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I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible
Chapter 17 - Zhu Qiang Has Gone Crazy
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Chapter 17: Zhu Qiang Has Gone Crazy

Chu Xuan only thought about it briefly. He would not take the risk to send over a wisp of his spiritual will and leave with Zhu Qiang.

If his actions broke the rules of seclusion, his seclusion record would be reset. After staying in the courtyard for such a long time, he would then have to start from the beginning again.

After planting the soul seed seal on Zhu Qiang, Chu Xuan inquired about his purpose in coming here.

In order to inflict losses to the Chu family, the cult had to pay a higher price every time they took action. This time, they actually brought along a wisp of demonic smoke.

Demonic smoke was different from poisonous smoke and toxic fire. Once it was released, the contaminated area would be extremely difficult to restore.

The price one would need to pay to purchase it was more than ten times that of poisonous smoke and toxic fire.

Moreover, once people below the profound realm inhaled the demonic smoke, their consciousness would become chaotic and they would fall into madness.

If the demonic smoke was really released in the Chu family’s territory, the servants would definitely suffer heavy casualties.

One had to know that the servants in the Chu family’s territory were all handpicked and had a certain amount of talent in various fields. Moreover, their family backgrounds were clean and they were relatively loyal to the family. They were truly assets worth nurturing.

If the casualties among them were serious, it would definitely be a great loss to the family.

The demonic smoke was refined from the corpses of the demon race. It had a very strong contaminating power. Even evil cultivators did not dare to easily come into contact with the demonic smoke before they broke through to the spirit realm.

The demon race had existed for a very long time in the Southern Region.

In some ancient battlefields, there would be a small number of demon corpses left behind.

Usually, only evil cultivators would collect the demon corpses.

The cult was really acting ruthlessly this time.

Chu Xuan looked at Zhu Qiang and directly forced him to act according to his own will.

He ordered Zhu Qiang to return to the cult’s base, release the poisonous smoke, and conduct a sneak attack on the experts of the cult. He tasked Zhu Qiang with killing as many as he could, and never revealing anything about the Chu family.

After giving him the order, he let Zhu Qiang leave.

Zhu Qiang was on the verge of collapse. His consciousness and thoughts were clear. The only thing he could not do was resist the will of his controller which was hidden in the darkness.

He felt terrified in his heart, but the expression on his face did not show it at all.

Everything looked normal, and there was no sign that he was being controlled.

It was over!

Zhu Qiang knew that he was going to die. The Chu family was too terrifying.

The cult’s Chu County secret headquarters.

This was their third headquarters.

They would change locations every once in a while.

Besides avoiding the Chu family’s detection, they also wanted to avoid Black Moon Tower.

If they stayed in one place for too long, it would be easy for Black Moon Tower to find them. They might even sell information about their secret base to the Chu family at a high price.

In order to prevent such a situation from happening, the headquarters would change locations every once in a while.

Only the leader, vice leader, and a few elders knew the location of the headquarters.

They could be trusted. It was almost guaranteed that Black Moon Tower could not spy on them.

In the cave, the cult’s vice sect leader for the Qin Kingdom, Wang Tu, and the cult’s protector for the Purple Moon Kingdom sat at the head of the table.

The Chu County leader and many elders sat at the table as well.

They were all waiting for the news of Zhu Qiang and Zhu Yan.

Chu Qing had been heavily injured and a third-level void realm Chu elder had fallen. They had finally enraged Chu Tianming, forcing him to leave the family territory and make a move personally.

The cult took decisive action and once again aimed to take revenge on the Chu family’s territory.

It was all thanks to the Chu clan that the cult had suffered heavy losses recently.

A branch of the cult in the Purple Moon Kingdom had even been directly annihilated.

The Qin kingdom was in a situation where the four families ruled together and, under most circumstances, they were each in charge of their own territories.

However, the Purple Moon Kingdom was not like this. The Violet Moon Kingdom’s royal family was extremely powerful and firmly controlled the entire kingdom so, at the first possible moment, they gathered a portion of their strength and struck out with lightning speed to annihilate a branch of the cult.

The fourth-level void realm branch leader and numerous elders were all annihilated.

It was precisely because of this that the Purple Moon Kingdom’s cult protector brought along a wisp of demonic smoke in order to take revenge on the Chu family!

“Brother Wang Tu, why don’t we join forces to kill that old ghost Chu Tianming?”

The Purple Moon Kingdom’s cult protector asked darkly.

Wang Tu could not be bothered with him and did not reply.

If the cult had the ability to kill Chu Tianming, would they still be hiding here and there?

Chu Tianming was the patriarch of one of the three aristocratic families of the Qin Kingdom. He was a bona fide half-step unity realm cultivator and was carrying a treasured artifact with him.

Unless a powerful warrior at the unity realm made a move, who could kill him?

In the Qin Kingdom, there was only one warrior at the first level of the unity realm.

If one wanted to kill Chu Tianming, they would need to enlist the aid of an elite warrior from the evil imperial court.

However, the evil imperial court was not without its own enemies either. An elite warrior at the unity realm could not leave easily, especially when the evil king was in closed-door cultivation.

In the end, the Qin Kingdom was still a little remote and barren. The evil imperial court would not pay much attention to it.

Had it not been so barren, the Qin Kingdom would not be so weak.

Seeing that Wang Tu did not speak, the cult protector from the Purple Moon Kingdom did not give up and said, “With the combined strength of several people, so what if he has a treasured artifact? There is still a chance to kill him!”

The branch leader in the Purple Moon Kingdom was his younger brother. Thanks to the Chu family, he had actually fallen.

He felt great hatred in his heart!

Wang Tu said coldly, “How many people would we need? Are they going to perish together with Chu Tianming?”

Ignoring the cult protector from the Purple Moon Kingdom, Wang Tu said, “Let’s wait another day. If Zhu Qiang and Zhu Yan don’t return, we will leave this place!”

He was worried that Black Moon Tower would have already found out about this place. Chu Tianming was currently enraged and might have really spent a large sum to purchase this information.

Once Chu Tianming attacked, it was unknown how many of the people present here would survive.

He was almost certain that Chu Tianming would try to kill him first. He was definitely the most dangerous person present.

Then, Zhu Qiang returned.

“Why are you alone?”

Wang Tu frowned.

Zhu Qiang was on the verge of breaking down in the depths of his heart. He was in utter despair, but he could not go against his controller’s will.

“Sect master, Zhu Yan is hiding in the Chu family’s territory. We found an important piece of information, so I came back to report it to the sect leader.”

“What kind of information?”

Wang Tu did not doubt his words at all.

Zhu Qiang glanced at the cult protector from the Purple Moon Kingdom. He hesitated for a moment before approaching.

Wang Tu glanced at the protector from the Purple Moon Kingdom and thought for a moment. The other party was also a high-level member of the cult and also served the evil imperial court. It would not be a problem for him to hear this information as well.

Their common enemy was the Chu family. Since the information pertained to the Chu family, they should no doubt share it with him.

Since Zhu Qiang was acting so cautiously, it was likely that this piece of intelligence was very important. Even the other elders could not be allowed to hear it. Otherwise, it might increase the chances of it being leaked.

“Sect leader, the Chu family has been…”

Zhu Qiang approached Wang Tu and sent him a voice transmission, while acting as if he was taking out something.


Suddenly, a violent gray light erupted.

Zhu Qiang made his move.

The moment he made his move, he struck with full force.

Wang Tu was caught off guard. Half of his body was shattered, and his spiritual will was shaken. He was on the verge of death.

This sudden change stunned everyone present.


After the successful attack, Zhu Qiang’s second strike struck the cult protector from the Purple Moon Kingdom.


The protector of the Purple Moon Kingdom could not dodge in time and was instantly heavily injured, but he did not die immediately.

“Zhu Qiang, what are you doing?”

Wang Tu’s spiritual will had not yet dispersed, and he let out an angry roar!

“All of you should die!”

Zhu Qiang released the demonic smoke.

The demonic smoke billowed in the cave, and he roared, “All of you should die! I am the sect leader of the cult, and I will be immortalized eternally. I am the only one qualified to be the sect leader of the cult in the Qin Kingdom!”

He attacked crazily.

After being stunned for a moment, the others reacted.

“Zhu Qiang has gone mad!”

“Kill him quickly! He has gone mad!”

“Was he affected by the demonic smoke?”

The other cult elders attacked one after another.

However, Zhu Qiang did not care about his life at all. He only attacked and did not defend. Moreover, he targeted one person and attacked with all his might, completely ignoring the attacks of the others.


Another cult elder had fallen!

His face was filled with resentment. “D*mn you, Zhu Qiang! I was your lifelong friend! How dare you target me!”

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