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I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible
Chapter 16 - Something Is Wrong With The Chu Family
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Chapter 16: Something Is Wrong With The Chu Family

Zhu Qiang noticed that Zhu Yan’s expression had gradually contorted, and that her eyes were filled with evil and perverted thoughts.

His heart trembled. This woman, what bad thing is she up to again?

He hurriedly sent over a voice transmission, “Don’t worry about Chu Qiuluo’s son. Focus on the mission at hand.”

“No, I have an idea now!”

Zhu Yan’s eyes grew brighter and brighter, and the corners of her mouth curled up. Her smile turned more and more sinister.

“What do you think will happen if I give birth to a grandson for Chu Qiuluo and a great-grandson for that old ghost Chu Tianming?”

“Even thinking about it excites me to no end!”

Zhu Qiang’s eyes widened as he sucked in a breath of cold air. F*ck, this woman was too f*cking evil!

Zhu Yan’s smile became more and more perverted.

“If it really turns out this way, will the Chu family kill me? Or will they kill Chu Qiuluo’s son and Chu Qiuluo’s grandson?”

“What will happen if Chu Qiuluo returns one day?”

Zhu Qiang shivered. When he imagined that scene, he broke out into a cold sweat.

If this matter was really successful, the Chu family would lose all face. What Would Chu Qiuluo do?

What would Chu Tianming think?


He did not know why, but he was actually looking forward to it.

“The mission at hand is more important. Let’s not complicate matters, shall we?”

Zhu Qiang was indeed looking forward to it, but in order to avoid creating more problems, he tried to persuade her.

“You don’t understand. Since we’re already here, we should take advantage of Chu Qiuluo’s son’s presence. If we’re exposed, at least we’ll have a hostage.”

Zhu Yan walked toward the small courtyard step by step.

“Will Black Moon Tower sell information regarding our actions and whereabouts to the Chu family?”

With a hostage in hand, it seemed that they would be able to escape unscathed. Zhu Qiang followed behind her and asked worriedly.

“Hmph, how could those black-hearted people from Black Moon Tower sell our whereabouts to the Chu family so easily?”

Zhu Yan sneered and said, “Only when the Chu family has suffered heavy losses can intelligence on us be sold for a higher price.”

Zhu Qiang thought about it and agreed. Were it not for Black Moon Tower secretly providing some intelligence support to them, the cult in Chu County would have long been eradicated.

Black Moon Tower was truly black-hearted. For the sake of maximizing their own benefits, they secretly stirred up and encouraged trouble.

However, Black Moon Tower was powerful, and even the evil imperial court was wary of them.

Chu Xuan felt very helpless.

More cult members who were courting death had come.

If you wanted to create trouble, could you not just go around me?

Why did you have to target me?

The ones who had infiltrated the territory this time were actually two void realm experts, who were senior leaders at the level of elders in the cult.

The precious clothes they wore could actually completely merge their figures into the darkness, almost as if they were hiding in the void. Even the spiritual will of a void realm martial artist would not be able to detect them easily.

Such precious clothes would have no doubt been purchased from Black Moon Tower.

The heretic cult had paid a huge price in order to secure the success of this operation.

They had even dispatched two void realm elders.

Zhu Yan and Zhu Qiang entered the courtyard without a hitch and, from a glance, they saw Chu Xuan sitting on the reclining chair in the courtyard.

“He’s so handsome. As expected of Chu Qiuluo’s son!”

Zhu Yan’s eyes lit up and her smile became even brighter.


Chu Xuan frowned. What kind of expression did this bewitching, but multi-colored ugly freak have?

Did she train evil techniques to the point of foolishness?

“Little boy, come with me. I’ll take good care of you. I’ll definitely give birth to a big, healthy boy for you!”

Zhu Yan’s smile gradually turned perverted. She raised her hand and tried to grab Chu Xuan!

What the f*ck!

Chu Xuan was so disgusted that goosebumps appeared all over his body.

The old witch had to die!

He originally wanted to capture her and interrogate her. He wanted to plant a soul seed seal on her so that she could go back and kill the heretic cult’s experts.

However, the moment Zhu Yan opened her mouth, he was overcome with utter disgust.

“Go to hell, old witch!”

He raised his hand and pointed his finger at her. A bolt of lightning shot out from his finger.

Thunderbolt Finger!

Zhu Yan’s perverted smile froze on her face.

Not good!

The spiritual power in her body surged, and she was about to resist his attack.

However, in his disgust and anger, Chu Xuan attacked with full force, so how could she resist?


The lightning directly poked a hole in her face.


Chu Xuan’s finger quickly pointed, and bolts of lightning shot out each time.

Pu, Pu, Pu!

Lightning flashed all over Zhu Yan’s body, and black smoke filled the air. The corpse that had not even fallen down was instantly turned into a sieve by his attacks!

Zhu Qiang, who was standing to the side, felt a chill rush to his head. His entire body trembled, and cold sweat dripped down his back.

This was too terrifying!

How old was he?

He was even more terrifying than Chu Qiuluo back then.


He had to flee!

Zhu Qiang cursed Zhu Yan to death in his heart. Why did she have to have this kind of perverted idea? Now, his mission was in jeopardy, and his partner’s body had been turned into a sieve!

His body moved, and he retreated rapidly!


For some reason, despite retreating rapidly, there was an unusual atmosphere in the surroundings, and he had completely lost his sense of direction.

Not far ahead, he could clearly see the courtyard wall.

Nevertheless, despite how hard he rushed forward, he could not get close to it.


Zhu Qiang swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and his heart sank!

Array formation?

There was a truth realm expert in the Chu family?

How could it be?

Could it be that Chu Qiuluo had returned?

When he thought of the person who had suppressed the Qin Kingdom by himself, the most talented man in the history of the Chu family, or even the history of the Qin Kingdom…

Zhu Qiang’s heart sank.

It was rumored that Chu Qiuluo and his wife had gone missing while exploring a mystic realm. Could it be that they had obtained a great opportunity and had broken through to the truth realm?

Otherwise, how could the Chu family possess an array formation?

Formations were very few and far between in the Southern Region.

If Chu Qiuluo had not broken through to the truth realm, then the Chu family must have paid a huge price to buy a formation-setting artifact from Black Moon Tower!

No matter what the situation was, Zhu Qiang knew that he was going to die!

Since that was the case, then he had to take a gamble!

A fierce look flashed across Zhu Qiang’s face. He was about to release the demonic smoke that he had prepared for this trip when, suddenly, a large hand grabbed him.

There was no way for him to resist. He was directly captured and sealed, unable to move.

Chu Xuan sat on the chair and looked down at Zhu Qiang, who was lying on the ground.

Zhu Qiang noticed that Zhu Yan’s corpse, which had been turned into a sieve, was currently being devoured by a strange-looking small tree.

After a short while, Zhu Yan’s corpse disappeared.

He was terrified. That small tree seemed to be looking at him now, eager to devour him.

Something was wrong with the Chu family!

What kind of strange tree was that?

Why was Chu Qiuluo’s son so strong?

Could it be that the Chu family had been hiding their strength and were plotting something big?

“You guys have come to disturb me time and time again. Your cult is really courting death.”

Chu Xuan said coldly.

He did not speak any further. A small seal appeared in his hand, and he directly used the soul seed seal to plant the soul seed seal on Zhu Qiang.

Zhu Qiang was shocked to find that he no longer felt any enmity towards Chu Xuan. He could not think of any thoughts of resisting or attacking him.

He clearly had all sorts of enmity toward Chu Xuan in his heart. He had even wanted to kill him just a moment ago.

What was going on?

Zhu Qiang was terrified.

His thoughts were normal and his consciousness was clear. However, he did not and could not drum up any enmity or any desire to resist toward Chu Xuan.

Even if the other party attacked him in order to kill, he would not resist. In fact, he would even obediently stretch out his neck.

This was the first time Chu Xian had used the soul seed seal, and he was filled with anticipation for the results.

Through the soul seed seal, he could sense Zhu Qiang’s current state.

This meant that he could sense the death of the person who had been planted with the soul seed seal, and he would also know how he died.

Chu Xuan felt that he could use the soul seed seal as a medium to send a wisp of his spiritual will over.

However, he did not know if he would violate the rules of seclusion by sending a wisp of his spiritual will out with Zhu Qiang when he left the small courtyard.

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