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I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible
Chapter 20 - First Vice Sect Leader Zhang Kui
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Chapter 20: First Vice Sect Leader Zhang Kui

In order to ensure that the reputation of Black Moon Tower was not damaged, Black Moon Tower had even killed people to silence them.

However, Wan Chang’s strength and status were insufficient to pull this off.

If the other party had been a small figure at the mortal realm, it would have been feasible for him to do so. but Chu Tianming was the patriarch of the Chu family.

Disregarding his identity, just his strength alone was not something Wan Chang could deal with.

If he asked the experts of Black Moon Tower for help, would it not be equivalent to telling the higher-ups of Black Moon Tower that what he did caused the reputation of Black Moon Tower to be damaged, which resulted in him asking their experts to kill Chu Tianming to silence him?

He could neither compensate them nor allow the reputation of Black Moon Tower to be damaged.

As such, he could only offer to exchange information.

“Brother Chu, there is an important piece of information regarding the cult. One million spirit crystals isn’t too expensive, right?”

Chu Tianming replied with a smile, “One million isn’t a small amount. Is the information on the cult worth one million?”

Wan Chang cursed in his heart. They were actually extorting money from him.

“How about this? I’ll give you a free service. Once the evil imperial court makes any unusual movements toward the Qin Kingdom or the Chu family, I’ll inform brother Chu immediately. I won’t delay the information. How about it?”

He was in the wrong. Even if Chu Tianming demanded a lot, Wan Chang could only endure it.

Chu Tianming cursed in his heart. Wan Chang was a b*stard. If he was not in the wrong this time, would he even tell him if the evil imperial court made any strange movements?

At that point, when the Chu family did not have time or opportunity to ask for help, in order not to suffer total destruction at the hands of the evil imperial court, would they not have to pay a huge price to request Black Moon Tower to protect them?

What a black-hearted guy!

“Alright, let’s do it this way for the sake of our long-term relationship with brother Wan.”

It was the Chu family’s own fault for not being strong enough.

Every year, they would pay a certain amount to request that Black Moon Tower keep an eye on the evil imperial court’s movements. If Wan Chang, this black-hearted person, really delayed the news, the Chu family would definitely face a great disaster.

Of course, Black Moon Tower’s intelligence gathering capabilities were not omnipotent.

The Chu family had always been on guard against the possibility of being totally wiped out.

The direct descendants were not all gathered in the family’s territory, but had spread themselves out.

It was all for the sake of preserving the inheritance of the Chu family in case they suffered a destructive blow.

“The first vice sect leader and two protectors of the heretic cult have already arrived at Chu County.”

Wan Chang said with a smile, “Brother Chu, this piece of information is worth a million crystals, right?”

Chu Tianming’s expression froze. The first vice sect leader of the heretic cult in the Qin Kingdom was the second strongest person in the heretic cult. His strength was at the peak of the eighth level of the void realm, and he was about to break through to the ninth level of the void realm.

Not to mention that those who could become protectors were all at the seventh level of the void realm.

“Where are his exact whereabouts?”

If the first vice sect leader of the heretic cult acted wantonly in Chu County, it would surely result in great losses for the Chu family.

“That is another piece of information altogether.”

Wan Chang chuckled and said.

Chu Tianming sneered. “Just this piece of information about him coming to Chu County isn’t worth a million crystals. Although the Black Moon Tower’s information is slightly faster, I can guarantee that, in less than a day, my Chu family will be able to receive news of the other party coming to Chu County.”

After all, Chu County was under the control of the Chu family. After operating for so many years, their intelligence gathering ability was naturally not bad.

“Alright, this is their current hiding place.”

Wan Chang took out a piece of paper and placed it on the table.

Chu Tianming picked it up and took a look, “Thank you, brother Wan.”

He immediately left Black Moon Tower.

He was going to kill the first vice sect leader and the two protectors!

In a small farmhouse less than 300 li away from the Chu family’s territory, the first vice sect leader of the cult in the Qin Kingdom, Zhang Kui, sat on a chair with a cold expression on his face.

Dong Qian, the cult’s branch master in Chu County, lowered his head and said, “Vice sect leader, we don’t know the reason behind why Zhu Qiang suddenly went crazy.”

“We suspect that it has something to do with the protector of the Purple Moon Kingdom, but we don’t understand the intention behind his actions.”

“What about Zhu Yan? Is she dead or alive? If she’s dead, who killed her?”

Zhang Kui asked with a grim expression.

“I don’t know.”

Dong Qian had a helpless expression on his face. Ever since the Chu family’s sudden attack, the heretic cult had suffered calamity after calamity, and many elders had fallen in battle.

Even if they cultivated evil techniques and had the support of the evil imperial court, the number of void realm experts were limited.

This time, the heretic cult could have been said to have suffered great losses.

In the entire Chu County branch, there were only four void realm experts left.

This included himself, the branch leader, who was at the third level of the void realm.

The Chu family was detestable!

Zhang Kui’s expression was extremely unsightly. Other than that particular time a thousand years ago, the heretic cult had never suffered such a great loss.

The Chu County branch was almost half-crippled.

Not to mention that, throughout the entire Qin Kingdom, the heretic cult had lost one-fifth of its original strength.

“How did the Chu family find out where the evil cult was hiding?”

They had obtained a secret technique from a mystic realm, which could hide the aura of their evil cultivation methods. This helped the heretic cult members hide in plain sight.

After many years of planning, their spies had infiltrated the Qin, Purple Moon Kingdom, and Great Zhou kingdoms. They just needed to develop and grow their strength and influence gradually. In the end, they would have become influential characters in those countries.

They would then wait for an opportunity to suddenly rebel and wrest control of the three countries under the banner of the evil imperial court.

As long as they took control of the three countries, the other surrounding strong countries would realize that they had already been brought under the banner of the evil imperial court. With the attitude of those strong countries, they would definitely not go to war with the evil imperial court over this barren region.

Once the plan was successful, they would definitely be able to become high-ranking officials of the evil imperial court and receive the attention of the evil king.

They would also become important figures in the court.

Thanks to their great contributions in securing the three countries, they would no doubt receive bountiful rewards. At that time, they could move to the evil imperial court and leave this barren region.

When they arrived at the evil imperial court, not only would they be rewarded, but the cultivation resources and methods there meant that they would inevitably reach the unity realm.

However, who would have thought that their painstaking plans, which had been laid out over the course of many years, would be unraveled just like that by the Chu family.

The heretic cult suffered heavy losses in an instant, and the spies that had been lurking in the three countries had almost been completely wiped out!

How hateful!

“I wonder, could it be related to the information provided by Black Moon Tower?”

Dong Qian said in a low voice.

“Black Moon Tower is not omnipotent. Moreover, given the style of Black Moon Tower, how could they sell such information so easily for the sake of unknown benefits?”

Zhang Kui’s face was gloomy and cold. From his investigation, the Chu family had not bought any important information from Black Moon Tower recently.

How could Black Moon Tower sell such important information at a low price?

The Chu family’s actions could be detected by tracing the movements of their resources in a given period of time.

Zhang Kui would have never imagined that the trigger for this entire debacle was just because a pawn of the cult had wanted to take credit and control Chu Xuan.

“Get ready. Follow me over to the Chu family’s territory tonight!”

“Cult master, there are many strong experts in the Chu family’s territory. What if…”

Dong Qian had a worried expression on his face as he said those words.

“Old ghost Chu Tianming has already left the family territory. If I want to charge into the Chu family territory, so what? Since I dare to go, I naturally have the confidence to leave in one piece.”

Zhang Kui stood up, and the aura on his body exploded forth.

“Sect leader, you… you broke through?”

Dong Qian’s face displayed a shocked expression.

Ninth-level void realm experts were considered to be the strongest experts in the Qin Kingdom.

If Zhang Kui had broken through, then the Qin Kingdom’s heretic cult would have two ninth-level void realm experts!

No matter how strong Chu Tianming was, he still had not broken through to the unity realm, so Zhang Kui might be able to contend with him head-on.

The only thing that Zhang Kui was lacking was a treasured artifact.

“Tonight, you’ll follow me to challenge the Chu family.”

Zhang Kui took out a black bead and tossed it over to Dong Qian.

“This… this is a spatial escape bead?”

Dong Qian was pleasantly surprised.

The spatial escape bead was sold at a price of one million spirit crystals at Black Moon Tower and, just like its name, it was a spirit artifact used to escape.

If one encountered a crisis, they could activate the escape bead and instantly escape a hundred li away.

With the escape bead, even if they were besieged by the elders of the Chu family, as long as they were not killed instantly, they would be able to make their escape.

Previously, when they had surrounded Chu Qing, he had seized the opportunity and activated an escape bead. Otherwise, they would have captured or killed him!

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