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I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible
Chapter 19 - Wrong Information?
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Chapter 19: Wrong Information?

The expressions of the other two elders of the Chu family changed drastically. One of them left immediately without waiting for instructions from Chu Tianming.

He sent a message while rushing back to the Chu family!

Chu Tianming cupped his hands and said, “Goodbye!”

“Brother Chu, don’t worry too much even if you can’t stop them in time. Our Black Moon Tower has countless treasures, and we can always help you recoup your losses.”

Wan Chang said with a smile as he sent Chu Tianming off.

“This must be Chu Yun. As expected of the current genius of the Chu family. In a short period of time, she has already broken through to the second level of the profound realm.”

As he said this, he took out a bracelet.

“Come over, dear niece. This is a gift for a major customer like the Chu family. You can keep it.”

That bracelet was a low-grade spirit artifact. It was a mass-produced product of Black Moon Tower, and it was specially used as gifts for major customers.

Its quality was naturally rather ordinary.

Although it was a low-grade spirit artifact, its true power was a grade higher than ordinary low-grade spirit artifacts.

Chu Yun did not like it, but she still reached out to take it.

Since she did not need it, she could give it to one of the servants.

The Chu family had many such low-grade spirit artifacts of similar grade. They were all gifts given to the Chu family after completing transactions with Black Moon Tower!

Chu Tianming’s face was dark and baleful the entire time. The void-level treasured clothes the cultists were using had definitely been sold to them by Black Moon Tower.

Unfortunately, the Chu family was not strong enough to make an enemy of Black Moon Tower. Otherwise, they would have killed this b*stard!

They were actually pandering to both sides!

“Brother Chu, I’ll be awaiting your next visit.”

Wan Chang was in a good mood.

Chu Tianming snorted and quickly returned to the ancestral residence of the Chu family.

He naturally knew what Wan Chang meant. If he rushed back now, it would definitely be too late.

This b*stard, he had timed it too precisely.

He would sell the information and, later, also sell them treasures that could dispel the demonic smoke.

If he waited until he received news that the Chu family’s territory had been contaminated by the demonic smoke, he would not have been able to sell information, and would thus lose out on a portion of the potential profits.

This black-hearted Wan Chang!

Chu Tianming cursed in his heart.


Chu Xuan was puzzled. Was something big about to happen in the Chu family’s territory?

All of a sudden, the defenses of the Chu family’s territory had been beefed up again. More than ten void realm elders were dispatched to the borders of the territory to patrol.

Even the head butler personally held a detection-type spirit artifact in his hand and began to patrol the entire territory.

Could it be that the evil imperial court had sent over an expert?

Chu Xuan immediately felt pressured. Even if the evil imperial court sent someone this time, that person would likely only be at the unity realm, so he was not afraid at all.

However, once the battle actually started, would he not be exposed?

Moreover, if the evil imperial court’s expert was defeated, there would soon be even more powerful experts coming over to attack.

If that was really the case, how would he be able to safely stay in seclusion?

The servant also realized what was happening, so Chu Xuan could only raise his level of vigilance.

Chu Yun had returned.

“Thirteenth brother, come back to the ancestral residence with me. I’ll plead on your behalf to grandfather.”

The first thing Chu Yun did was to ask Chu Xuan to return to the ancestral residence.

“I’m fine here and living comfortably. I’m not going back.”

Chu Xuan refused.

He was not going back to see Chu Tianming’s ugly mug.

He would just stay in the courtyard and slowly became stronger, not taking a single step out.

“The ancestral grounds aren’t safe.”

Chu Yun said anxiously.

“How can the ancestral grounds not be safe? You’re worrying too much.”

In the entire Chu family, there was no place safer than here.

“The cult is taking action. It’s really dangerous.”

When Chu Yun informed him about the information obtained from Black Moon Tower, Chu Xuan’s expression immediately turned strange.

Calculating the time, if he had not killed the two cultists, by the time Chu Tianming obtained the information, the Chu family territory would already be filled with demonic smoke.

Black Moon Tower was truly black-hearted. They had sold soon-to-be useless information to them, and would then sell the necessary treasures to dispel the demonic smoke.

No wonder the Chu family was so nervous. Even the head butler was personally acting.

“Even the head butler has come out. The cult won’t be able to infiltrate our territory.”

Chu Xuan put on a look of great confidence in the Chu family’s strength.

“Then I’ll stay here with thirteenth brother.”

When Chu Yun saw him acting like this, she changed her tune and decided to stay here with him.

Chu Xuan knew that she was still worried about him. As long as she stayed here, the head butler would definitely prioritize protecting this place.

His heart was filled with warmth.

Chu Yun had gone out to train for a few months and had just returned. At this time, she had already broken through to the second level of the profound realm. It could be seen that she possessed superior innate talent, and that she was one of the best among the younger generation of the Chu family.

No wonder Chu Tianming doted on this girl so much.

“Thirteenth brother, is this the cat you raised?”

Chu Yun picked up the silly and adorable-looking Heavenly Spirit Cat and asked happily.

“Right, I was bored and raised it to relieve my boredom.”

The Heavenly Spirit Cat’s strength had progressed rapidly, and was now comparable to a third-level void realm martial artist.

The Chu family was relaxed on the outside, but tense on the inside. They were trying to bait the two elders and get them to reveal themselves so that they could rid themselves of this threat to the family.

If they did not kill them today, they would have to worry about them tomorrow; that the other party would sneak in and unleash the demonic smoke.

However, half a month passed.

Everything remained peaceful.

Even the cult experts of Chu County had gone somewhat silent and, when they encountered the experts of the Chu family, they fled at the first possible moment, and they were no longer as fierce and stubborn as before.

Chu Yun also stayed in the small courtyard for half a month.

Chu Xuan secretly placed some cultivation methods and secret techniques around the house. He lied that they had been left behind by his father, Chu Qiuluo.

Chu Yun spent most of her time flipping through these cultivation methods and secret techniques. In just half a month’s time, she was already on the verge of breaking through to the third level of the profound realm.

Chu Xuan also included the profound realm and spirit realm chapters of the Great Luo Emperor scripture that he had comprehended. Chu Yun was overjoyed when she discovered them and did her best to cultivate the Great Luo Emperor scripture.

Chu Qiuluo could be considered a legend of the Chu family. Chu Yun did not doubt that these were left behind by him.

After a few more days, Chu Yun was about to break through to the third level of the profound realm.

As such, she could only return to the ancestral residence.

Chu Tianming was pleasantly surprised. He praised Chu Yun and scolded Chu Xuan a few more times. He had embarrassed the Chu family and his precious third son, Chu Qiuluo.

The cult had not made any movements. It was impossible for them to be on guard the entire time.

Therefore, after some investigation, they found traces of the demonic smoke at a location where a big battle had taken place.

It seemed that the cult was experiencing an internal conflict?

Chu Tianming was stunned when he heard the news.

Would the cult also have internal conflict?

It had always been the case of the strong rising to the top. The loser would fall, and the winner would rise. There had never been such an internal conflict recorded in the history of the cult before.

Since the demonic smoke had already been released elsewhere, it was naturally impossible for it to appear in the Chu family’s territory to wreak havoc.

This meant that the Black Moon Tower’s information this time was wrong!

Chu Tianming was overjoyed and immediately set off for Black Moon Tower.

“Brother Wan, this is the first time Black Moon Tower’s information has failed me.”

Chu Tianming sat in the VIP room with a wide smile on his face.

Black-hearted man, you cheated me of one million crystals. Now, not only are you going to spit it all out, you are also going to compensate me three-fold.

Let me see if you are still full of yourself!

Wan Chang’s face was dark. How could the intelligence be wrong?

What were those heretic b*stards doing?

Black Moon Tower’s intelligence was wrong, so they had to compensate the buyer three-fold. As the tower lord, this meant that he was not capable enough, and also meant that he had failed in his duties.

If it was taken seriously, he would be reprimanded by the higher-ups, and perhaps even part of his benefits would be deducted.

“The intelligence can’t be wrong. It’s just that the cult was waylaid by an accident along the way.”

“Brother Wan, Black Moon Tower has always valued its reputation. Surely you must be aware of the consequences of providing false intelligence?”

Chu Tianming picked up his tea and sipped it slowly.

Wan Chang did not want to compensate him. Once such a transaction was recorded, it would be a stain on his record in managing Black Moon Tower branch in Chu County’s capital.

It would become evidence of his lack of ability.

In the future, when he was promoted to a higher position, it would be a weak point that could be targeted by his competitors.

However, the reputation of Black Moon Tower could not be allowed to suffer either.

This was the root problem.

If his actions damaged the reputation of Black Moon Tower, he would be punished even more severely.

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