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I Am A Prodigy
Chapter 795 (END) - A Brand New Era (Grand Finale)
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Chapter 795: A Brand New Era (Grand Finale)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Some noise was heard just as everyone was looting in the Void Realm.

They saw a few figures moving in the forest not far ahead. Those beings had spotted Ye Lingchen and the others and their faces were filled with hatred. They conversed with murderous intent as they charged towards the group.

These were four creatures from the Void Realm, and all of them had the power equivalent to A+ rank.


Everyone’s faces froze. They did not hesitate to attack, and a battle to the death soon commenced.

That was only the outer area of the Void Realm and was also the base for humans. Logically speaking, there should not be any creatures from the Void Realm, and it was puzzling as to why they would be there.

However, it was clearly not the time to consider that problem.

Ye Lingchen did not have any thoughts of hiding. He directly held the long spear in his hand and performed the Phoenix Spear technique. A target was chosen and the opponent was enveloped in layers of spear shadows.

His current strength was more than enough to deal with an A + rank creature. He would never let the opponent have the chance to escape.

Zhou Jian also picked a target, leaving the other two to be dealt with by the others.

Those creatures lived in the Void Realm all year round, hence their extreme familiarity with the jungles. They were much more flexible compared to when they were on Earth, making them even more difficult to deal with.

They began showing the intention of retreating after realizing that they were gradually falling into a disadvantage.

Ye Lingchen, however, stopped them and killed all four mercilessly.

It was meaningless to capture the Void Realm’s creatures alive. Both sides would not rest until one party died, so the creatures were killed right away.

Zhou Jian frowned and said, “They’re probably checking us out. I’m sure they have ulterior motives for coming here.”

Ye Lingchen could not help but put on a pensive look when looking at the appearance of these four creatures.

He said, “Instructor Zhou, I have an idea.”

A moment later.

Everyone looked at Li Nianfan with their eyes wide open, their faces full of shock.

“You… You’re Ye Lingchen?”

“F*ck, are you for real? How is this even makeup? This is a complete transformation!”

“If this was the first time I saw you, I definitely wouldn’t have doubted that you’re a creature from the Void Realm. I would probably even killed you at first sight.”

With the help of the corpses of the four Void Realm creatures, Ye Lingchen had actually used the disguise art, perfectly turning into a Void Realm creature without any flaws.

That was no longer Makeup: it had evolved into a divine Transfiguration.

Zhou Jian shook his head and said, “Lingchen, the Void Realm creatures seem to have their own unique aura. I’m afraid that just changing their appearance is not enough.”

In the past, there were people who had tried to sneak into the Void Realm, but all their attempts ended in failure.

Ye Lingchen smiled and said, “Don’t worry, Instructor Zhou. I have a way that should work.”

He had the Breath Control technique, which had evolved from Camouflage. He had already tried it before and could successfully evade detection from the Void Realm’s creatures. Coupled with Transfiguration, he would likely not be exposed.

Zhou Jian was still a bit worried, so he said, “We need to deliberate on this for some time.”

Then, he said solemnly, “Lingchen, you must not act alone!”

Ye Lingchen felt a warmth in his heart.

In the next few days, everyone moved around in the outer rim. However, Zhou Jian also brought up Ye Lingchen’s suggestion and had a serious discussion with the higher-ups. In the end, he decided to let Ye Lingchen blend into a small team in the outer area first to ascertain the situation. If things went awry they could then attack together.

Following that, extensive preparation was made Ye Lingchen blended perfectly with the Void Realm’s creatures.

However, he still had a difficult problem to face, which was communication.

He had specially learned the Voice Actor skill, so his voice would not be a problem. The problem was his language. Fortunately, he had mastered many basic Void Realm languages, so he was at least able to pull through with it.

Under everyone’s worried gazes, Ye Lingchen blended into the Void Realm creatures and entered a city near the Void Realm.

He was very cautious at first. After familiarizing himself with the environment, he realized that the basic layout of the city was similar to that of Earth. However, the technology was not too advanced and was mostly similar to Earth’s ancient times. In addition, there were many extraordinary things.

For example, stones that could emit their own light would act as lighting, while there were various interesting plants and pets.

He found an opportunity to enter the Void Realm’s library and immediately began to cram in knowledge.

For a prodigy like him, his biggest cheat was books!

[Reading ‘Void Realm Dictionary’, Void Realm Language Proficiency + 1.]

[Watch the ‘Void Realm Geography’, Void Realm Geography Proficiency + 1.]

[Watch the ‘Void Realm Body Refining Art’, Void Realm Body Refining Art + 1.]


‘This place really is a treasure trove!’

Ye Lingchen exclaimed in his heart, feeling extremely excited.

The dictionary allowed him to familiarize himself with the language. Not only would it allow him to blend in seamlessly, it would also be a qualitative leap from all of Earth as he could then be fully prepared to deal with the Void Realm.

The book on geography was even more priceless. If a person’s original understanding of the Void Realm was 10%, then the geography book would raise their understanding of the Void Realm to 50%!

That was not an exaggeration.

On deeper thought, it would be absolutely terrifying if the Void Realm’s inhabitants obtained the Earth’s geography.

As for the body refining art, it was a common technique practiced by Void Realm creatures. It could be said to be a common martial art, focusing on the physical body. Combined with their battle power, that martial art was far from ordinary. Ye Lingchen could clearly feel his physique getting stronger.

‘Since there is a body refining technique, there must be other cultivation techniques too. If I can bring these to Earth, it will definitely bring Earth’s martial arts to a higher level.’

Li Nianfan thought to himself. In the following days, he would go to the library whenever he had the time.

However, his heart was getting heavier and heavier. According to some books, the Void Realm was not that simple. The creatures living in it were all extremely powerful, and there were even creatures that were on the level of a prehistoric beast.

Besides the body refining technique, there were indeed other techniques. These techniques were all very powerful, and even above Li Nianfan’s immortal cultivation, Li Nianfan almost thought that this was a world of immortal cultivation.

“There was a saying in the past about shattering the void. Could it be that this is the world after the void was shattered? Then what exactly happened to cause it to become like this?”

Unfortunately, that was only a small city and he could not get any more answers. He only knew that there were many powerful existences in the Void Realm, but they did not come over because of the wormhole’s limit.

“There are even SSS grade beings!”

Ye Lingchen inhaled sharply. That was just too terrifying. If SSS grade existences came to Earth, it would definitely spell the end of the world. They would crush nuclear weapons, and no one would be able to stop them.

Following that, Li Nianfan continued to stay in the Void Realm. Every half a month, he would pass on the information he had obtained through patrolling.

At the same time, he also received news that powerful warriors were gathering in the Void Realm. There seemed to be a particularly strong individual who had lost his patience and was preparing to launch a major attack on Earth. Moreover, there were a few new tunnels that seemed to have been dug out again.

The situation instantly became much more tense.

Meanwhile, things were heating up on Earth’s side too. The major media outlets began to deliberately broadcast hot-blooded dramas. At the same time, anti-war movies and patriotic channels were also increasing. There were even special news broadcasts occasionally, such as a mouse half the height of a man, powerful mutated tigers and so on.

The most noticeable thing was that the situation between the various countries had been greatly alleviated. The trend seemed to be faintly leaning toward joint cooperation. Meanwhile, the status of China was even more prominent, showing minor signs of becoming a leader.

Some keen-eyed people had vaguely sensed that something was up and the world seemed to be a little unstable.

The insiders knew that all of this was because of one person, the hero who had lurked in the Void Realm and walked on the edge of a knife for Earth!

In the blink of an eye, a year had passed.

Following the outbreak of the Void Realm, an unprecedented great war began. Countless space passageways seemed to have launched a full-scale attack on Earth, as if everything was already discussed beforehand. The terrifying great war was accompanied by the movement of missiles, and the exchange of experts also caused the world to rumble. Exotic beasts also appeared frequently, roaring incessantly.

The news could no longer be kept under wraps, causing an uproar on Earth all of a sudden.

At that moment, bloody videos began transmitting out one after another, and the names of heroes began to make its rounds. Some heroes even stood out and led the way.

“Holy sh*t, so the world of science is only on the surface. This is actually the world of immortal cultivation.”

“It’s too terrifying. Humans can actually become so powerful.”

“Ahhhhh! I want to practice martial arts! I want to kill enemies! My blood is boiling!”

“I saw my comrade! This son of a b*tch! He is on the front line all by himself, and he didn’t even bring me along!”

“So these Y’s are all the same person. It is Ye Lingchen, God Ye!”

“God Ye is too powerful! God Ye’s company has saved countless people recently, and the technology companies have even started to use black technology.”

“I heard that Iron Man exists for real now. God Ye is a true God! He’s omnipotent!”

“God Ye has been working as a spy in the Void Realm for the sake of Earth. I’m crying.”

“God Ye is the light of this world!”


Following that, martial arts cultivation methods were publicized to the public.

Countless people, many without a name, soon signed up for battle.

Hordes of people left their hometown, their parents, and their loved ones.

They left in order to protect them better.

It was a great, tragic battle between two worlds.

In the blink of an eye, another three years had passed.

During that period of time, Ye Lingchen had worked together with Earth to neutralize the attacks again and again, allowing Earth to gain a huge advantage. His strength had also increased by leaps and bounds.

He was the hero of all mankind, and his popularity had increased exponentially by the day. After the advanced-level lucky draws, it had evolved into a god-level lucky draw, and he already had a lot of god-level techniques with him.

His strength had already reached the peak and he no longer needed to be a spy. After cooperating with Earth to destroy a large city in the Void Realm, he directly appeared and used his tyrannical strength to deliver a decisive blow to a King Stage existence in the Void Realm!

The entire Earth’s morale was greatly boosted.

[Congratulations, host! Through a god-level lucky draw, Cultivation has evolved into Saint!]

[Congratulations, host! Through a god-level lucky draw, Advanced Body Refining Technique has evolved into Nine Transformations Mystic Art!]

[Congratulations, host! Through a god-level lucky draw, Blessing has evolved into Wind-Rain Summoning !]

[Congratulations, host! Through a god-level lucky draw, Fire Control has evolved into the Bright Southern Flame.]

Ye Lingchen was always at the forefront of every battle. His entire body was bathed in light, as if an undefeatable god of war had descended!

His popularity had already become a kind of belief, allowing him to transcend into a saint.

As he conquered the Void Realm, he opened up a new and extremely magnificent era!

It was an era where martial arts and technology coexisted. Ancient martial arts, high-tech, and genetic evolution of life, coexisted, among other things.

The Void Realm and Earth were originally two separate worlds. Ye Lingchen had patched up those passageways. At the same time, he expanded his martial arts legacy, making Earth the mortal world, while the Void Realm was established as the immortal world.

As for Ye Lingchen, he lived a carefree and happy life with his many female confidants.

The end.

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