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I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible
Chapter 14 - Stimulation
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Chapter 14: Stimulation

“I don’t have any experience either. But it’s precisely because I don’t have any experience that it’s so exciting.”

The smile on Old Seventh’s face gradually became lascivious.

He raised his hand and waved it. The red silk unfolded itself, ready to form a large cocoon that would wrap the two inside it to play some exciting games.

Chu Xuan could not stand it anymore.

He did not even have a maid, yet Old Seventh was actually trying to provoke him right under his nose. Was this not deliberately provoking him?

Thinking about how he was alone in the courtyard, without even a maid to serve, Chu Xuan sighed. After all, he was the young master of an aristocratic family.

This level of treatment was too poor.

With a delicate maid around, he would not have to lift a finger. At the very least, she would be pleasing to the eye.

Focusing his spiritual will, a thin tree branch floated up off the ground.


It fiercely smacked Old Seventh’s buttocks.

Given that Old Seventh’s strength was only at the second level of the profound stage, how could he discover Chu Xuan’s spiritual will?


Old Seventh’s hands were still acting dishonestly when his buttocks were suddenly attacked. He was so frightened that he trembled and cried out in pain.

“What’s wrong?”

He Weiwei asked nervously.

“Someone hit me!”

Old Seventh gritted his teeth and said.

“There’s no one around.”

He Wei Wei said in puzzlement.

Old Seventh rubbed his buttocks and spread his spiritual will out, but did not discover anyone.

Then, he thought of something and looked at He Weiwei with a strange smile. “Is that so? You’re really bad. Let’s see how your husband will deal with you!”

Baring his fangs and brandishing his claws, he threw He Weiwei to the ground.

Chu Xuan’s face turned black as he raised the branch again.


He gave Old Seventh a hard smack once again.

Old Seventh grunted. “Beating is a kiss, scolding is love. Weiwei, your husband will not back down.”

This bastard, could it be that he had some unspeakable tendencies?

Chu Xuan was speechless.

Smack smack smack!

He slapped Old Seventh several times consecutively, but that fellow cried out in pain as he continued to prepare to pull off He Weiwei’s clothes.

He Weiwei’s pretty face was flushed red, and she was extremely nervous.

She saw a stick smacking Old Seventh.

The Chu family’s ancestors must have seen them.

I’m going to die! I’m going to die!

She was an innocent girl. Faced with such a situation, she would definitely resist.

Otherwise, would she not leave a bad impression on the Chu family’s ancestors?

He Weiwei started to struggle.

“No, Brother Seventh, don’t be like this. Let me go!”

“Scream, go ahead and scream. No one will hear you even if you scream until your throat is dry.”

Old Seventh’s blood was boiling. It was all too exciting.

Weiwei was indeed a good match for him. She was being too cooperative!

Chu Xuan was about to vomit blood.

For real! This b*stard Old Seventh must truly have some unspeakable tendencies.

Moreover, looking at his appearance, it should not be the first time the two of them had fooled around like this!

F*ck, they really were a perfect match for each other!

If he did not stop them, he would soon have to bear witness to the whole thing.

Chu Xuan used his spiritual will to pick up a thicker branch and poked Old Seventh’s butt!


Old Seventh jumped up a few meters, covered his butt, and stared at He Weiwei.

“Weiwei, you’ve gone too far. You actually poked me there. I was almost scared sh*tless!”

He Weiwei hurriedly tidied up her messy clothes. Her eyes were aggrieved, and she looked at him weakly.

“It wasn’t me. It’s… It’s a senior from the Chu family!”

Old Seventh’s expression froze. He gulped and said nervously, “Weiwei, was it really not you?”

“It wasn’t me!”

He Weiwei lowered her head.

Old Seventh laughed dryly and looked around. “Which uncle is present? I was just joking with Weiwei.”

It was too awkward!

“I… I’m going back.”

He Weiwei blushed and hurriedly left.

Seeing no elders appear, Old Seventh smiled awkwardly and prepared to leave.

F*ck! It was too f*cking awkward to have been seen acting like that in front of an elder.

Fortunately, he was thick-skinned enough.

When he left the small forest, he saw a small courtyard in the distance.

He ran over and asked, “Thirteenth, are you there?”

When he pushed open the door, he saw Chu Xuan sitting on the reclining chair leisurely.

“Thirteenth, do you want to go back to the ancestral residence? I’ll go and plead for you if that’s the case.”

“No need. I’m living quite well here.”

“You’re too much. Work harder. As long as you break through to the profound realm, grandfather won’t be angry with you anymore.”

As Old Seventh said this, he looked around the courtyard and asked in a slightly lowered voice, “Thirteenth, which uncle visited just now?”

He did not suspect Chu Xuan at all. In his eyes, Chu Xuan, who was supposedly at the mortal realm, would not even be able to sense any movements happening in the small forest.

“No idea.”

Chu Xuan shook his head.

Old Seventh walked around the yard and sighed, “Thirteen, aren’t you lonely?”

“It’s difficult for you to stay in the courtyard all alone. Why don’t I find two maids to accompany you?”

Chu Xuan was a little tempted when he heard his offer, but he immediately shook his head and refused.

“There’s no need. I’m living free and unfettered by myself.”

“Sigh, thirteenth, you just don’t know how to have fun. Look at the surrounding environment. The trees are lush and verdant, and it can be quite interesting there late at night.”

Old Seventh clicked his tongue.

“Old Seventh, you’re very experienced?”

“A little, just a little. I don’t have too much experience. I’ve just played around a few dozen times.”


Chu Xuan asked after holding back for a long time.

“How boring would it be to do so alone.”

This was a f*cking Sea King!

He Weiwei could not be a Sea Queen, right? If she was, the two of them were a perfect match.

After chatting for a while, Chu Xuan asked about the cult.

The food delivery servant naturally would not know too much information. As a direct descendant, Old Seventh would naturally know more about the matter.

The heretic cult had suffered heavy setbacks and, after they went into hiding, their guerilla-style warfare caused quite a bit of damage to the Chu family.

This was especially true half a month ago, where a void realm Chu family elder had actually been surrounded and killed.

The reason why they had successfully surrounded and besieged that elder was because the heretic cult had paid a huge price to purchase the traces of that family elder’s location from the Black Moon Tower, and had set up an ambush in advance.

Black Moon Tower was the most mysterious force in the Southern Region. As long as one could afford the price, they could buy any piece of intelligence, commission any mission, and buy any treasure from Black Moon Tower.

Even if the Chu family knew that the Black Moon Tower leaked the whereabouts of the family elder, causing him to be surrounded and killed by the cult’s experts, they still did not dare to make a move against Black Moon Tower.

Black Moon Tower was too powerful and too mysterious.

Moreover, the Chu family would also obtain the resources they needed from Black Moon Tower from time to time.

To purchase the information regarding their Chu family elder, the cultists would have had to pay a huge price. Black Moon Tower had always been black-hearted, and their prices were equally as outrageous.

The Chu family had also wanted to purchase information on the cult, but their asking price was too high. It was not worth paying at all. Otherwise, they would have long exterminated the cult.

Black Moon Tower seemed to be deliberately raising the price to maintain the situation between the different parties in the conflict.

If one side was completely victorious, how could Black Moon Tower continue to obtain profits?

In fact, in some chaotic places, or in some battles, there were traces of Black Moon Tower adding fuel to the fire.

Everyone knew that Black Moon Tower was evil, but because it was too mysterious and powerful, it had spread its wings throughout the entire Southern Region. No one knew where their headquarters were.

No force or dynasty dared to try and destroy Black Moon Tower.

In history, a powerful dynasty had destroyed traces of Black Moon Tower within its own territory but, in less than half a month, that powerful dynasty had been wiped from the face of the continent.

In addition, Black Moon Tower was rebuilt soon after.

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