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I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible
Chapter 3 - Sublimation, Breaking Through to the Profound Realm
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Chapter 3: Sublimation, Breaking Through to the Profound Realm

“You’ve been cooped up for five days. The reward is one box of great profound pills.”

Here it comes!

The great profound pill was not only a pill for breaking through to the Profound Gate, it was also a pill required for the cultivation of the Profound Realm.

The system was generous. It directly rewarded one box instead of one or two bottles of such petty things.

Chu Xuan took out a bottle of pills and poured out a single pill. He sat cross-legged in the room and put the pill into his mouth. This was for breaking through to the Profound Realm.

The pill melted as soon as it entered his mouth. There was a rumbling sound, and Chu Xuan felt that his body was undergoing some kind of metamorphosis, and he felt as if he was floating in the air.

The spiritual energy in his body was also continuously compressed, and the spiritual energy of Heaven and Earth continuously gushed into him. Gradually, the spiritual energy became corporeal and began to glow faintly.

His spiritual energy was also undergoing a metamorphosis, and it was being refined into spiritual energy.

Only a hundred portions of spiritual energy could be refined into one portion of spiritual energy, after which the amount of power one could control would increase by a hundredfold.

However, an even greater transformation took place in one’s mental will.

The greatest barrier between the Mortal Gate and the Profound Gate was not the transformation of one’s physical body or spiritual energy, but the transformation of one’s mental will.

This stage of transformation was core to the process.

It was also the greatest barrier to breaking through to the Profound Realm.

Chu Xuan felt that there seemed to be a shackle attached to his spiritual will. After breaking the shackle, a door appeared.

The tightly shut door was loosening at this moment.

Once he pushed open this door, he would step into a new world.

The true barrier of the entrance!

Chu Xuan knew that as long as he pushed open this door, his spiritual will would be able to complete the sublimation. He would be able to sense it within his body, and he would be able to comprehend the profoundness of this world.

This door was a door of profoundness.

He needed to push open the door of profoundness and enter a new world.

This door was not only the natural chasm and barrier between the mortal and profound world, but it was also a test.

If he did not break through the Mortal Gate, he would only ever be a mortal. If he remained like this, he would only ever end up as a pile of yellow soil.

The peak masters of the Mortal Realm did not have a lifespan of more than 150 years.

On the other hand, once one entered the Profound Realm, their lifespan would increase by 500 years. Those who cultivated special techniques could even enjoy a lifespan of 800 years.

Chu Xuan was bombarding this door. Every time he bombarded it, his spiritual will would sublimate, and the gap between the doors would grow bigger.

After nine consecutive bombardments, there was a boom, and door suddenly collapsed. In an instant, Chu Xuan felt as if he had entered a new world.

His spiritual will was sublimating, rapidly undergoing some kind of transformation.

At a certain moment, he could see himself sitting cross-legged, everything in the house, and even the ants crawling on the ground in the courtyard.

At this moment, the world became clear.

He could even sense the spiritual qi fluctuations between the heavens and earth.

He had successfully reached the Profound Realm!

Even with his eyes closed, he could see everything around him even more clearly than before he broke through.

Will Perception!

This ability was only available after breaking through to the profound realm.

Mental will could be sensed away from the body. The stronger one was, the farther one’s will perception could reach.

Chu Xuan took out another great profound pill and swallowed it, consolidating his cultivation after breaking through.

“You’ve broken through while you were still cooped up. The Bewitching Technique is your reward!”

The system’s voice sounded, and Chu Xuan was instantly overjoyed. There was even a reward for breaking through? Not Bad, not bad.

He just did not know if there would be a reward for every breakthrough.

After receiving the Bewitching Technique, a small gray booklet appeared. Chu Xuan opened the booklet, and mysterious characters jumped out of the booklet and entered his eyes.

Waves of profound comprehension appeared in his mind. Half an hour later, Chu Xuan finished comprehending the Bewitching Technique.

This was a type of secret technique that could cause hallucinations in one’s mental will, disrupt one’s mental will, and even disrupt one’s soul.

At the same time, cultivating the Bewitching Technique also had the effect of strengthening one’s mental will and soul.

The soul was still far away from Chu Xuan, and it was not so easy to condense. It would take another sublimation and transformation of one’s mental will before it could be condensed into a soul.

Chu Xuan consolidated his realm while practising the Bewitching Technique. As he had directly comprehended the Bewitching Technique, it was easy for him to cultivate it. Thus, he spent more than an hour to get started on it.

After finishing his cultivation, Chu Xuan went to the courtyard and performed the Dragon Python Spirit Fist again.

After breaking through to the Profound Realm, the power of the Dragon Python Spirit Fist was no longer comparable to before.

As he threw out a punch, his spiritual power surged and turned into a gray python that rapidly lunged out.

Chu Xuan threw out punch after punch. The gray python bit, pounced, and struck out rapidly, but no matter what it did, it never lacked flexibility.

After practicing the Dragon Python Spirit Fist, Chu Xuan tested the Bewitching Technique again, and invisible waves rippled out.

The Bewitching Technique directly attacked a person’s mental will. It could make a person start hallucinating, and it could even force the bewitched person to act according to the user’s will.

Casting the Bewitching Technique consumed one’s mental will. Even without directly comparing himself to other Profound Realm martial artists, Chu Xuan felt that his mental will was much stronger than other martials artists who were also at the first stage of the Profound Realm.

He wondered if the system would ever reward medicinal pills or spiritual items that could increase mental will.

If there was a cultivation method that focused on mental will, then it would be the best thing for him to work on.

A cultivation method to cultivate one’s mind and will was extremely rare and difficult to come by.

Even the Chu family only had one low-grade Profound Realm level cultivation method to cultivate one’s mind and will.

Despite only having one, the Chu family stood tall in the Qin Kingdom because of the addition of this single cultivation method.

This technique was the core cultivation method of the Chu family. Chu Xuan was only at the Mortal Realm meridian opening stage. Even the direct descendants had never seen this cultivation method before.

After breaking through to the Profound Realm, Chu Xuan now needed a cultivation method. After the Vajra Indestructible Divine Art reached the Profound Realm, there was no longer a need to cultivate it.

The cultivation method of the Chu family that he cultivated was only somewhere between the Mortal Realm to the first level of the Profound Realm. Every junior of the Chu family could only receive the follow-up cultivation method after breaking through to the Profound Realm.

Even so, Chu Xuan did not plan to continue cultivating the Chu family’s cultivation method. He wanted to wait for one of the system’s cultivation methods, which it would undoubtedbly eventually issue as a reward.

Although the Chu family was one of the three great families in the Qin Kingdom and appeared very powerful, it was actually quite ordinary in the southern region.

The cultivation method practiced by the direct line of descent in the Chu family was only the high-grade mysterious sutras.

Cultivation methods below the Void Realm were known as mysterious sutras. They were divided into high-grade, middle-grade, and low-grade.

After the Void Realm, there was the Unity Realm, True Realm, and Emperor Realm.

Cultivation techniques below the True Realm were called True Scriptures. Although the individual strength of each technique varied, there were no specific power levels attached to them.

Above the True Scriptures was the Emperor’s Scriptures.

Chu Xuan felt that at minimum, she should to cultivate the Emperor’s Scriptures.

After just a few days, Chu Xuan did not have high hopes for a higher level cultivation technique.

It was rumored among the direct descendants of the Chu family that Chu Tianming had half of the True Scripture. The ultimate goal of all the direct descendants was to have the opportunity to cultivate this half of the scripture.

The entire Chu family only cultivated this half of the true scripture with two palms. It was the true core of the Chu family.

However, Chu Xuan was not interested in this half of the True Scripture right now. If he only had half of it, he was afraid that he would die before he could cultivate to the Unity Realm.

Lying on the recliner, Chu Xuan continued to read. Although he had only just broken through, his realm was already quite stable.

If he wanted to stay at home for a long time, he had to be stable.

Therefore, Chu Xuan made up his mind to read more. Firstly, he wanted to pass the time, and secondly, he wanted to broaden his horizons.

After all, the Chu family was not a weak aristocratic family. They had a lot of books. After reading all the books, he should be able to broaden his understanding of this world.

Currently, Chu Xuan only had a relatively good understanding of the Qin Kingdom. The Qin Kingdom was located in the Southern Province, so he did not know much about it, let alone outside of the province.

There were many books that the Chu family had collected that the servants could not bring over, so when Chu Yun came again, Chu Xuan had to ask for her help. She had to make a copy of the many books collected by the Chu family for him.

As he was reading, she suddenly sensed a servant carrying a lunchbox outside in the courtyard.

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