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I Am A Prodigy
Chapter 2
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Chapter 2: Way To Make Money

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Ye Lingchen’s actions drew in everyone’s attention naturally.

“He is truly bold enough to answer, surprisingly.”

“F*ck me. That’s impressive. I’m only capable of writing down the word ‘solved’. He has won in the word count section at the very least.”

“He’s just pretending. I bet that he’s about to blindly write down and use the formula that he knows.”

Originally, Asura Li was already close to the brink of an emotional outburst. He was only waiting to vent his pent up anger as soon as Ye Lingchen made a mistake. However, he was stupefied when he saw the content written on the blackboard. His lips twitched but he could not even utter a word.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Only the sound of Ye Lingchen writing on the blackboard could be heard in the entire classroom.

Formulas appeared out of thin air in succession as Ye Lingchen’s chalk kept writing. There were some commonly-used as well as unconventional formulas learned from freshman year until senior year. Lingchen utilized them with such proficiency and he was capable of stringing up the different formulas to perfection.

The dregs of the class would naturally not be able to understand the process of solving the problem. There were only the minority of straight-A students in the class that were fully astonished by his performance. In their eyes, it felt as if the question seemed to have come alive in Ye Lingchen’s hands. So it turned out that these formulas could be utilized in such a manner; so it turned out that it was necessary to use this formula in this question.

Fatty Zhang looked at Ye Lingchen in astonishment as if Ye Lingchen’s entire body shimmered with radiance. Even though Fatty Zhang had no idea what was happening, Ye Lingchen appeared to be a formidable person.

At last, the answer of ‘d=2’ was unveiled perfectly.

“He solved it surprisingly. Is the answer truly equal to 2?”

“F*ck. Is that for real? I can feel that my view of the world is on the brink of collapse.”

“That can’t be, right. Could it be that Ye Lingchen is truly a hidden straight-A student?”

“Could it be that his ability to score 0 in every examination is utterly not depended on his luck but his capability!”

Every single person was dumbstruck with amazement. Ye Lingchen’s performance triggered a great disturbance in their minds as they broke out in an uproar.

“Quiet down!” Asura Li glared with his ferocious eyes to suppress every person’s restless emotions. “Do not disturb Student Ye Lingchen from solving the problem!”

‘The answer is out, isn’t it. How is the problem unsolved yet?’

The people looked up. Their eyes were widened so much such that their eyeballs were almost rolling out of their eye sockets. Ye Lingchen was using a second method to solve the problem now to everyone’s surprise!

Ye Lingchen had changed his perspective and was utilizing another type of formula and method this time. He wielded his writing tool energetically.

His speed was even swifter than the previous attempt this time. Similarly, the answer was d=2.

Ye Lingchen remained holding on to the chalk in his hand despite demonstrating the application of two methods. He stood in front of the blackboard as if he was lost in thought.

In the next moment, he wrote the number ‘3’ next to the second method.

There was a third… third method?

Asura Li found that he was breathing quicker now. He was in way bigger shock compared to the students of the entire class.

It could be said that this particular problem was a combination of all the difficult parts in high school. One would need to utilize some unconventional formulas to solve it. Some parts had even surpassed the high school syllabus. However, Ye Lingchen was capable of solving the problem by utilizing all the learned knowledge proficiently. Asura Li found that he was ashamed of his inferiority to Ye Lingchen’s capability despite being a teacher.

Asura Li’s pupils constricted abruptly for a moment upon seeing the third method. It felt just like he was seeing a brand new universe. He could not help muttering aloud from the corner of his mouth, “So it turns out that the problem can be solved this way.”

Impressive. Ye Lingchen’s third method was to solve the problem by drawing a diagram!

It was simple yet effective. One could directly perceive that the answer to this problem was 2 just by looking at the diagram.

“Sorcerer, he’s a sorcerer!”

Asura Li felt like he had lost his soul. He wished that he could throw himself upon the blackboard for he felt like he was supposed to be the student while Ye Lingchen was the teacher.

“Sigh. It won’t fit on the blackboard anymore.” Ye Lingchen heaved a sigh softly, only then he placed down the chalk.

‘Could it be that he still has a fourth method to solve the problem?’

Several students covered their mouths in amazement and were close to tears.

Such an abnormal prodigy actually existed in this world. There was no one to blame but the injustice of heaven!

“Ye Lingchen’s problem-solving process is extremely perfect. All three of his methods are flawlessly excellent. Take note and learn from this, everyone.” Asura Li praised Ye Lingchen’s performance ferociously, followed by patting Ye Lingchen’s shoulder. His prior fierceness had vanished without a trace and was replaced with kindness and gratitude. “You have truly proven yourself to be a student of mine. You’re impressive! From this day on, you’re allowed to not to pay attention in my lesson as long as you don’t disrupt the other students from learning.”

Ye Lingchen walked back to his seat calmly under the watchful eyes of every person in the room. Fatty Zhang was already dumbstruck with bewilderment earlier. He mouthed the word ‘you’re f*cking lit’ to Ye Lingchen.

Ye Lingchen brushed his shoulders off gracefully as if his earlier accomplishment was nothing. He exchanged the mathematics textbook on his table with an English textbook and began flipping through the pages at full speed.

He was rifling through the pages so swiftly in a manner that was utterly unlike reading a book. However, the rest of the people revealed an enlightened expression one after another upon seeing Ye Lingchen’s mannerisms. Perhaps, this was the difference between a prodigy and the rest of the ordinary people.

‘Self-studying English textbook. English Proficiency +1.’

‘Self-studying English textbook. English Proficiency +1.’

Ring ding ding!

At the bell ringing of the final lesson, a day of learning had come to an end. Every student was packing up their bags in an orderly manner as they prepared to go home.

“Tell me, Fatty Zhang. What’s the best way to make money now?” asked Ye Lingchen.

“Make money?” Fatty Zhang looked at Ye Lingchen in astonishment. “We are still separated from making money by a college qualification. If you’re having money problems, I can lend you some.”

“Sh*t. Who says that a person can’t make money without attending college.” Ye Lingchen pursed his lips. “This is the time to compete against the others based on one’s capabilities. Frankly speaking, do you know the best way to make money?”

“So you’re really keen on making money?” Fatty Zhang’s chubby face contorted into a frown. “You’re right too. Since you’re so excellent in your studies, there’s no need for you to learn anymore naturally.”

He paused for a moment before he continued, “It’s live streaming!”

“Live streaming?” Ye Lingchen was lost in thought.

“That’s right, live streaming is the way! I heard that it’s normal for those streamers to make an annual income of over one million. You can utilize the internet to make good money!” Fatty Zhang was filled with enthusiasm as well as a tinge of envy. “You can also take up novel writing. It will increase your popularity while simultaneously make you money.”

One would need to accumulate the skills and experience needed in writing a novel over a long period and the process could not be rushed. Ye Lingchen crossed off the idea at once. “So you were saying something about live streaming?”

“You’re not a woman so you can’t sell your beauty, the best thing for you to do is to live stream yourself playing games!” Fatty Zhang explained his analysis. “Just like DotA, LoL, PUBG, and others. There are thousands of fans for these live streams!”

“However, you’ve never played video games before. This is going to be a tough path for you possibly,” added Fatty Zhang conveniently.

Ye Lingchen patted Fatty Zhang’s shoulder. “I got it, thanks.”

The college entrance examination was approaching. The school did not impose on the students to self-study at night to prevent overstressing the students. Ye Lingchen headed straight for the traditional Chinese medicine hospital after class.

“Dad, are you busy today?” Ye Lingchen walked into the hospital’s administration office casually and placed his bag on the table.

Ye Jin straightened his glasses. “I have to attend a surgery tonight. You’re going to stay in my office and perform self-study.”

‘He has to attend a surgery just as expected.’

Ye Lingchen pursed his lips. His father’s answer was the same every single time.

Ye Jin was a resident doctor in the traditional Chinese medicine hospital. He spent his day bustling about in the hospital. Perhaps it was due to his guilt for not spending enough time with his son Ye Lingchen, he had never penalized Ye Lingchen’s poor performance in examinations. His only request was for Ye Lingchen to come over to the hospital after school to perform self-study every day.

Ye Lingchen pulled out a chair and took a seat. He did not retrieve any textbooks for learning but he looked around the room. In the end, he fixed his glance upon the thick medical books on the table.

There were ‘Compendium of Materia Medica’, ‘Invaluable Prescriptions for Ready Reference’, ‘Anatomy and Physiology’.

He heard from his father that the hospital would distribute medical-related books to its staff every once in a while so that the staff could learn and update their knowledge. As for whether his father had read it, he had no idea.

Ye Lingchen picked up one of the books casually and began to rifle through the pages.

‘Self-studying Compendium of Materia Medica, Traditional Chinese Medicine Proficiency +1.’

‘Self-studying Compendium of Materia Medica, Traditional Chinese Medicine Proficiency +1.’

‘Self-studying Compendium of Materia Medica, Traditional Chinese Medicine Proficiency +1.’

Rows upon rows of words emerged in Ye Lingchen’s mind that were repeatedly updated without stop. One of the blackened skill blocks was unlocked and began to display his newly-learned medical skills. “Proficiency level: 10% and is increasing continuously.”

Half an hour later, Ye Jin stood up and found Ye Lingchen was actually reading the medical books with interest. He heaved a sigh softly. “Stay here and cover my duty shift. I’ll be attending to just a minor surgery today so I’ll be out in about two hours.”

Ye Lingchen nodded casually as he continued reading the medical book in his hands. He was frowning ever so slightly as if he was deep in thought.

“Oh right. I would like to remind you that it’s fine to read the book but don’t ever try to practice it on others carelessly. Rule #1 in medicine is that it’s best to stay out of performing a procedure without having full certainty!” said Ye Jin in an incomparably solemn tone.

Ye Jin was well aware of Ye Lingchen’s temperament. Ye Lingchen would land himself in deep trouble if he were to simply exercise his medical practice and treat patients at random after reading the books.

‘Receiving doctor’s guidance in medical ethics. Traditional Chinese Medicine Proficiency +10.’

‘Receiving doctor’s guidance in medical ethics. Traditional Chinese Medicine Proficiency +10.’

‘What the f*ck, I’ll be d*mned.”

Ye Lingchen had a drastic change in the way he viewed his father.

Ye Lingchen had only shifted his gaze back to the Compendium of Materia Medica once again after Ye Jin left the room. He found that his proficiency level was no longer increasing.

‘So it turns out that there is a limit to how far my proficiency level grows if I remain reading the same book, just like I’ve expected.’

Ye Lingchen pondered for a moment before he picked up the ‘Invaluable Prescriptions for Ready Reference’. His proficiency level began to grow once again.

It was well within his expectation that the growth of his proficiency level was limited if he were to remain reading the same book. After all, the content of an entire profession could not possibly fit into one book. Following the growth of his proficiency level, he estimated that there would be lesser books that could increase his proficiency level. In the end, the only way he could continue to increase his proficiency level was by seeking guidance from the masters.

Ye Lingchen chose to suppress these thoughts for the time being but his gaze had shifted to the computer on his father’s desk.

‘Live streaming huh. Why don’t I give it a try now…’

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