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I Am A Prodigy
Chapter 792 - Talent Enhancement
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Chapter 792: Talent Enhancement

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Zhou Jian could not help his shock and stared at Ye Lingchen. “Can you really enhance it fully?”

Awakened ones were people with special abilities that were unique to Western countries. They were not weaker than China’s warriors at all. All countries have studied why people from different countries had different superpowers, and some even tried to fuse them together, but all of them ended in failure.

After countless failures, it could only be attributed to the different abilities due to different genes. It was like talents that could not be changed.

However, Ye Lingchen had not only fused them together, but even managed to enhance them?

Why would peak King Stage martial artists from Murica and many other countries target Ye Lingchen? It was because such a thing was too unbelievable, and its significance was that it transcended the present era.

“Yes.” Ye Lingchen nodded. Such a momentous thing was as simple as eating and drinking water for him. “It’s just immortal cultivation.”

“Immortal cultivation?!”

Jing Shan, Lin Xi and the others all stared at Ye Lingchen with their eyes wide open.

“Are you sure you are not joking?” Sun Hongtao asked.

“If it’s possible to cultivate martial arts, then why can’t it be immortal cultivation?” Ye Lingchen retorted.

“How?” Zhou Jian could not help but ask.

It was immortal cultivation!

Countless legends about immortals had existed since ancient times. It sounded as though they were many levels higher than martial artists.

Controlling the elements was exactly the kind of methods used by immortals in legends?

“It’s not difficult to practice immortal cultivation. I have learnt Qi refinement methods. As long as one has the aptitude to practice immortal cultivation, they can learn it. However, the requirements to practice immortal cultivation are extremely high. Moreover, just like the awakened ones, they are divided into metal, wood, water, fire, earth, and electricity. ”

“How do we distinguish the aptitude for immortal cultivation?” Zhou Jian went straight to the crux of the matter.

“I can see it. Currently, I’m the only one who can see a person’s aptitude for immortal cultivation.”

“You’ll teach it if a school is established?” Zhou Jian asked.

Ye lingchen shook his head. “Of course not. My school will only accept geniuses, and its reputation must be number one in the world. As for the others, my opinion is that the entire nation must practice martial arts!”

Zhou Jian and Sun Hongtao frowned and did not say anything.

Jing Shan and the rest inhaled sharply as they looked at Ye Lingchen in surprise.

Everyone practicing martial arts? Ye Lingchen was going to announce it to the whole nation!

Even the Warrior’s Department did not have such courage to do so and Ye Lingchen just mentioned it so casually?

“We can’t hide forever,” Ye lingchen continued, “the cracks in the Void Realm will only grow bigger and bigger, and there will only be more supernatural incidents. It’s not good to keep it a secret. It’s better to let the whole nation accept martial arts. If everyone trains together, the power of Earth will grow faster.”

“What if the martial artists do evil?” Sun Hongtao asked.

“Suppress them!” Ye lingchen said casually, “You guys are thinking too much. Is there anyone who can beat us? What are you afraid of? ”


Zhou Jian could not help but laugh. “You’re like a newborn calf that isn’t afraid of a tiger. I’ll approve your request to open a martial arts school, and about everyone practicing martial arts, I’ll also leave it in your hands. Let’s see if you can keep everything steady.”

Ye lingchen rubbed his hands excitedly and grinned, “ojbk! ”

The next step was to lead the people in the country to an era where everyone in the nation might as well practice martial arts. The thought of having taken that first step made him a little excited.

“Although my practice is with the blade, there are ten thousand paths connecting to it. This is my understanding of the blade. Take a look at it. It should be helpful for your spear technique,” Zhou Jian casually threw a small booklet to Ye Lingchen and turned to leave.

Ye Lingchen looked at the thin book and could not help but pout. “That’s all you’re giving me? Stingy. ”

Sun Hongtao’s old face instantly turned red, and his heart beat quickly, “Do you know how precious this thing is??! A simple instruction from a peak King Stage master is enough for an entire lifetime, but this is a lifetime of enlightenment from a peak King Stage master. If this was a Wuxia novel, it would be like the Nine Yin Manual, and you’re still f*cking looking down on it? Are you trying to kill me with embarrassment?”

“Cough cough!”

Sun Hongtao coughed lightly, “For this victory, you’ll be given the corresponding amount of merit points according to your results. Ye Lingchen has contributed the most, and received ten thousand merit points, while the rest will receive five thousand merit points.

“In addition, you’ll also be given free healing elixirs to help in your recovery.”

“Elder Sun, it’s inhumane to do this,” Ye Lingchen said immediately.

“What’s wrong? ”

“They’re all injured, but I didn’t suffer any injuries. Isn’t this a waste of those benefits? You have to compensate me. ”

“Scram! ”

Ye Lingchen did not give up. “If you compensate me, I’ll scram immediately.”

Sun Hongtao huffed and glared. “One hundred merit points!”

“Five hundred! ”

Sun Hongtao shouted at the top of his lungs and glared at Ye Lingchen. “Two hundred, take it or leave it! ”


Two hundred merit points equalled two grams of high-grade spirit stones.

Ye Lingchen smiled in satisfaction. “Deal! ”

Since the school was about to be established, he naturally had to accumulate more resources and prepare for the future.

“You guys rest well. In half a month, the Hell’s Gates on Buff Island will open. When that time comes, you guys will enter with us and see the true nature of the Void Realm.”

Sun Hongtao left everyone with an important piece of news and left.

Entering the Void Realm!

Ye Lingchen and the others’ thoughts instantly flew to the Void Realm.

Buff Island was the only Void Realm in the world that could be entered. It was the first entrance that humans had conquered, which begged the question of what the other world looked like?

Zheng Dali and the others did not have the mood to joke anymore. They all stood up and went to treat their injuries.

Ye Lingchen, on the other hand, returned to his own room and started to read the booklet that Zhou Jian had given him.

The name of the booklet was coined by Zhou Jian himself. ‘Detailed explanation of Blade Way’.

“Self-study ‘Detailed explanation of the Blade Way’ , Blade Technique talent + 1.”

“Self-study ‘Detailed explanation of the Blade Way’ , Blade Technique talent + 1.”

“Self-study ‘Detailed explanation of the Blade Way’ , Blade Technique talent + 1.”


Ye Lingchen’s pupils contracted.

It was not proficiency that increased, but talent!

“System, what’s going on?”

[In addition to learning skills in the Prodigy System, you can also learn similar talent attributes. For example, your Wood Spirit Constitution and Water Spirit Constitution are also considered talent attributes.]

Ye Lingchen’s eyes had a sudden hint of realization, “Then after this kind of Blade Technique talent evolves, will it become the Blade Spirit Constitution?”

[You may understand it as so.]

‘So that’s what it is.’

Ye Lingchen was somewhat suspicious before. A lot of knowledge could not be considered skills. For example, if someone taught him how to wield a blade, he could not technically call it a skill, right? And then there was the moving bricks. Could that be considered a skill?

As for the ‘Detailed explanation of the Blade Way’ that Zhou Jian had given him, the content was not a martial art, but a comprehension and application of the blade technique. It could be said to be a kind of experience, but the system directly converted it into the Blade Technique talent.

How important was talent? In layman’s terms, it could be inferred using one example.

To give a simple example, when an ordinary person learnt a blade technique, they could only copy it mechanically in a stiff manner. However, for those with stellar talent, they could adapt to the situation and master the same moves. Therefore, a completely different ability would be displayed in their hands even though it was the same blade technique!

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