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I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible
Chapter 18 - Fighting And Killing The Cult Without Leaving Home
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Chapter 18: Fighting And Killing The Cult Without Leaving Home

Zhu Qiang was on the verge of a mental breakdown. His lifelong friend had fallen at his hands.

Thinking back to the past, they had been hunted down and done some evil things together.

Yet now, he had died by his hands!

He did not want to kill him but, for some reason, killing him brought some unknown joy to his soul!

The battle in the cave was intense, and flesh and blood could be seen flying everywhere.

Zhu Qiang was, after all, rather weak, so how could he withstand the attacks of those around him?

“I can’t die like this!”

Zhu Qiang’s broken body suddenly pounced on a person and hugged him tightly.

It was another elder that he was on good terms with!


Zhu Qiang self-destructed.

His spiritual will and spiritual power exploded in unison.

The elder that he hugged immediately suffered heavy injuries and was on the verge of death!

His heart was on the verge of collapse!

D*mn it, when we were young, we did say that we were not born on the same day but wanted to die on the same day, but that was just a joke.

We did not even make an oath, so why did you take it seriously?

That son of a b*tch Zhu Qiang actually dragged me to die together with him!

The battle ended soon after.

The other cult experts all fell silent.

Vice sect leader Wang Tu had fallen, and two other elders had also fallen alongside him.

The cult protector from the Purple Moon Kingdom had also fallen in the battle.

He had been severely injured by Zhu Qiang’s sneak attack. The fluctuations from all the fighting had “coincidentally” affected him.

Zhu Qiang had suddenly gone crazy. They did not know whether it was related to the demonic smoke.

However, for the safety of the cult, the protector from the Purple Moon Kingdom had no choice but to die.

“Retreat, let’s change our location and report to headquarters. I’m afraid that Zhu Yan is also dead!”

The branch leader of the Chu County cult said.

The others did not have any objections and retreated from the cave one after the other.

At the same time, they felt extremely aggrieved. The cult had fallen on hard times everywhere and was suffering setbacks wherever they went. It had all started from the Chu family’s purge of the cult.

Their hatred toward the Chu family had increased several-fold.


“You have not left seclusion and stayed at home, but still managed to instigate a counterattack on the cult. You have been rewarded with ten years’ worth of cultivation!”

Chu Xuan was pleasantly surprised. The soul seed seal was indeed awesome, and Zhu Qiang was also very powerful. He had actually killed some cult experts.


A wave of power and comprehension surged into his body, and his strength started growing rapidly.

After breaking through to the void realm, the speed of Chu Xuan’s cultivation had slowed down.

Even if he consumed a spiritual pill to cultivate every day, his cultivation speed still did not increase.

The higher one’s cultivation level, the slower the increase in one’s strength would be.

Chu Xuan estimated that, by the end of the year, he would probably only be able to advance to the eighth or ninth level of the void realm.

However, his cultivation speed would probably scare people to death if news of it were to spread out.

Despite this, Chu Xuan was not satisfied. Currently, the battle between the Chu family and the cult was becoming more and more intense, and the cult had failed several times and suffered heavy losses.

It seemed like it would only be a matter of time before they asked the elite warriors of the evil imperial court to make a move.

Therefore, he could not even delay one additional day in striving to raise his cultivation level to the emperor realm.

The reward of ten years’ worth of cultivation was based on ten years of cultivation using the Great Luo Emperor scripture, rather than ten years’ worth of cultivation based on Chu Xuan consuming spiritual pills.

Even so, Chu Xuan’s strength finally surpassed the void realm and reached the first level of the unity realm!

After breaking through to the unity realm, his spiritual will and spiritual power would be able to merge with the void and reality, making a qualitative leap.

“I should be the number one expert of the Qin Kingdom now, right?”

Chu Xuan felt slightly more confident in his heart.

He was somewhat looking forward to the heretic cult sending people once again to ambush him.

The effect of the soul seed seal was unexpectedly great. If he could control a few void realm heretic cult elders, it would be almost enough to annihilate the heretic cult’s forces in Chu County.

In the capital of Chu County…

Chu Tianming followed Chu Yun and two other elders of the Chu family into a building with a black moon engraved on the door plaque

A middle-aged man with a smile on his face quickly walked up to him.

“Patriarch Chu, it’s been a long time.”

Chu Tianming’s expression did not look too good. Chu Qing had been surrounded and injured by the heretic cult’s experts previously. Had he not been here for the information sold by Black Moon Tower, he would have torn this person’s head off.

This was not the first time Black Moon Tower had done such a thing.

They sold information, accepted assassination missions, sold treasures, and so on. The scope of Black Moon Tower’s business was very wide. Sometimes, in order to increase their profit margins, it was not uncommon for them to secretly act to stir up trouble.

Black Moon Tower’s black-hearted ways were famous throughout the entire Southern Region.

The prices they charged were not standardized either. Instead, the prices were decided based on the location and situation.

For example, the price for assassinating an expert at the peak of the void realm was not considered too expensive in a strong country.

However, in the Qin Kingdom, the asking price was so high that one could only feel despair!

If not for that, the cult would have long commissioned Black Moon Tower to assassinate the patriarch of the Chu family.

Of course, in order to avoid encountering such a premise, and because it was indeed necessary, the Chu family had always been a major client of Black Moon Tower.

Unless the heretic cult offered a ridiculously high price, Black Moon Tower would not accept the mission of assassinating a major client like themselves.

“Tower Lord Wan, you sent me a message saying that there is important information for the Chu family. I won’t beat around the bush. Just be direct with me. How much is the price? And is the information verified?”

Entering Black Moon Tower, they arrived at the VIP room.

“Patriarch Chu, the information of our Black Moon Tower has always been trustworthy. If the information turns out to be untrue, Black Moon Tower can reimburse you three times the price of the information. This is to ensure fairness and transparency.”

Wan Chang was all smiles.

The cult had actually brought the demonic smoke with them and infiltrated the Chu family to cause destruction. Such an important piece of information would definitely be sold for a good price.

Looking at the time, the cult would start to take action around now, right?

Even if Chu Tianming got his hands on the information, he might not be able to stop the tragedy from happening.

Once the cult succeeded, the Chu family’s territory would be filled with the demonic smoke. If they wanted to remove the contamination of the demonic smoke, they would definitely need to look for him again to purchase treasures that could remove the effects of the demonic smoke.

Wan Chang had already prepared such a treasure to remove the effects of the demonic smoke.

He was just waiting for the right opportunity to rip off Chu Tianming, this big fat sheep of a customer.

“Give me a quote.”

Chu Tianming did not dare to underestimate the importance of this information to the Chu family.

If the information had not been crucially important, Wan Chang would not have come to him personally.

Black Moon Tower was black-hearted, but their reputation was worth its weight in gold.

“One million crystals.”

“Why don’t you just rob me instead?”

Chu Tianming said angrily.

“It’s not like that at all!”

Wan Chang said seriously, “Brother Chu, this is important information regarding the safety of your Chu family. If it was not worth this price, why would I quote this price to you? Besides, if the information is false, not only will Black Moon Tower refund you, we will also compensate you three-fold!”

Chu Tianming became serious.


He took out a storage bag, put in one million crystals, and threw it over to Wan Chang.

“Tell me the information.”

Wan Chang was very satisfied. The Chu family was such a generous customer. For the sake of sustainable income, as long as they did not receive a high price from the cult or their other enemies, they would not let the Chu family disappear.

Any customer who could create a sustainable stream of income for Black Moon Tower was a good customer.

“According to our information, two elders of the cult have sneaked into the Chu family’s territory carrying demonic smoke, and they are preparing to unleash it on the population!”

Wan Chang said seriously.

“That’s it?”

Chu Tianming was furious. What kind of important information was this?

What did they take the Chu family’s territory for? A sieve that anyone could enter and leave as they wished?

“Of course, it’s more than that.”

Wan Chang had expected such a reaction, and he narrowed his eyes as he said, “I naturally know that the Chu family’s territory is heavily guarded. Under normal circumstances, it’s naturally impossible for them to sneak in.”

“This time, the cult has obtained two void-level treasured clothes, and those below the third level of the void realm will be unable to sense their. Even those at the peak of the void realm are unable to sense their presence beyond a certain range.”

“The Chu family’s ancestral residence is naturally safe, but the remaining large estate…”

Chu Tianming’s expression turned grim.

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