smile of someone falling in love!’

‘I think that it’s still a one-sided love for Cold Goddess just by looking with my eyes. This is scary, scary…’

It was getting late so Ye Lingchen left the gaming cafe. He found a shaved noodle house nearby to have his dinner then he jogged his way back to his house soon afterward.

For a period of time that followed, Ye Lingchen enjoyed the leisurely time of the summer holidays. He would practice one round of Arhat Fist early every morning upon waking up, then he would head to the library nearby and read some books that interested him to increase his proficiency level. He spent his afternoons engaging in live streaming with Leng Leng and also carried out massage sessions with Xiao Feifei occasionally.

Arhat Fist was a martial art that focused on external built. Ye Lingchen’s originally flabby muscles began to firm and bulk up. He could clearly sense that he was getting stronger. He could only practice one round of Arhat Fist in the past yet he was capable of practicing two rounds now.

With the passing of time, it was getting closer and closer to the announcement of the college entrance examination results. The parents were growing anxious while the students that had given up on studying originally had also become worried.

“Dad, mom, there’s no need to worry about this. I’m going to score well in this examination.” Ye Lingchen attempted to calm his anxious parents.

“What is the standard of your so-called score well? Is it going to be a second or third-tier university?” Ye Jin glared at Ye Lingchen then he heaved a sigh heavily soon afterward.

Xu Zhen rubbed Ye Lingchen’s head. “Lingchen, Hu Zi from our village has already found out about his examination result in advance. He has already laid out a feast in preparation to treat everyone in the village to a grand meal.”

“I thought the college entrance examination result is coming out tomorrow?” said Ye Lingchen in astonishment. He remembered that Hu Zi was in the same examination hall as he was.

“His family member sought help from someone in the Ministry of Education to check for him. He scored 616 points and he is going to attend a first-tier university without a doubt,” said Xu Zhen.

Ye Lingchen nodded upon realization. No wonder his parents were in a bad mood after seeing someone else’s child getting good results.

He did not elaborate further but he was waiting for his results to be announced tomorrow so he could give his parents a surprise.

“Let’s pack up, we are about to go over,” said Xu Zhen.

“Both of you should go, I’m not going.” Upon saying that, Ye Jin put on his long coat and headed out at once. His departing silhouette was tainted with a tinge of bitterness and loneliness.

It was not a huge village. Xu Zhen and Ye Lingchen arrived at Hu Zi’s house after taking a walk for 10 minutes.

Currently, a huge red canopy was already propped up right in front of Hu Zi’s house. There were a dozen tables placed under the canopy. The family members bustled about with great delight. Some of them were preparing the food while some were busy setting up the utensils. A few villagers would go over to congratulate them every once in a while.

Hu Zi’s mother, Xiao Mei was grinning widely as she welcomed the guests. Hu Zi stood with his head held high akin to a triumphant general by his mother’s side. His face was filled with joy and pride.

Xu Zhen pulled along Ye Lingchen to walk over to them.

“Congratulations, Xiao Mei. Hu Zi scored so well in the examination. You’ve finally made it in life,” congratulated Xu Zhen.

“Hah-hah-hah. The examination is not too difficult this time. We still don’t know which university is going to accept him still,” said Xiao Mei humbly.

Someone from the side immediately chimed in and said, “Xiao Mei, you’re too humble. Anyone knows that the examination papers from this year are much harder than the previous years. Hu Zi is certainly going to get accepted into a key university with his score.”

“How did your son Hu Zi check his score? Can you please help to check on my child’s too?”

“Mine too. My son Er Gou was predicted to score 600 points based on the previous examination, I wonder if it’s true?”

Many parents wished to find out about their children’s examination results eagerly. Xu Zhen pulled along Ye Lingchen as they retreated in silence. They found a table and took a seat.

Meanwhile, an exquisite silhouette was seen walking over from the distance. It was Zhang Yunxi. She was dressed in a casual sports top today and a pair of light blue jeans. She was not dressed up meticulously yet she exuded shocking natural and plain beauty.

“Yunxi, over here.” The two tables in the corner were already fully seated. It was apparent that those were all students.

Zhang Yunxi paused for a moment. Her gaze swept past the scene and found Ye Lingchen. Her beautiful eyes brightened for a moment upon noticing Ye Lingchen. She waved her hand at the two tables before she took quick strides to sit by Ye Lingchen’s side.

“Ye Lingchen, where have you been? I tried to meet you on a few occasions but you were not around,” said Zhang Yunxi through her pouted lips as if she was grumbling.

“I have some matters to attend to.” Ye Lingchen smiled awkwardly. There were the library, gaming cafe, and also Xiao Feifei’s villa. He was fully occupied every day and as a result, he was not at home on most days.

“I haven’t thanked you properly for the incident the other day. I was about to treat you to a meal you see,” said Zhang Yunxi.

“There’s no need to treat me. Moreover, you’ve already treated me to a meal before,” said Ye Lingchen smilingly.

“That’s different. That’s also because you helped previously. In that case, you’ve helped me twice.” Zhang Yunxi stuck out her tongue in embarrassment.

“Are those your schoolmates over there?” said Ye Lingchen out of curiosity. He could sense the countless gaze filled with hostility in their eyes at the very moment Zhang Yunxi sat down by his side.

“That’s right. Hu Zi is my classmate. He has invited all the students in our class this time,” explained Zhang Yunxi.

Zhang Yunxi sized Ye Lingchen up and down secretly and discovered that even though Ye Lingchen had not changed much in his appearance but his eyes seemed to turn brighter and determined than before. His entire body exuded a vague sense of potency that made her feel secure. Her heart was beating loudly in her chest.

At the same time, a dozen pairs of eyes were staring at Zhang Yunxi. Their gaze dimmed gloomily after seeing Zhang Yunxi enjoying herself chatting with Ye Lingchen.

“F*ck, who is that boy? Who is he to sit with the most beautiful girl in our class?”

“Could it be that they are childhood friends? He doesn’t look that attractive either!”

“Hu Zi, come here. Who is that?”

Hu Zi looked at Ye Lingchen. The corners of his lips curved into a contemptuous arc. “He is the most classic slacker student in our village. I heard that he comes last in every examination.”

“Which school is he from?” said a tall and huge handsome boy with a frown.

“Rugao No.3 High School. That school is full of slacker students that are way below our No.1 High School,” said Hu Zi smilingly.

“I heard that the total number of students made it to first-tier universities from the entire No.3 High School is less than one of our classes! Hah-hah-hah…”

“These slacker students are destined not to be in the same world as we do. He will never be able to covet for Yunxi even more!” said the tall and huge handsome boy. Then, he began walking toward Zhang Yunxi’s direction.

The rest of the students gazed into the eyes of one another as well before they followed after him in a haste.

Chu Hao was an influential figure in Rugao No.1 High School. Together with Zhang Yunxi, he was known as the golden boy and jade girl of the school. Either one of them would come first in the entire school during examinations. Moreover, Chu Hao came from a rather wealthy family. His family owned a small factory. His intention to pursue Zhang Yunxi’s affection was not a secret at all…

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