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I Am A Prodigy
Chapter 791 - Winning the Championship!
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Chapter 791: Winning the Championship!

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As soon as Ye Lingchen finished speaking, he abandoned the long spear in his hand and jumped up to stand on a vine.

Wu Tianbao looked at Ye Lingchen’s unscathed appearance and could not help but mutter, “The Hidden Groundflower’s poison has lost its effect?”

“How is this possible? ”

Kevin’s face turned even paler, the look of despair on his face was very much evident.

The Hidden Groundflower was also a plant from the Void Realm. It naturally emitted a strange fragrance, and the poison contained within that fragrance was absolutely horrifying. Even a martial artist would faint instantly after smelling it. Once they took more than five breaths of said fragrance, martial artists below King Stage would definitely die!

Even King stage martial artists did not dare to stay in such an environment for too long.

At the same time, the Hidden Groundflower had a very overbearing characteristic. It required other plants as fodder for them to grow.

Kevin’s Demon-Locking Vines were not weak, and at the same time it could also be used as a nutrient for the Hidden Groundflower. With that close association, it was very much possible to fully utilize the wood element in battle.

Ye Lingchen had been purely using his battle power in that match because he wanted to test the difference between a wood-based awakened one and his own Wood Spirit Constitution. At the same time, he wanted to learn from Kevin’s battle techniques to better develop his Wood Spirit Constitution.

Previously, Ye Lingchen had only used his Wood Spirit Constitution to promote the growth of spiritual herbs and had neglected the possibility of using it in a fight.

“That little guy is actually poison-resistant.” In the judge’s seat, Zhou Jian smiled at the peak King Stage martial artist from Murica and said, “The Demon-Locking Vines, Iron-Eating Tree, and Hidden Groundflower are all rarities, but it’s a pity that all the preparations have gone to waste.”

The King Stage martial artist from Murica had a gloomy expression. Kevin was originally their most one they were most confident in, and their expectation was that he could even get five victories in a row. Never did they foresee he would face such a huge obstacle.

An awakened one martial artist could be considered as a special kind of physique, but poison immunity was much rarer despite it being less aggressive. A martial artist with poison immunity was no less valuable than a wood element awakened martial artist.

“Poison immunity. Is there really such a constitution in this world!” Jing Shan’s eyes were red. “Ye Lingchen has a really wonderful life, doesn’t he? I’m so jealous!”

Sun Hongtao laughed, but then asked in confusion, “What did he mean by his last sentence? ”

The wood element’s fighting style was indeed amazing, but what did it have to do with Ye Lingchen?

Ye Lingchen looked at Kevin and said lightly, “You’ve already reached your limit, right? ”

Kevin snorted coldly and raised both of his hands to point at Ye Lingchen.

The Demon-Locking Vines moved once again and coiled toward Ye LIngchen like numerous giant pythons.

They had regained their vitality under Ye Lingchen’s feet. Without any warning, those vines wrapped around his feet and made it difficult for him to move.

In an instant, countless vines engulfed ye Lingchen.

Kevin laughed loudly. “Hahaha, you’re too arrogant!”

Below the arena, many people also shook their heads and sighed.

“He clearly knew that Kevin had the ability to manipulate plants and still dared to stand on the Demon-Locking Vine. He’s asking for it.”

“He’s too arrogant. The winner has already been decided.”

“That kid just loves showing off.” Sun Hongtao’s expression was ugly. “If he loses because of this, I won’t f*cking let it slide!”

Under everyone’s watchful gaze, the vines that were shaking crazily suddenly stopped, and then slowly dispersed.

Kevin’s laughter came to an abrupt stop.

The discussions of the crowd instantly disappeared.

The whole place… was dead silent!

“That… that is…!”

The group of awakened ones from Murica stared in such disbelief that their eyes almost popped out.

Even Tie Jun and Sun Hongtao were shocked by the scene in front of them and were unable to speak.

In the center of those countless vines, Ye Lingchen stood there as if he was the king of the world. At that moment, he seemed to be the king of those vines.


With a thought, those vines let out a burst of air-piercing sound, trapping the stunned Kevin tightly.

“Wood-based awakening? This is impossible!”

The peak King Stage martial artist from Murica suddenly let out a loud roar. His body had actually reached Ye Lingchen’s side before his sentence ended, after which, an endless pressure followed!

Ye Lingchen let out a muffled groan and his body retreated rapidly.

However, the man from Murica stretched out a palm at the same time, as if he only needed to grab randomly and Ye Lingchen’s great abilities would not be able to escape from his palm.

“You’re bullying a junior because you can’t afford to lose? Only Murica has this kind of audacity! ”

With a cold shout, Zhou Jian’s body blocked Ye Lingchen from the front, and spiritual energy began gushing out from his entire body!

In Ye Lingchen’s eyes, the man seemed to have turned into a blade, with domineering fierceness that seemed capable of tearing apart everything!


Without seeing how the two fought, the peak King Stage warrior from Murica trembled and took three steps back.

“One more step and you’re dead!” The smile on Zhou Jian’s face was gone, and he looked extremely cold.

A hint of unwillingness flashed across the face of Murican martial artist, but he did not want to make another move. He therefore asked, “How could there be an awakened one in your country?”

“Who said that there can’t be awakened ones in China? Besides, it’s not certain whether he’s an awakened one or not.” After Zhou Jian said that, he directly looked at Wu Tianbao, “The winner has been decided. It’s time to announce the result! ”

“Oh, oh.” Wu Tianbao finally came back to his senses and hurriedly said, “this year’s International Martial Arts Tournament champion is China!”

Those words definitively signalled the end of that tournament.

Everyone came back to their senses, and countless gazes were focused on Ye Lingchen.

At the last moment, Ye Lingchen’s strength had already exceeded everyone’s expectations, especially his ability to manipulate trees, which had completely subverted their worldview.

Martial artists and awakened ones were two completely different existences, but it had actually achieved a perfect combination in Ye Lingchen’s body.

If everyone could do this, then…

For a moment, countless people looked at Ye Lingchen with burning eyes. Even those peak King Stage martial artists’ eyes lit up like crazy.

Sensing the strange atmosphere, Ye Lingchen’s neck shrank and he directly hid behind Zhou Jian.

Zhou Jian glared at Ye Lingchen, grabbed his shoulder, and appeared beside Sun Hongtao in a flash. He said softly, “If there’s anything else, we’ll talk when we get back.”


China’s lounging area.

Zhou Jian snapped at Ye Lingchen, “You’re too arrogant. You could have won with your martial arts, but you insisted on showing off. We’re in big trouble this time.”

Ye Lingchen’s anti-poison constitution had completely defeated Kevin, and Kevin had already used up a lot of his energy. Ye Lingchen did not actually have to reveal his wood element talent to win, but with that, he had become the target of each country.

Jing Shan asked immediately, “How did you do it? An awakened one and a martial artist, that was simply too amazing! You’ve cultivated both magic and martial arts!”

Ye Lingchen smiled but did not say anything. He turned to look at Sun Hongtao and said, “Instructor Sun, now that I’ve got first place, our agreement says that I’ll be allowed to set up a martial arts school. With this school, I will teach everything without reservation.”

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