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I Am A Prodigy
Chapter 8
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Chapter 8: Supreme Master

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

He watched helplessly as 100000RMB was taken away before himself. Ye Lingchen was having a mental breakdown on the inside. However, he adjusted his state of mind quickly. He realized that he should be self-sufficient with the Prodigy System inside his body and not betray himself for 100000RMB.

It was raining cats and dogs during the season of the college entrance examination. Ye Lingchen was woken up by his father in the early morning. He walked in the direction of Hui’an Temple in the drizzling shower.

Now that the college entrance examination was upon the students soon, the best method to plead for a high score was achieved through a last-minute worshipping ceremony. Hui’an Temple was the most popular temple in Rugao City. Streams of people flooded into the temple for the worshipping ceremony daily.

Hui’an Temple was crowded with people early in the morning. It was said that many people were willing to spend thousands just to seize the chance to offer the first incense of the day.

Ye Lingchen purchased an entrance ticket with 25RMB and followed his mother’s orders before he left the house to spend another 15RMB to buy a top scorer incense offering package. Then Ye Lingchen followed the crowd and headed into the temple.

He passed by the four Heavenly Kings that guarded along the way first, followed by the grinning Lord Maitreya and the ever merciful Avalokitesvara. Ye Lingchen worshipped every single one of them in succession.

The midpoint of the temple was the most solemn and dignified Mahavira Hall. The Gautama Buddha was placed in the center of the main hall looking down at the world from heaven.

Ye Lingchen worshipped thrice before he passed through the Mahavira Hall in preparation to head straight for the Manjushri Hall on the side.

However, he stopped for a moment after he walked a few steps. He discovered that there was a wing-room library established on both sides of the hall to his surprise. There was quite a good number of Buddhist scriptures stored in there for the visitors’ reading.

A library was akin to a decoration in today’s society. It meant to serve as a part of the landscape for the visitors to steal a passing glance. No one would ever walk into the room to read through the scriptures thoroughly.

However, Ye Lingchen was in the mood to read. He was equipped with the Prodigy System. He should be able to learn anything theoretically. He wondered if the book collection here were any different from the books outside?

There was a large number of books in the library. Moreover, the majority of the books were relatively old and tattered. The temple was known to be a century-old temple. Ye Lingchen figured that the books were produced in an ancient era as well.

Ye Lingchen picked up a book of Diamond Sutra for the sake of exploration and began rifling through the pages.

‘Self-studying Diamond Sutra. Buddhism Proficiency +1.’

‘Self-studying Diamond Sutra. Buddhism Proficiency +1.’

Ye Lingchen placed down the book after flipping through the pages for a while. He felt that it was a waste of time for him to learn Buddhism so he decided to take a look to see if there were any other books.

A moment later, his attention was drawn to ‘Buddhism and Daoism 101’.

The book seemed to be explaining the source of Buddhism and Daoism. It contained many of the general knowledge in the world not known to most people.

‘Self-studying Buddhism and Daoism 101, General Knowledge Proficiency +1.’

‘Self-studying Buddhism and Daoism 101, General Knowledge Proficiency +1.’

‘Self-studying Buddhism and Daoism 101, General Knowledge Proficiency +1.’

He did not expect that general knowledge could be considered a skill as well. Ye Lingchen had only placed down the book when his general knowledge proficiency stopped increasing. His general knowledge proficiency level had already achieved 60%. Other than some uncommon general knowledge, Ye Lingchen found that he was well equipped with ordinary general knowledge now.

He walked from one end of the bookshelf to another. There was no other discovery other than Buddhist scriptures so he prepared to leave.

However, his gaze swept past the area ever so slightly and something in the corner caught his attention. The book stored in the corner appeared to be even more ancient-looking and tattered. One could see that many little man figurines were drawn on the book.

‘Huh? Is that a comic book?’

Ye Lingchen picked up the book. He inhaled a deep breath to blow away the dust on the book. Then, he swept it with his hand.

It was titled ‘Features of Arhat Fist’.

Ye Lingchen almost chuckled aloud at the sight of these words. The title sounded overly nonsensical.

Why was there a comic for children in Hui’an Temple?

Could it be that the monks here were still working part-time as booksellers that deceived children?

Ye Lingchen had also figured out their sales script. “Child, I can see that you’re born with wondrous bones. You’ll certainly become the one and only peerless martial art master in the future. This ‘Features of Arhat Fist’ is on sales. For only 5RMB, the important mission of protecting the earth is in your hands!”

Just as he was about to return the book to the shelf, all of a sudden…

‘Self-studying Features of Arhat Fist’. Arhat Fist Proficiency +1.’


Ye Lingchen’s expression turned into an amused one instantaneously. His heart suddenly started beating faster while his hand that held the book trembled.

This was a martial art! It was Chinese Kungfu!

It could be said that the martial art dream was deeply ingrained in everyone’s hearts. Ye Lingchen had already considered it a blessing to be gifted with the system. Yet, he was even granted with martial arts skills now!

Ye Lingchen was even suspecting if he was no longer in his original world.

‘Self-studying Features of Arhat Fist’. Arhat Fist Proficiency +1.’

‘Self-studying Features of Arhat Fist’. Arhat Fist Proficiency +1.’

‘Self-studying Features of Arhat Fist’. Arhat Fist Proficiency +1.’

While being caught in a daze, his proficiency level continued to grow wildly. As long as Ye Lingchen remained holding the book in his hands, his proficiency level would increase until its limit.

‘F*ck! I’m going to be a f*cking awesome person in the future!’

Half an hour later, Ye Lingchen walked out from the library in a refreshed and energized state. He hummed a little tune as he walked to the Manjushri Hall.

“Thank you for your blessing, Manjushri Bodhisattva for gifting me with the awesome Prodigy System. I’ll make good use of it.” Ye Lingchen chanted while he gave a kowtow respectfully.

“Ye Lingchen? You’re here too.” A crisp voice was heard echoing from his side.

He turned his head to the side and saw a young maiden standing right in front of him lively.

She was dressed in a pale yellow shirt and a light gray short skirt. Not a single part of her body was adorned with jewelry but she exuded a vivacious presence. Even when she had no makeup on at all, it was hard to conceal her beauty.



Purely natural.

“Yunxi, what a coincidence.” Ye Lingchen spoke with a smile, “you’re here by yourself too?”

She was Zhang Yunxi, the most beautiful maiden from Ye Ling’s village. Even though she was known to be the most beautiful maiden from the village, Ye Lingchen felt that she deserved to be known as the most beautiful woman in the city as well. She came from simple family background. As a result, she kept an exceedingly low profile. However, everyone who had met her before would fall in love with her despite it being unrequited.

Not only was she being pursued by all the young men in the entire village, but it was also said that Zhang Yunxi still got similarly pursued by the entire school after she enrolled there.

What a waste that Ye Lingchen’s result was so poor that he did not manage to enter the same high school as Zhang Yunxi. As a result, they drifted apart gradually. He had not expected to see her here.

“Hmm.” When they were staying in the same village, their houses were not far apart. They were considered childhood playmates. Zhang Yunxi looked to be in a joyous mood. “Just a few days until the college entrance examination. Our school is giving everyone day-offs. So, my mother sent me here to offer some worship. I heard you muttering to yourself earlier. What were you saying to the Buddha?”

“I was making a wish hoping that the Buddha will give blessings for me to enter the same college as my Goddess,” said Ye Lingchen in all sincerity and seriousness.

“Who’s your goddess?” asked Zhang Yunxi curiously.

Ye Lingchen cracked a smile toward Zhang Yunxi. “She’s far away on the horizon yet actually close before my eyes.”

“Bah. Don’t talk about this before the Buddha.” Zhang Yunxi blushed scarlet and tossed him a glare.

“The Buddha has already given me a reply saying that my wish will certainly come true.” Ye Lingchen continued to flirt calmly while Zhang Yunxi was blushing even more.

With the Prodigy System, Ye Lingchen noticed that his mentality had already changed completely. He was no longer as craven in his behavior as before. He was capable of making up a joke despite his lack of courage to do so in the past. He could also carry himself well before a beauty.

Both of them walked out of Hui’an Temple while chatting freely to each other after the worshipping ceremony.

There was a spacious square outside Hui’an Temple. At present, the crowd appeared to be increasing to their surprise. One part of the square was surrounded by a huge crowd with a soft noise emanating from it.

“If you wish to bless your child with good results in the college entrance examination. If you wish to bless your family with harmony and happiness. If you wish to bless your children and grandchildren with long lives, come over! The living Buddha is here to start giving blessings to everyone’s wish now…”

“It seems to be a blessing ceremony. Let’s head over to take a look. Perhaps we can seek for a blessing for our college entrance examination,” said Zhang Yunxi.

Both of them walked over and found a middle-aged man dressed in Daoist robe standing in the center surrounded by the crowd. He had a thin face, handlebar mustache and facial features akin to a medium. Two more burly men calling out loudly by his side to draw in the crowd.

“I’m a humble disciple of the Master Long Hushan. I pass by this place and sense that this is a rich land that fosters many talents. Last night, I was even granted a divine dream request that I must form ties with this place. Thus, I am performing a Daoism ritual here to help everyone to pursue good fortune and avoid disaster.” The Daoist monk waved his hand at the crowd and said ostentatiously.

A rack was set up behind his back. There was a good number of items stored on the rack including a Peach Wood Daoist Sword, blue-and-white porcelain, Daoist drawstring bag, copper coins, ink brush, et cetera…

“These are all my belongings on the tack. Every single item has been blessed with divinity and can detect spirits or devils. I wasn’t willing to take them out originally but I was granted a divine dream with a request in it. I was told not to possess it for myself so here I am, using them for all.”

The Daoist monk shook his head helplessly. He rubbed the rack affectionately as if he was caressing his dearest lover. “However, some of the items on the rack are only for display. I will never give them away.”

“For example, there’s this Peach Wood Daoist Sword. It has been with me for ten years. I’ve used it to kill evil ghosts before and it can be used to help others to resolve bad luck. Also, there’s this Buddha statue that was blessed with divinity by the Buddha himself. It is good for granting auspicious fortunes…”

Ye Lingchen was not impressed. Yet, Zhang Yunxi had a serious expression. “Whoa. The Daoist monk seems to be a very impressive person.”

In the crowd, many people were impressed by the charismatic Daoist monk despite not understanding what he said.

“Is that for real? He can’t be a conman, right?”

“Precisely! Does a celestial being truly exist in this world?”

“Can you bless my child to be the top scorer in the college entrance examination?”

There were even more people that doubted him.

However, the Daoist monk did manage to arouse everyone’s curiosity successfully regardless. More and more people were gathering around him now.

“I know that many of you don’t believe me. However, it’s fine. I’ll prove to all of you.” The Daoist monk stood on the same spot as he spoke. Coincidentally, a gust of wind blew against him and shook his Daoist robe. It made him appear as if he was a sage-like immortal.

“Bring me water and chopsticks.”

The Daoist monk swung his sleeves and filled up a glass with water. After showing it to the crowd, he placed the chopsticks into the water. One could see that the chopsticks were leaning to the side of the glass in the water.

Everyone watched quietly.

One could see that the Daoist monk placed the glass on the table and began circling the glass soon afterward. He chanted aloud, “I, the disciple of Long Hushan is pleading for Botthisatva to show your presence. Malimalihome!”

His finger pointed to the glass abruptly. The originally tilted chopsticks suddenly stood up slowly under the watchful eyes of the crowd.

“Huh! How is that possible?” Zhang Yunxi covered her mouth in astonishment. Her eyes were filled with awe and veneration.

“F*ck! The chopsticks are standing up in the water!”

“Holy sh*t. Could it be that the Bodhisattva has truly shown her presence?”

“Supreme being, this is a supreme master. Supreme master, please give blessings for my entire family’s safety!”

Everyone gasped aloud. They began looking at the Daoist monk in a different light at once.

“Supreme master, how can I ensure that my child scores well in the examination?”

“Supreme master, how can I make a good fortune, please tell me…”

The crowd was in full swing instantaneously.

The Daoist monk had a smile on his face. He stood on the same spot undisturbed and spoke in an indifferent attitude, “Bring the cauldron and light a fire!”

Upon receiving the order, two burly men walked to the cauldron that was prepared on the side since earlier and began to light a fire.

The crowd looked over and found that the cauldron was filled with oil surprisingly!

“Everyone, calm down,” the Daoist monk spoke slowly. “Even though I wish to help everyone very much, but my items are limited and there’s quite a number of all of you…”

“I’m willing to pay, sell it to the highest bidder!” Someone called out aloud from the crowd without waiting for him to finish his sentence.

“That’s right. Sell it to the highest bidder! Supreme master, please grant us your precious items!”

The Daoist monk looked at the crowd satisfactorily without speaking. Then, he turned around and procured a red Daoist drawstring bag with golden embroidery from the rack.

“This is a talisman. Take it along with you to ensure a lifetime of safe and peace. It’s also useful in helping to stop one occurrence of calamity!” Upon saying that, the Daoist monk dropped the drawstring bag into the oil bath at the sound of a plop.

The crowd had a drastic change of expression. At present, the oil bath was already boiling with steam gurgling out. It was incomparably thrilling.

“The drawstring bag is gifted to me by the Bodhisattva. Now, I’m gifting it to someone else. I deserved to be punished!” said the Daoist monk with a strong sense of righteousness. Soon afterward, he extended his hand slowly into the oil bath under the watchful eyes of the crowd holding their breath!

“Don’t, supreme master!”

“Supreme master, you’ve sacrificed too much for us! We’re ashamed, we’re ashamed!”

The Daoist monk retrieved the drawstring bag from the oil bath while drowning in the voices of people shouting in detest. He said gracefully, “there’s no need to worry, everyone. This is the calamity that the poor monk deserves. Who wants the drawstring bag talisman?”

“I beg you to give to me, supreme master. I bid for 500!”

“How is 500 okay? I bid for 1000!”


In the end, the drawstring bag was purchased by a fat man with 5000RMB. The fat man was as proud as a general’s return in triumph from battle…

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