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I Am A Prodigy
Chapter 18
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Chapter 18: Check Points

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Yunxi.” Chu Hao took the liberty to walk over and sat by Zhang Yunxi’s side. The rest of the students sitting at the two tables joined them as well.

“Chu Hao, why are you sitting here?” asked Zhang Yunxi.

“We’re all classmates. Since you have a friend sitting over here, we should get acquainted with one another.” Chu Hao chuckled then looked toward Ye Lingchen and asked, “this is…?”

“His name is Ye Lingchen and he’s a friend of mine,” introduced Zhang Yunxi.

“Your friend doesn’t look familiar, he’s not from our No.1 High School right?” asked Chu Hao.

“I’m from the No.3 High School,” said Ye Lingchen frankly.

“So it turns out that you’re a top scorer from No.3 High School. Forgive me for not recognizing you!” Chu Hao strongly emphasized the word ‘top scorer’ then he continued speaking, “I heard that the No.3 High School is quite chaotic with all sorts of students. I’ve never been there despite being in Rugao City for so many years. I feel bad.”

“It is a chaotic place. I heard that half of the students at No.3 High School are hooligans!” someone chimed in.

Ye Lingchen pursed his lips but he did not join in the conversation either. It seemed like these newcomers were not on friendly terms.

Frankly, No.3 High School took in slacker students with bad academic performance. It could be said that the students in this school were abandoned academically. The majority of the students were just there to slack their way until they graduated from high school.

“Yunxi and I are going to apply for the University of Nanking. I wonder which university are you going to apply to?” asked Chu Hao.

“I’ll see which university is suitable for me when the time comes,” said Ye Lingchen calmly.

“Heh-heh. It seems like you’re very confident in your examination results.” Chu Hao was amused by Ye Lingchen’s self-conceited confidence because he thought he could simply choose to apply to any university he liked. Chu Hao could not refrain himself from saying mockingly, “you must be doing pretty well in your studies on usual days since you’re so confident.”

“Pretty well my *ss! He is considered a rather well-known student in No.3 High School too. He came last in almost every examination.” Hu Zi came forward and said, “Moreover, I took the examination with him in the same hall. He hadn’t spent more than an hour to complete the examination of any subject. How will he score well in the examination?”


Everyone looked toward Ye Lingchen with despise and realized that he did not even bother to deny that.

Regardless of whether he knew how to answer the questions, he should wait until the examination had ended before he left at the very least. It was obvious that Ye Lingchen was irresponsible and gave up on himself already!

Since this was the case, Ye Lingchen still had the boldness to remain calm. He had no shame at all, while Xu Zhen looked awkward and ashamed.

“Hah-hah-hah, impressive, impressive. I’m incapable of doing that even when my wish is to score well enough to enter a tier one university. Brother Ye is considered a talented man too!” Chu Hao laughed aloud. He said in a generous manner, “scoring well in an examination is nothing much really. Brother Ye can still look for a job even if you don’t get accepted into a university. My uncle owns a garage. I can introduce you to him. You can be an apprentice there and make 5000RMB a month after probation!”

Every single person there was shocked. They changed the way they looked at Chu Hao all of a sudden. They could not help feeling like they wanted to curry favor and make friends with him. Very few people in this village could make 5000RMB a month in this entire village. Moreover, they would still need to work elsewhere all year long in order to earn that much. Chu Hao’s offer was as attractive as a free lunch fallen from heaven.

What was the reason behind parents’ motivation to send their children to university, was it not to provide their children with better career opportunities?

Ye Lingchen’s expression remained unchanged despite being given such a lucrative offer. He said indifferently, “it’s okay.”

“Brother Ye, I understand that you’re a proud man. This is my uncle’s business card. You can give him a call when you come to your senses.” Chu Hao passed him a business card. “My uncle’s garage is huge. Could it be that his offer is not attractive enough for you? Many university undergraduates seek employment from him after graduation too!”

Ye Lingchen did not extend his hand to receive the card.

However, a pair of hands stretched out from someone behind him and took the business rapidly. It was a woman leading a burly-looking boy. She was all smiles after receiving the business card. “Boss, this is my son Da Niu. He is from No.3 High School and he is a hardworking person. Please see if you can make some arrangements for him.”

Chu Hao darted Ye Lingchen a look proudly. “Since someone has rejected the offer, we can take your son naturally. All of you are fellow villagers of Yunxi so we’re all friends. I’ll try my best to help if I can for sure!”

“Thank you, boss. Thank you, boss.” The woman smiled as bright as a flower. Then, she said to Xu Zhen, “Sister Zhen, thank you for your son’s willingness to decline such a precious offer so that I can have it.”

Xu Zhen smiled bitterly.

Next, the feast was served. However, it was apparent that Chu Hao became the focal topic of the conversation. Every single person was discussing about him in private. They wanted their children to befriend him.

“Da Niu, go over and toast to the boss.” The woman told her son, “Do a good job in his place from now on, okay?”

“We’re all friends. You’re welcome,” said Chu Hao while laughing.

Zhang Yunxi’s mother tugged at her sleeve and said softly, “Yunxi, keep your distance from Ye Lingchen from now on. What can a hooligan from No.3 High School do in life? I think that Chu Hao is quite impressive. He is a fine-looking young man that is very dependable. He’s so successful at such a young age!”

“Mother, Lingchen is not a hooligan. He has helped me many times,” Zhang Yunxi could not help saying.

“What does a young girl like you know? He is so shameless. He can’t be a good person, even if he is not a hooligan. It’s best to keep your distance, alright?”

Ye Lingchen noticed that Xu Zhen did not seem to have an appetite. He picked up some food with his chopsticks for her. “Mother, have some.”

“You should eat, mom is not hungry.” It was apparent that Xu Zhen had no appetite. She almost did not pick up her chopsticks at all. She had a look as if she was planning to leave as soon as possible.

“Mom, I’m going to score very well in this college entrance examination. Don’t worry about it.” Ye Lingchen assured his mother. However, it was apparent that Xu Zhen did not seem to believe him. She was more aware of Ye Lingchen’s academic performance more than anybody else.

“Mom, look.” Noticing that his assurance was ineffective, Ye Lingchen took out his phone and turned on his Wechat app. He pointed to the balance of 30000RMB on his screen. “This is the money that I earned recently.”

The money was earned from his massage session for Xiao Feifei. Even though he would be having a nosebleed from her sexiness, Ye Lingchen was duty-bound as a professional trying to treat his patient!

“How did you get so much money?” said Xu Zhen nervously with a slight change of expression.

“I earn it. It is definitely earned honestly. There’s no need for you to worry really. Your son is a big boy already! I can support myself from now on,” said Ye Lingchen to Xu Zhen with a smile.

“Hmm, that’s my good son.” Xu Zhen looked at Ye Lingchen with gentle motherly love. “Don’t just keep taking food for mom, you should eat too.”

“Buzz buzz buzz.”

Meanwhile, Chu Hao’s phone vibrated loudly.

“Hello, dad!”

“Son, I’ve already assigned someone to check for your college entrance examination results. I’m going to tell you now, note it down.”

“Sure, dad.”

“Chinese 120 points, mathematics 140 points, English 125 points, science comprehensive ability 275 points. Your total score is 660 points.”

“Hmm hmm, alright. I’m having dinner with my friends now. I’m going to hang up now, alright.”

“Whoa, Chu Hao. you’re great. You got 660 points. You won’t be having any problems getting accepted into the University of Nanking for sure!” Everyone cast an envious look at him.

“What a waste that I didn’t do well in Engish. I made a mistake in even the most basic grammar multiple-choice questions. Otherwise, I’ll be more secure,” said Chu Hao with a sigh.

“Hah-hah-hah. Stop being pretentious. The cut-off point for the University of Nanking is only about 650 usually. This year’s examination is tougher so you’re in a good place with your score.”

“Chu Hao, can you please ask your father to check for me as well?” asked someone anxiously.

“Small matter. Let me make a call and give me your candidate number,” said Chu Hao casually.

“Your father is truly capable. My candidate number is 1****.”

“Me too.”

“Please help to check for me.”

Other than his classmates, some people from the village had also gathered around him as well.

“Wang Hao, your total score is 620 points. Not bad, you did pretty well.”

“Han Yu, your total score is 600 points. You may be able to get into a tier one university.”

Those that requested for Chu Hao’s help to check for them were the more confident students. It turned into a cheerful scene at once.

“Yunxi, shall I help you to check as well?” Chu Hao looked toward Zhang Yunxi.

“Uh… there’s no need for that, I think.” Zhang Yunxi was slightly hesitant. “Anyhow we will find out tomorrow.”

“Why not? The earlier you know, the more you’ll be at ease.” Zhang Yunxi’s mother hastily said, “my daughter’s candidate number is 1****.”

“Chinese 130 points, mathematics 125 points, English 130 points, science comprehensive ability 269 points. The total score is 659 points.”

“Yunxi, you’ll certainly be able to get into the University of Nanking with your score. We’re going to be classmates again,” said Chu Hao.

“She’s a girl after all. She didn’t do that well in her mathematics and science comprehensive ability.” Zhang Yunxi’s mother could not help saying.

“The mathematics examination is made up by a professor from a well-known university. As a result, it is very tough. It’s already very impressive to score 125 points.” Chu Hao continued to speak, “My father said that there are less than 200 people that score 130 points and above in mathematics for the entire district!”

“Wow, Chu Hao. You scored 140 points for mathematics. You’re simply unbelievable!”

“That’s right. I bet you have the highest score in the entire district. How did you do it?”

Chu Hao smiled. “In truth, mathematics is the mutual change of different models. You will only need to practice more on usual days and familiarize yourself with different types of models and formulas to have the ability to utilize the knowledge properly. It’s not that hard to score 140 points this way.”

He was displeased when he realized that Ye Lingchen was unconcerned. He continued to speak, “As compared to my score, I find that Brother Ye’s score is even more impressive. I heard that he has actually scored 0 points for his English examination. It is a true master’s feat not being able to score even 1 correct answer in hundreds of multiple choice questions!”

“Brother Ye, why don’t I teach you a method. Next time, place your answer sheet on the ground and stamp it with your foot twice. Fill in the answer according to the shape of your footprint. Perhaps, you’ll be able to score much higher points.”

The insult did not trigger any changes to Ye Lingchen’s expression at all. Ye Lingchen answered in a carefree manner, “is it very impressive to score 140 points? You can do it just by leaving the answer to the final question blank, right?”

His calm voice sounded especially irritating in the ears of the people at this very moment. Everyone was stunned from astonishment then they shifted their gaze upon Ye Lingchen who was still enjoying the feast.

“Was it you who said those words earlier?” asked Chu Hao as if he could not believe his ears.

“That’s me.”

“Heh. I was just thinking to myself who could say such senseless words. I’m not surprised that it came from you.” Chu Hao scoffed in disdain. “Only an ignorant person will think that it’s a simple matter.”

“Chu Hao, why do you bother to argue with the likes of him. I think that he has never scored 50 points in his mathematics examination before,” mocked Hu Zi.

Zhang Yunxi’s mother tugged at Zhang Yunxi from the side. “Yunxi, you’ve seen that too. Ye Lingchen is just a boy who enjoys speaking faster than he can think. Chu Hao is trying to help him to get a job yet he is constantly picking a quarrel with Chu Hao. He has a bad temperament! Good thing is that you are about to leave for university soon. Don’t keep in touch with a person like him anymore from now on, okay?”

On the other side, a woman seated next to Xu Zhen as well. She shook her head and said, “Sister Zhen, your boy is too egotistical. It’s fine that he is not doing well academically. A person will need to have good emotional quotient when he enters society. A nobleman is right before him yet he has the audacity to offend the nobleman. I’m concerned about his future!”

The villagers shook their heads in disapproval. It was a pity that Ye Jin was a doctor that saved people’s lives and he was considered a rather powerful figure in the entire village. What a waste that his son did not take after him. How did he raise a son like this, perhaps his son would end up causing more embarrassment to the family in the future!

“Chu Hao, perhaps Ye Lingchen is doing very well in the examination since he has the boldness to speak such bold words. Why don’t you help me to check his score too,” suggested Hu Zi.

“Good idea.” Chu Hao nodded. “Ye Lingchen, tell me your candidate number.”

“There’s no need to trouble you. I shall find out tomorrow naturally.” Ye Lingchen shook his head and found that he was getting bored. “Mom, let’s go home.”

His reaction made him appear as if he was fleeing cravenly in the eyes of the villagers.

“Why is he in such a hurry to leave? We’re just going to check his results for a moment.” Hu Zi chuckled. “I took a photo of Ye Lingchen’s candidate number conveniently in the examination hall. Since he won’t tell us, we shall help him to check then!”

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