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I Am A Prodigy
Chapter 9
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Chapter 9: Exposed

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“So impressive. He’s fine despite putting his hand into an oil bath!” Zhang Yunxi was stunned. Her charming eyes were filled with astonishment.

“That’s nothing but some tricks to deceive people.” Ye Lingchen pursed his lips and smiled calmly.

Zhang Yunxi hastily raised her hand to cover his mouth. She looked around cautiously like a child that had just committed an offense. “Tsk tsk tsk! How can you simply say things like that? Be careful, you might provoke the anger of the Bodhisattva. Take back what you said.”

Her hand was as delicate as a tiny boneless hand that emanated a faint scent. Ye Lingchen’s heart was beating like a galloping horse out of his control. The little girl had not changed at all.

“Alright, I take back what I said,” said Ye Lingchen smilingly.

Zhang Yunxi had only stopped then. Yet, she was still urging him repeatedly out of concern. “Better safe than sorry. Don’t ever provoke the anger of Bodhisattva just because of a slip of the tongue. Our luck is very important in our lives too.”

“Hmm hmm…” Ye Lingchen nodded violently from being amused. ‘I don’t think you’re aware that I’m gifted with the system. I’m a prodigy after all!’

At present, the Daoist monk had already begun auctioning the third item. It was a miniature blue-and-white porcelain bottle. It was engraved with peculiar characters and symbols all around. Anyhow, one could not understand its significance but it did appear classy and elegant.


The bottle was dropped into the oil bath. The Daoist monk picked it up just as before.

“Back in those years, Nuwa left behind a small amount of peculiar clay when she was repairing the Pillar of Heaven. This bottle is made of that particular clay. It is also fused with the Daoist charm left behind by the Daode Tianzhun. This bottle will improve a house’s Feng Shui and offer blessings for the safety of everyone in the house and quick success in career!”

“It’s a divine artifact. It’s definitely a divine artifact!” The crowd became astir.

“I’m bidding 10000, no one is allowed to outbid me!”

“I’m bidding 15000!”

A tiny little bottle was auctioned off at the high price of 66000 at last.

The Daoist monk rubbed his mustache and picked up an ink brush. He said subtly, “I believe that everyone is very interested in my final item. It is this ink brush!”

“This is the ink brushed used by Starlord Wen Qu when he was reincarnated into the mortal world back in those years. Those in possession of this brush will become a prodigy and become well-versed in all the dictums of heaven and earth. The college entrance examination will be nothing but a trifle matter!”

‘He even dares pose as a prodigy?’

Ye Lingchen felt rather speechless. Then, he took a glance at the surrounding crowd and noticed that they had already become excited. It was every parent’s wish for their children to have a bright future.

This time, the Daoist monk was not in a rush to auction off the item but his gaze swept past the crowd every so slightly and paused abruptly.

‘What a beautiful and pure young maiden!’

Even though she did not have the makeup on her at all and she was only casually dressed, but she was like fully bloomed daffodils. She was incomparably striking as she stood amongst the crowd similar to a red-crowned crane surrounded by a flock of hens.

A wisp of greed flashed past the Daoist monk’s eyes. His eyeballs rolled as an idea arose in his mind. He said loudly, “This ink brush is unlike any other. It needs to be linked to a person by fate!”

Soon afterward, he raised his hand and pointed to Zhang Yunxin. “Little maiden, you are precisely the fated person. Please come over.”

“Huh? Me… Me?” Zhang Yunxin was dumbfounded by astonishment. On the other hand, the crowd had parted to form a small path for her passing. They looked at her with envy.

“That’s right. The fated person is precisely you!” The Daoist monk nodded solemnly.

Ye Lingchen frowned ever so slightly as he followed Zhang Yunxi to come forward slowly.

“The ink brush is yours from now on.” The Daoist monk passed the ink brush to Zhang Yunxi solemnly.

Zhang Yunxi dared not stretch out her hand. “But… I don’t have any money.”

“You’re the fated person. This is the Bodhisattva’s will. No one is allowed to violate that.” The Daoist monk said mysteriously, “It’s fine if you don’t have any money. You will only need to give me permission to study your bone structure and receive the Bodhisattva’s approval!”

“Study my bone structure?” Zhang Yunxin retreated ever so slightly.

“Don’t be afraid, little maiden. The poor monk is devoted to the divine. My six roots of sensation are free from human desires and passions. It’s just a very pure study of bone structure. It helps link you with the Bodhisattva too.” The Daoist monk stepped forward.

“That’s right, little maiden. Since you’re so lucky, you shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity…”

“The maiden is truly blessed…”

“Supreme master, how about me, please help to study my bone structure as well…”

The crowd was engaged in an animated discussion. Everyone envied Zhang Yunxi very much and she found herself trapped in a difficult situation.

The Daoist monk’s groping hands extended further and further while the smile on his face grew wider and wider. He was incomparably wretched like a starving gray wolf pouncing toward the fluffy little lamb.

His groping hands approached closer and closer. It felt as if he could touch Zhang Yunxi’s slender waist in the next moment.

Meanwhile, Ye Lingchen stepped forward abruptly at the critical moment. He shielded himself righteously before the helpless Zhang Yunxi and shouted aloud, “Stop it! Let go of the girl!”

The Daoist monk’s hand stopped moving for a moment. He looked at Ye Lingchen ferociously. “Who are you? How dare you disturb the Bodhisattva, you will be punished!”

“Who are you to represent the Bodhisattva? You can deceive people as much as you want and I won’t be bothered! How dare you deceive your way to my side, is it because I’m too nice to you!” Ye Lingchen sneered coldly. He was supposed to be here to join the bustling crowd but he would never tolerate the Daoist monk’s attempt to harass the most beautiful woman in his village!


The crowd became agitated. They distanced themselves from him one after another.

“Huh? What did the young lad drink to have such boldness to scold the supreme master?”

“This boy has the audacity to disrespect the supreme master. I’m afraid that he will never know what causes his death!”

“We must stay further away from him from now on. Beware of bad luck if you get too close to him!”

“What an ostentatious child. Sigh, kids these days…”

The Daoist monk appeared pleased with himself after seeing the crowd’s reaction. He raised his chin and chuckled aloud. He pointed to Ye Lingchen. “I can see that you’re still a student. You’ve already been abandoned by the Bodhisattva so your college entrance examination is doomed too.”

As soon as those words were spoken, the crowd was even more petrified. Zhang Yunxi was looking at Ye Lingchen in an incomparably worried manner as well.

“Little maiden, it’s best that you keep your distance from him now if you don’t want to bring trouble upon yourself and let me study your bone structure,” said the Daoist monk next.

“You should study your grandmother’s leg!” Ye Lingchen raised his leg and kicked away the Daoist monk in one attempt!

“Impudent child, how dare you strike me!” The Daoist monk got up from the ground shabbily and pointed to Ye Lingchen in rage. “You’re dead, boy. You will surely be struck by lightning and split into two halves in less than 3 days!”

“Struck by lightning and split into two halves?” Ye Lingchen sneered.

“That’s right!” The Daoist monk looked at Ye Lingchen mockingly as if he was confident that he could overpower Ling Zichen. “Scared now? However, heaven is virtuous in sparing lives. As long as you are willing to kneel and give me 3 loud kowtows, I can plead for a favor from the Bodhisattva on behalf of you to spare your life!”

Meanwhile, a motherly figure walked out from the crowd and spoke out in an attempt to persuade him, “Child, don’t act on impulse without due consideration. Apologize to the master monk quickly. There’s still room for salvation.”

“That’s right. The master monk is magnanimous. Do appreciate the opportunity.”

“Your behavior is not only hurting yourself but the people in your family will be suffering from misfortune too!”

“Young man, do consider properly. Don’t do something that you’ll regret for the rest of your life.”

“Lingchen, the Bodhisattva won’t be blaming you for real, right. It’s all my fault…” Zhang Yunxi looked at Ye Lingchen helplessly. She blamed herself ceaselessly. Tears could be seen pooling up in her eyes as they emitted a shimmer.

“It’s fine.” Ye Lingchen smiled ever so slightly. His face was brimming with a confident glow that consoled Zhang Yunxi into feeling calmer.

Ye Lingchen stepped forward. “I’m going to give you a chance as well. Apologize to the lady beside me if you don’t want me to expose your hoax. Otherwise, I’ll leave you to deal with your consequences!”

“I’m helping the mortal people to seek blessings sincerely yet you’re doubting me. You have impure motives!” The Daoist monk feigned his calmness. “I’ve never been a man of lies, how are you going to expose me then?”

“Heh-heh. You asked for it then!” Ye Lingchen stepped forward with long strides and walked to the oil bath under the close watch of everyone on the scene. Then, he raised his hand and dipped his hand toward the oil bath.

“Gah! Don’t!” Zhang Yunxi gasped out aloud. Her eyes were reddened as tears streamed down her face.

Ye Lingchen was sacrificing himself by doing so because of her!

However, Ye Lingchen carried on as if nothing had happened with his hands dipped in the oil bath. He said, “The temperature of the oil bath is just nice for a hand wash.”

“Err… err…” The crowd looked at Ye Lingchen. They were so dumbfounded with astonishment they could not speak.

Zhang Yunxi walked in long strides and arrived by Ye Lingchen’s side. She pulled out his hands from the oil bath and took a look to find that, to her surprise, his hands were clean and utterly unharmed.

“You, you can wash your hands in the oil bath as well. Could it be that you’re a celestial being as well?” Zhang Yunxi widened her mouth ever so slightly and looked at Ye Lingchen in astonishment.

“Foolish little girl, there’s no celestial being. This is nothing but some insignificant little magic tricks.” Ye Lingchen burst out laughing aloud. “Add white vinegar to an oil bath. The vinegar will sink to the bottom of the cauldron. When a fire is lit, the vinegar with a lower boiling point will boil first such that it looks like the oil bath is boiling. In truth, the temperature is less than 40 degrees celsius.”

“Is that so?” A burly man walked forward from the crowd. He stretched out his hand nervously and attempted to dip it into the oil bath. He spoke in shock, “Huh? It’s not warm at all!”

The crowd of people began to realize that something was wrong.

The Daoist monk’s face had already turned ghastly pale. He blabbered and said stubbornly, “Stop using your evil doctrine to mislead the people! This is the result of Bodhisattva’s presence!”

Ye Lingchen smiled. “Also, there’s this act of erecting a chopstick in water. It is done by utilizing the principle of water misalignment.”

He walked to the front of the table and pointed toward the glass. “Erect!”

“It’s erected! It’s erected too!”

“The young man is truly impressive. He knows so much about things!”

“Knowledge is power. It’ll be good if my son is half as intelligent as he is.”

“F*ck! So we’ve been deceived by this conman earlier!”

“Quiet down, everyone. He is using black magic. Don’t ever be deceived by the young lad’s black magic!” The Daoist monk struggled in an attempt to provide the final explanation.

“It seems like you’re still clinging on to hope until all hope is gone!”

Ye Lingchen shook his head. Soon afterward, he walked to the front of the old man that bought the bottle earlier.

“You bought a bottle earlier. The Daoist monk claimed that the bottle offers a blessing for the safety of everyone in the house. However, the characters engraved on the surface symbolizes calmness and tranquility. It is the most common symbol in Buddhism. You can learn about it by checking on Baidu online.”

The old man took a photo of the bottle and uploaded it to Baidu. He was stunned from astonishment at once.

The internet has not only provided him with an explanation but he found countless products that looked exactly the same as this bottle on sale. It was selling for only 8.80RMB!

“Err… Err…” He treated the bottle preciously at first yet who would have thought that he had just bought this piece of trash for 66000RMB.

The rest of the people began to waver after learning about the truth. They took out the precious items that they purchased to take photos. They could immediately see the flaws at once under close inspection, especially the drawstring bag. It was printed with manufacturing date and manufacturing location…

“F*ck! He’s a conman! Everything he sold is fake. Those are all worthless trash!”

“We’ve all been tricked by him!”

They looked up and found that the Daoist monk did not even bother to close up his stall but he was all set to run away.

The crowd was mad with rage. At present, they packed themselves tightly in the square. They watched the Daoist monk and his people closely while bearing the intention to kill these people.

Their money was not blown in by the wind but it was their hard-earned cash.

Their money would have been wasted in vain had it not been the conman’s act being exposed. They had regarded the Daoist monk as a celestial monk. It was such a huge embarrassment for them!

“Don’t listen to the boy’s nonsense. I’m truly capable of communicating with the divine. I’m seeking blessing for everyone’s safety…”

“F*ck! How dare you try to deceive us again. Are you trying to f*ck with our intelligence again?”

“Conman, give me back my money!”

“How dare you trick me. Here’s a punch from me!”

Pow pow pow pow!

At once, the sound of the human punching bag was heard echoing from the crowd. Soon afterward, agonizing screams were heard…

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