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I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible
Chapter 12 - Soul Seed Seal
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Chapter 12: Soul Seed Seal

“You killed a heretic who tried to destroy your secluded lifestyle. You’ve been rewarded with a soul seed seal!”

The system’s voice rang out as Chu Xuan took out the soul seed seal.

The soul seed seal could plant a soul seal on the enemy’s spiritual will or soul. Once a soul seal was planted, the enemy’s life or death would be in Chu Xuan’s hands. Furthermore, he could force the person to act according to his own spiritual will, and they would be unable to resist or disobey.

The most terrifying thing was that, even though the controlled person was clearly conscious and had a clear mind, he would be unable to go against his will.

If the controlled person was asked to kill the person he loved the most, he would still be unable to resist the order. However, the controlled person still maintained their mental clarity. This would definitely be the most terrifying torture for the controlled person.

The soul seed seal could be considered an extremely terrifying secret technique. That small seal was the foundation of the soul seed seal. It was not a treasure or divine weapon.

It was an evolution of a secret technique.

The system directly rewarded him with it, so Chu Xuan did not need to painstakingly cultivate it in order to create it.

Chu Xuan was overjoyed. With the soul seed seal, he could control the heretics who wanted to harm him, and he could also control the heretics to fight against each other.

Once the soul seed seal was planted, the controlled person’s would still be conscious, and their mental clarity would still be present. However, they would not be able to betray or act against the will of the controller.

If Chu Xuan forcefully controlled their will to kill the other heretics, this would undoubtedly result in great chaos among the heretic cult.

After all, the heretics kept looking for him again and again. Chu Xuan’s heart also felt pressured.

Lu Qiang’s strength was not worth mentioning, but what if the heretic cult sent a void realm expert the next time?

He would definitely not be able to kill him silently. He would only be able to alert the experts of the Chu family. If that was the case, he would be exposed. How could he secretly become stronger then?

In a worst-case scenario, what if the evil imperial court sent experts over as well?

Therefore, he had to increase his strength as soon as possible.

If he did not enter the emperor realm, he would not feel safe.

Even if he was at the emperor realm, he would not be safe in this vast world where there were countless experts.

Of course, if he reached the emperor realm, he would at least be very safe in the Southern Region.

It was rumored that there were no emperor realm experts in the Southern Region!

Quietly, the evil cult’s plan to disrupt and destroy the Chu family’s territory disintegrated.

The Chu family knew nothing about it.

After destroying the cult’s plot, Chu Xuan remained low-key. The main focus of the Chu family was on eliminating the cult.

The direct descendants of the Chu family seemed to have forgotten about his existence.

The battle with the cult became more and more intense. Even the servants who delivered his food had heard a lot of news.

Chu Xuan could only hope that the evil imperial court would not send over any experts to attack.

Just the power of the evil cult itself was not enough to shake the Chu family.

In the entire Southern Region, the Chu family was indeed nothing but, in the Qin Kingdom, they were one of the three great aristocratic families, and their strength was not weak either.

Chu Xuan had been staying in seclusion for four months now.

“You have stayed in seclusion for four months. You have been rewarded with a sword control technique.”

The reward for four months of seclusion was a sword control technique, and the grade of the technique was the emperor-level.

Chu Xuan’s strength had risen to the seventh level of the spirit realm, and his speed of cultivation was so fast that it would make the elites of the world cry, and make the saints weep!

The cat’s strength had also increased a little, and it was now at the fifth level of the spirit realm.

As for the spirit devouring flower, after swallowing Lu Qiang, it also ate great spirit pills every day, so its growth was not slow either.

Although it still looked like a small tree, once its true form was revealed, it would be up to two to three hundred meters tall.

In a cave in Chu County, a few people exuding evil auras gathered. The person in the lead wore a black mask. He was skinny and had gray hair. He sat at the head of the group without saying a word.

“What happened to Lu Qiang? Why haven’t there been any movements?”

A man with a scar on his face asked.

“Was he discovered and killed by the Chu family?”

In the group, a woman with an enchanting figure and a colorful face frowned.

“Impossible, there were no signs of battle in the Chu family’s territory.”

Some people denied the possibility.

“Then what happened? Did Lu Qiang not make a move? Did he betray us?”

“Impossible. Who would accept a member of our cult? Betrayal won’t result in a good ending.”

“Perhaps Lu Qiang is waiting for an opportunity to release the poisonous smoke into the core area of the Chu family’s territory?”

The higher-ups of the cultists’ Chu County branch were discussing the possibilities animatedly.

“Leader, the Chu family has gone too far. We should report this to the imperial court and have them send experts over.”

“Do we have to trouble the imperial court over the mere matter of the Chu family? Aren’t we useless in that case? Why would the imperial court take us seriously?”

The masked man in the leader’s seat pressed his hands together and said, “The Chu family has indeed gone too far. Tell Lu Qiang to stop waiting for an opportunity and to act immediately.”

“Chu Qing, the heaven’s blessed of this generation of the Chu family, is in charge of this operation against our cult. That old ghost Chu Tianming wants to use our cult to train his juniors, but I don’t know what that old ghost will do if Chu Qing dies.”

“Spread the word and locate Chu Qing’s position. I will personally take his dog life!”

“Yes, Cult Leader!”

A group of cult experts left the cave one after another.

One of them began to think of a way to contact Lu Qiang.

He took out a bead and crushed it.

This was a signal. Once the bead was crushed, the bead on Lu Qiang’s body would also be crushed. This meant that he would have to act immediately.

The bead was a one-way communication device. If the bead in Lu Qiang’s hand was crushed, the original corresponding bead would not be crushed.

Therefore, he did not know that Lu Qiang had already turned into a cold corpse.

Three days later, the cult experts gathered again in the cave again.

At first, there was a period of silence.

“Lu Qiang may have died.”

The Chu family was calm and peaceful. There were no movements at all.

During these three days, the Chu family somehow obtained information and attacked a hidden base of the cult.

Another void realm elder had died.

The cult had suffered heavy losses.

There were only so many void realm experts in the branch of the cult in the entire Chu County, yet two of them had already died.

To the cult in Chu County, it was as if their bones and tendons had been ripped from them.

Apart from Chu County, the imperial family of the Qin Kingdom had also attacked aggressively and killed a void realm elder of the cult.

The Zhao family and the He family did not show any weakness either and also killed a void realm elder.

The Great Zhou and Purple Moon kingdoms, which had obtained information from the Qin Kingdom, also launched an operation to wipe out the heretic cult and weed out the originally hidden heretic cult spies.

They lost three void realm elders.

All of this was because of the Chu family.

The hidden techniques and methods of the heretic cult were also discovered and revealed by the Chu family, destroying the heretic cult’s many years of planning.

How despicable!

“Since the Chu family has discovered the hidden techniques and methods of our cult, it would naturally not be easy for Lu Qiang to sneak in. Let’s forget about the Chu family for the time being and force the He family to gather their experts back to defend.”

In the end, the cult decided to destroy the He family’s territory and force the He family to withdraw their experts back to their territory, making sure that the experts of the He Family could not come to the support of Chu County.

“When the imperial court arrives, we must destroy the Chu family first. How utterly despicable they’ve been!”

A cult expert said hatefully.

Chu Xuan heard a piece of news that shook the Qin Kingdom.

After the servant delivered the food each day, Chu Xuan would ask for news about the club.

He actually found out that, just a day ago, the He family’s territory had been infiltrated by the cult experts, who released poisonous smoke and fire.

One-third of the family’s territory had been destroyed, especially the medicinal herbs in one of the spirit fields, wherein almost all of the herbs had been destroyed. It could be said that they had suffered heavy losses.

Hundreds of servants had been killed or injured, and several spirit realm guards had died.

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