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I Am A Prodigy
Chapter 6
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Chapter 6: Emergency Treatment

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ye Lingchen’s usage and coordination of items in the team battle were executed perfectly. His control was even more flawless. His performance had given every viewer a brand new look at the game.

The people that doubted him earlier had all shut their mouths in unison.

This incident could be considered as an epic piece of teaching material. In addition to that, there was his peculiar item build. That had drawn in a wave of fans for Ye Lingchen’s live streaming channel. He was getting gifts and sponsors continuously.

“Many people were doubting my item build earlier. In truth, the item build for any hero is not immutable.” Ye Lingchen seized the opportunity to explain to his viewers, “There were Spirit Breaker and Kunkka from the opposing team’s heroes. They were melee type heroes absolutely suited to ganking and they can even be described as Shadow Fiend’s archenemy. I will need to prioritize my life first before I can deliver damage output.”

“Secondly, the main damage outputs from the opposing team are Kunkka’s two Ghostships and inflicting auto-attack damage. I used Eul’s Scepter of Divinity and Ghost Scepter to break these attacks fully!”

“Other than for defensive purposes, Blink Dagger and Eul’s Scepter of Divinity can be used to increase my mobility.”

Ye Lingchen’s analysis was as ferocious as a tiger. His group of fans and viewers screamed out ‘epic’ at once.

“Y-God, how long have you been playing Dota?” asked Leng Leng in curiosity.

“This is my fourth round.” Ye Lingchen smiled flamboyantly. “In truth, I was playing during the first and second round as well. I’m just starting to get a hold of the game now.”

“That’s a bluff!” Let alone Leng Leng, all the viewers in the live stream channel could not believe that. “It must be your brother that was playing during the first and second round!”

“Say whatever you like. No one believes it when a person is telling the truth these days,” said Ye Lingchen as if he was deeply troubled by the fact.

A hush was heard echoing through the live stream channel at once.

“Sh*t.” Leng Leng scoffed in disdain. She discovered that Ye Lingchen was truly gifted in the art of becoming a streamer. He could drive the viewers’ emotions easily.

The act of being a streamer was not as simple as just chatting with the viewers. Game streamers needed not only to play games but the most crucial part of the job was to attract viewers and their interest. If a streamer behaved like a slab of wood, no one would be interested in watching him play games.

“Y-God, you’re impressive at playing games. Why don’t you tell us about your story.” Leng Leng was helping out Ye Lingchen. She was concerned about Ling Zichen not knowing what to say so she brought up the topic to draw in viewers’ attention.

“My story?” Ye Lingchen pondered quietly for a moment.

He noticed that his live stream channel was already in a commotion. Many of his viewers were waiting in anticipation. They were typing messages into the chat box to prompt him. There was even quite a large number of people attempting to prompt him with gifts.

Ye Lingchen’s lips curved up ever so slightly. At present, it was an opportunity for him to utilize the advantage of the Prodigy System and the profoundness of his literary foundation.

“In truth, I’ve always been envious of people with a good story.” There was a wisp of envy and sorrow in his voice. It made the atmosphere in the live stream channel turned solemn and profound all of a sudden.

Every single viewer was waiting for the continuation of his story. Many of the enthusiastic fans had already begun to console him. Leng Leng could not help but quiet down as she was under the assumption that Ye Lingchen was burdened by something.

Yet, she heard Ye Lingchen continued to speak, “Unlike me, I’ve lived for twenty years in this world. I’m the embodiment of only one word – elegance.”


Leng Leng spat out the water that she drank loudly in the voice clip. Her image of a graceful maiden was lost.

[F*ck. The streamer is so cruel. How could he do this to my goddess? I’m feeling rather insulted for no reason!]

[Hah-hah-hah. I didn’t expect that the streamer is also a master of jokes. I’m your hardcore fan from now on!]

[As I look back to the past, I suddenly realize that my life is as sorrowful as the streamer’s.]

[Haven’t you realized that the streamer has revealed his age. He is only twenty years old. I bet that he’s certainly a Little Fresh Meat too!]


Meanwhile, a very loud sound of someone opening the door was heard coming from downstairs. Soon after, chaotic footsteps were heard.

“Doctor, where’s the doctor? Save this man!”

Ye Lingchen could not help frowning for a moment. It seemed like a patient was here.

He was in a part of Rugao City’s downtown. The hospital’s standard was way behind the other hospitals so generally, patients with severe conditions would be referred to doctors in the city area. Moreover, it was already getting late. The majority of the doctors had already headed back home after work. Most importantly, Ye Lingchen’s father was still in the operation theatre.

He apologized to the viewers in the live stream channel before he logged out from the game at once. Ye Lingchen took a glance from the window on the second floor.

There was a young maiden accompanying an old man in the reception area of the hospital. They were followed by two burly-looking bodyguards and appeared to be rather extravagant.

“Where are the doctors in your hospital? Summon everyone. I’ll never let this hospital off easily if anything is to happen to my grandfather while we’re here.” It was apparent that the young maiden panicked to such an extent that she complained impatiently.

It was apparent that the few young nurses on duty were shocked upon being confronted by this group of people. They stood gazing at one another like ants on a hot pan. They were completely at a loss.

The number of doctors in this hospital was not originally that high. Ye Lingchen’s father could be considered a mainstay there. It was his father that was on duty every day. It seemed like this incoming patient was an extremely important person that could very possibly transfer the blame to his father if anything were to happen to him.

The idea arose in Ye Lingchen’s mind for a moment before vanishing at once. There was utterly no doctor in the hospital at the moment. There was utterly nothing else he could do except to first take control of the situation by himself.

Ye Lingchen had just moved his legs when he suddenly recalled Ye Jin’s words.

It was best for him not to reveal himself.

He picked up a long white coat hanging on the rack conveniently and draped it over his body before he left in a hurry.

Dressed in a long coat and a mask on his face, Ye Lingchen came to the reception area. He deepened his voice and said in a feigned experienced manner, “What happened? Is there a patient?”

At present, the young maiden was already crying anxiously. Tears dropped down from her eyes in a splutter. She blamed herself constantly by saying, “It’s all my fault. I’ve forgotten to bring grandfather’s medicine on this trip!”

Ye Lingchen’s gaze swept past the scene and he found that he was charmed by the young maiden’s beauty.

She had an oval-shaped face, large eyes, a fair complexion, and light make up on her face. She sobbed through her cute little nose. It made one feel pity and affectionate toward her.

She was dressed in a Chanel dress, Manolo Blahnik’s high heels and had a Gucci bag in her hand. Of course, there was the most sparkling piece of diamond necklace around her neck. She exuded a feeling of elegance that made it feel difficult to look at her.

“Are you a doctor?” Lin Ruoxue had already seen Ye Lingchen. She was hanging on to the last straw of hope like a drowning man gasping for air. “Money is not a problem as long as you can save my grandfather’s life!”

The nurses were also looking toward the doctor that appeared rather unfamiliar to them. There was a wisp of uncertainty in their eyes. However, they were already caught in a chaotic mess at the moment so they had no time to pay attention to Ye Lingchen.

“Where is the patient?” Ye Lingchen behaved cooperatively.

“It’s my grandfather.” The young maiden looked at the old man in concern.

The old man’s face was already ghastly pale. He panted heavily as if he was having difficulty breathing. Despite that, he looked as if he suffocated to the point of losing consciousness soon.

“Is he asthmatic?” Ye Lingchen raised his eyebrows ever so slightly. The old man’s symptoms were very similar to an asthmatic person. However, it was a much more severe attack than asthma.

“Bring me a stretcher!” Ye Lingchen instructed. It was utterly inappropriate for the old man to move on his own due to his condition.

“We’ve brought him for a checkup in the hospital before. My grandfather is not asthmatic.” Lin Ruoyu was worried that Ye Lingchen would wrongly diagnose her grandfather so she reminded him.

“I’m aware of that.” answered Ye Lingchen.

The old man’s eyes were sunken and he was as skinny as a stick. The color of his face was looking slightly blue. These were not symptoms that resulted from having asthma. On the contrary, it was more like he was poisoned.

Traditional Chinese medicine devoted particular care to the four ways of diagnosis by looking, listening, questioning and feeling the pulse. After all, Ye Lingchen had finished reading through the Compendium of Materia Medica and his Traditional Chinese Medicine Proficiency was increased to 50%. He was still capable of telling the difference anyhow.

“Is it treatable?” asked Lin Ruoyu as she looked at Ye Lingchen.

“At the moment, I don’t have the confidence to cure it but I can only relieve the symptoms,” said Ye Lingchen calmly while shaking his head.

“What?” Lin Ruoyu could not help gasping aloud. Her large eyes were filled with shock as she looked at Ye Lingchen. She could understand the hidden meaning behind his words. “Could it be that you will figure out a way to cure it in the future?!”

She came from a good family background. Her grandfather had paid visits to multiple famous doctors to treat his condition and he had actually gone for check-ups in a few big hospitals as well. It could be said that there was utterly no cure for his condition despite diagnosis from the most advanced technology and the most experienced medically skilled doctors. However, someone from this unknown little hospital could say that!

She was truly helpless in this situation. As a result, she came to this hospital in an attempt to try out her luck.

The person was bold enough to boast in such manner after taking one glance. Could this person be a conman?

Lin Ruoyu could not help it and felt doubtful.

There were many cases of con job doctors these days. Even though Ye Lingchen behaved like an experienced person, she could tell that he was rather young judging by his figure.

At present, the stretcher was already brought over. Ye Lingchen helped the old man to lie down on the stretcher. The look of his eyes revealed a solemness that could not be concealed.

The old man’s symptoms presented themselves with exceeding terror. In such a short period, his pupils were already dimming. It was apparent that he was hypoxic and he was about to die.

Fortunately, Ye Lingchen was there. Otherwise, even his father would be rendered completely helpless in this situation. By then, the blame and rage of this seemingly important family would be transferred to his father.

Ye Lingchen raised his hand and stretched out his index finger. He began to press onto the old man’s chest while he spread the fingers of his other hand to press onto the old man’s rib cage.

He performed Tui Na, a form of Chinese manipulative therapy for such cases. Ye Lingchen then instructed someone to lift the old man and began to perform Tui Na on the old man’s back.

“Don’t you need any tools for this?” Such a simple treatment was doubted by Lin Ruoyu once again.

She was well aware of her grandfather’s condition. It was precisely due to her knowledge that she was well aware of how terrifying the condition was. How could it possibly be treated with such a simple technique?

“Don’t speak during the treatment session!” shouted Ye Lingchen while he looked toward Lin Ruoyu coldly without showing the slightest courtesy.

It appeared to be a simple procedure for an outsider but in truth, Ye Lingchen would need to manipulate the patient’s meridian points properly. He was not allowed to make even the slightest mistake on the strength he was exerting from his hands. Any disturbance could affect his performance gravely and result in severe difficulties.

“Humph!” Lin Ruoyu had no choice but to give out a muffled grunt after being glared at by Ye Lingchen. She stared at Ye Lingchen with her charming eyes and clenched her teeth in secret. She had never been shouted at by someone before at her age. Had it not been her concern for her grandfather, she would have fought the man for certain.

Ye Lingchen switched over the meridian points continuously and performed the Tui Na for a full twenty minutes. He had only stopped when his arms were sore to the point of numbness.

The old man’s expression finally relaxed as well. Soon afterward, his breathing was even and even his face was turning pink. He opened his eyes slowly.

“Grandfather…” Lin Ruoyu stared at her grandfather and called out softly.

“Ruoyu?” The old man sat up and sized the place up and down.

“Grandfather!” Lin Ruoyu cried tears of joy as she pounced into the old man’s arms right away. “You scared me to death. I thought that I will never see you again, grandfather. Hoo-hoo-hoo…”

“Oh great, Dr. Ye is here!” Meanwhile, the door to the operation theatre opened. A nurse called out aloud and the sound of rushing footsteps was heard.

Ye Lingchen’s heart was throbbing. He left the area without making a sound and rushed back to the second floor at once. He placed the mask and long coat back in the original location…

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