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I Am A Prodigy
Chapter 3
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Chapter 3: World’s Biggest Noob

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ye Lingchen remained skeptical toward the idea of making good money from live streaming.

However, his skepticism did not stop him from trying it out. It was a good opportunity to test out the Prodigy System.

One should know his father was a doctor in the traditional Chinese Medicine hospital where he would frequently perform surgeries on his patients. His father got up early and would come home late yet he was only making a little over twenty thousand a month. His mother was just an ordinary salesperson. She worked diligently and conscientiously but she was only making sixty to seventy thousand a year.

What did a streamer do to make more money than them?

Ye Lingchen turned on the computer and searched for the key points of becoming a streamer. Next, he downloaded the iHuyu streaming platform as well as DotAgaming client.

He chose DotA because it was the number one ranked multiplayer online battle arena game. Moreover, according to the fans of the game, DotA was praised for its overall complexity and production quality as compared to LoL. As a result, the video game was more attractive to fans.

The connection speed in the hospital was fast. It had only taken fifteen minutes to complete the download. Ye Lingchen registered for an account in iHuyu and logged into the game. He paused for a moment when it was time to come up with a username. In the end, he typed in the words ‘Y-God’ in a series of tapping sounds.

Y was the first alphabet of his last name.

Since he was granted the Prodigy System, he would need to express his overbearingness naturally. He refused to lose out on his overbearingness at the very least.

Then… The player matchmaking process began!

The game user interface jumped one after another before finally settling on the loading page.

The loading page was a magnificent sight. All sorts of heroes from different races were snarling and hissing as they fought one another.

The page loaded for over one minute before he finally entered the game!

The screen appeared to be slightly dimmed initially. There were three rows of taverns on the screen. The player was supposed to pick a hero from any of the three taverns.

“Fuck, that’s Cold. Is that really Cold?”

Someone from his team typed out those words.

“Coold Goddess, please guide us!” Someone else followed suit and said that soon afterward.

In the next moment, a row of red words was displayed. It was typed by someone from the opposing team, “Coold Goddess, please show mercy to us!”

“I’ve watched the live stream and I can confirm that this is the Coold Goddess. I can die without regrets now that I’ve been beaten by the Coold Goddess.”

“Coold Goddess, please punish me gently.”

Ye Lingchen had just noticed that there was a person in his team named ‘Cold-V’ in his team. It seemed like the person could be a streamer too. Moreover, he reckoned that this person was an extremely popular streamer whose gender should be female. Could she be a beautiful maiden?

Finally, ‘Cold-V’ responded in an arrogantly cold yet confident manner, “We can win this round if we fight the battle well, players. I’m playing solo today. Thanks for working together with me, players.”

Cold’s words immediately increased the morale of Ye Lingchen’s team. The players confirmed their triumph one after another as if they were injected with chicken blood. There was only Ye Lingchen that remained silent all along because he knew that their team may not necessarily win due to his presence.

In the next moment, the team players typed out the word ‘-random’ in succession so that they could be randomly assigned with a hero each.

At the same time, a beautiful woman with a slightly cold and arrogant look was seated in front of the live streaming camera with a microphone attached to her ear. “Hello, everyone. I’m Cold. For this episode, I’ll be playing a solo unranked match in DotA. There’s nothing surprising in the first round, we’re just going to torture the noobs into a defeat.”

[Hah-hah-hah. It’s a delight to see these noobs fighting against one another.]

[Coold Goddess’ voice is so sweet. I think my ears are pregnant.]

[Sorry, I’m not here to watch a solo unranked match. I’m just here to see a beautiful lady live streaming.]

[You’re the best, Coold Goddess. Beat the opposing team. There’s no need to make small talk, start claiming the rewards.]

However, it was during this very moment when a row of words saying ‘Y-God has chosen Shadow Fiend’ popped out abruptly from the lower-left corner of the game interface.

[F*ck, someone actually chose Shadow Fiend?]

[We’re doomed. Coold is off to a bad start. Nine out of ten Shadow Fiends are sh*t and the remaining one is ultrash*t!]

[The person is calling himself ‘Y-God’. What an overbearing name and he is daring enough to choose Shadow Fiend. He must be a pro! Coold Goddess is going to win this round effortlessly.]

The appearance of Shadow Fiend caused an uproar in Coold’s live channel. It had become a brand new topic of mockery.

Shadow Fiend could be described as the most good-looking hero in DotA. It was pitch black in appearance and it was shrouded with an overpowering aura. In addition, it possessed abilities that could inflict superb burst damage which could be easily targeted by others. As a result, it was rare for a player to choose the Shadow Fiend unless the player was a pro.

This was because a person would certainly make himself a target of the opposing team as soon as he chose to be the Shadow Fiend.

There was a saying in the DotA world – a battle can be lost but the Shadow Fiend must die!

As a new player, Ye Lingchen was unaware of Shadow Fiend’s abilities. He had only chosen the Shadow Fiend after learning that the hero could draw in fans’ attention easily.

Ye Lingchen selected Shadow Fiend’s first ability known as Shadowraze before he chose to claim the mid lane.

The hero matched to Ye Lingchen was Lion, the Demon Witch.

The player’s username was ‘Bloodspiller Sword’.

Ye Lingchen decided that he would familiarize himself with his abilities first.

Ye Lingchen was completely clueless about this game so he chose to unleash an ability at once.

This allowed Ye Lingchen to experience the requirements needed to exercise control over the Shadow Fiend. Ye Lingchen’s all three Shadowraze spells missed such that he did not even manage to hurt the opponent’s hair.

Fortunately, there was not a single viewer on his channel at the moment. Ye Lingchen continued to lane shamelessly and calmly.

Five seconds later.

“First blood!”

“Bloodspiller Sword killed Y-God!”

Ye Lingchen’s Shadow Fiend roared in rage unwillingly. He just became someone else’s first kill.

Coold frowned ever so slightly. The battle had just begun for one minute and the Shadow Fiend in Mid lane from her team had already become someone’s first kill?

“Don’t panic. It was only one blood. We can still win this round.” said Coold encouragingly in her channel.

However, a notification regarding the killing of Shadow Fiend was heard once again before her voice died away.

Soon afterward, notifications from the mid lane came continuously.

“Killing spree!”

“Bloodspiller Sword killed Y-God!”


“Bloodspiller Sword killed Y-God!”

“Mega kill.”

“Bloodspiller Sword killed Y-God!”

Upon receiving the notifications continuously, even Cold was becoming less calm. She began to hit call madly in the game. “Shadow Fiend, it’s okay to act a little craven if you don’t know how to play. Don’t linger. We can win this round.”

Shortly after. “Unstoppable.”

“Bloodspiller Sword killed Y-God!”

Ye Lingchen took a glance at the MMR Leaderboard and found that Lion had already leveled up to 7 stars while Shadow Fiend remained on 1 star as before.

[F*ck. The Shadow Fiend must be an actor!]

[The giveaway is quite terrible. What a swine. How dare he do this to Coold Goddess.]

[Why is he still playing the d*mn game when all he does is cultivate the opposing team’s mid lane!]

[Why is there such a noob person in this person. The crucial point is that how is he not embarrassed to give himself such an overbearing name?]

[Moreover, he is daring enough to choose the Shadow Fiend. So terrifying, much horrifying.]

Coold’s channel immediately broke out in uproar. The viewers began to console the goddess one by one.

In the game that followed, the opposing team was leading the mid lane at once. Coold continued to put up stiff resistance but she did not manage to turn the tide at last. Ten minutes later, it was game over.

Coold sat in front of the live stream with a blank look on her face. She was supposed to torture the noob players yet who would have thought that she would be entrapped by the world’s biggest noob.

The first round of solo matches had ended in failure.

She was off to a bad start.

“Forget about it. We shall win in the next round.” Coold inhaled a deep breath and suppressed her impulse to scold Ye Lingchen. She proceeded to engage in the second round of a solo match.

However, her mood was completely ruined when she saw the name that appeared on the game panel. ‘Y-God’ appeared in her teammate list once again to her surprise.

‘Oh my god. Why is his presence lingering like a haunting ghost huh?!’

Despite Coold’s effort to maintain her composure as a streamer, her face dimmed involuntarily.

The second round of battle began!

As Coold’s fixated gaze filled with despair, a familiar sentence leapt out onto the screen calmly. ‘Y-God has chosen Shadow Fiend.’

“Shadow Fiend, stop giving yourself away for nothing. I’ll claim the mid lane in this round. We can win.” Coold took the lead to claim the mid lane first this time before she typed in those words soon after.

Ye Lingchen did not utter a word but he took the top lane obediently.

After experiencing the first round of battle, Ye Lingchen discovered that the increase of proficiency level in a game was different from reading a book.

For example, his proficiency level grew by 1 after playing the role of Shadow Fiend in the game and unleashed Shadow Fiend’s ability. His gaming proficiency level increased correspondingly after he was killed by Lion’s different abilities every time. However, this had resulted in relatively slow growth for his proficiency level.

After a full round of battle, his proficiency level had only increased by 8% as he remained a noob.

It seemed like he should be increasing his proficiency level based on his understanding of the heroes in the game as well as his ability to control the heroes.

Ye Lingchen concluded his experience silently and made the decision not to give away himself anymore in this round.

In the next moment.

“First blood!”

“Wretched Puberty killed Y-God!”

Coold’s eyelids twitched wildly. It seemed like the battle had caught on to the pattern of giving away one kill every minute once again.

“Double kill.”

“Wretched Puberty killed One-on-nine! Double kill has been completed!”

‘One-on-nine’ was encumbered by Ye Lingchen. He cussed at once. “F*ck. Shadow Fiend, do you even know how to play? Are you trying to learn how to use Shadowraze at 1-star? Are you trying to dive?”

Ye Lingchen had not only given himself away in this round but he had also caused his teammate’s death.

[It seems like Coold Goddess has been targeted by the world’s biggest noob. A moment of silence for her.]

[I would like to make a bet that Y-God is absolutely a schoolkid.]

[The game has yet to reach five minutes. Coold Goddess, you should back out at once.]

[Hah-hah-hah. I’ve discovered something interesting. Y-God is actually a new streamer. Everyone should take a look, quick. Here’s the link.]

[F*ck me. How is this piece of trash not embarrassed to stream himself? I would like to scr*w him on behalf of the Coold Goddess!]

[Let’s assemble. I would like to join too!]

In the second round, the game ended in failure similarly under Ye Lingchen’s leadership.

Ye Lingchen frowned ever so slightly. ‘My proficiency in gaming seems to be increasing too slowly. It has only grown by 15% after two rounds of battles.’

Ye Lingchen logged out from the game temporarily. He was stunned ever so slightly when he saw that his live streaming statistics shot up from the original 0 subscribers to 465 at once. There were even over two thousand viewers watching his live streaming at the moment.

His broadcasting screen was even flooded with comments.

[F*ck you. You piece of trash. Scram away. Can you stop humiliating yourself on DotA?]

[Do exercise limitation on yourself even if it’s your wish to entrap others. How dare you entrap Coold Goddess, you swine!]

[Are you doing this because you’ve never played DotA before. This is DotA’s step-by-step guide. Go ahead and learn first!]

Other than that, there was still a minority of supporters too.

[Brother, you’re all right. I’ve never seen the Coold Goddess going berserk like this before. Keep up the good work!]

[Bro, I have your back. Here’s some candies for your effort and courage in live streaming!]

‘It seems like I’m rather charming. It’s not that hard to gain fans by becoming a streamer right.’

Ye Lingchen ignored the insults as he pondered shamelessly. Soon afterward, he clicked onto the DotA’s guide immediately in his live streaming channel and began learning about the game under the close attention of a few thousand viewers.

He learned about last hitting, laning, all the heroes’ abilities, maps, controls…

‘Self-studying on DotA skills, DotA Proficiency +1.’

‘Self-studying on DotA skills, DotA Proficiency +1.’

‘Just as I expected, I need learning materials. The growth of my proficiency level is slightly slower when it’s up to me to fumble about.’

“I’m sorry. It was my brother playing the first two rounds. I’m going to do this seriously next.” Ye Lingchen was filled with confidence when he saw that his proficiency level was 80%. After saying that in his channel, he hit the match button soon after.

[I’m a fool if I believe in you!]

There was a hushed sound in the live streaming channel. The world’s biggest noob was about to make the first move to entrap someone else again.

At the same time, Coold entered the gaming interface. There was still lingering fear in her eyes. “Next, I’ll be taking part in 3 rounds of solo unranked matches. I waited so long before the match just so I can avoid the noob known as Y-God. I’m going to win this round.”

She cracked into a smile but the smile became frozen on her face as if she had just seen a ghost. The words ‘Y-God’ had appeared in her matched players’ frame…

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