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I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible
Chapter 492 - 492 Dao Path Extension (Part 2)
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492 Dao Path Extension (Part 2)


His Dao path extended, and the wisp of world origin energy was completely consumed.

His Dao path was now 230,000 miles long!

A full 130,000-mile extension!

He was elated. World origin energy was indeed a priceless treasure.

Within a span of three months, his Dao path length had more than doubled.

It was terrifyingly quick!

Chu Xuan noticed that Hei Yue had already come into contact with the existence that he suspected to be a chaotic being.

Now, he had to pay attention to obtain the right opportunity to catch this big fish.

Chu Xuan was not worried. Hei Yue knew what to do. After all, she too wanted to obtain the other part of her incomplete divine soul.

However, the other party would not return it to her so easily, and would probably tamper with it before returning it to her to make it easier for them to control her.

At that time, it would be Chu Xuan’s turn to act.

In the meantime, he would focus on extending his Dao path. Hei Yue would bide her time until she created the right opportunity for him.

Although he had used up the world origin energy, Chu Xuan did not relax. All of the hard work would add up in the end.

He had also already discovered the changes that had happened when he used the world origin energy to extend his Dao path.

This was related to his Dao path. After all, his Dao path was a miniature version of the Great Dao, and had a perfect set of laws as well.

Moreover, the Great Dao of the nine zones was its foundation, so it would naturally affect the Great Dao of the nine zones.

The heavenly domain.

Hong Yuanchu and the others were also immersed in cultivation.

While Mo Tu was cultivating, he vaguely sensed someone trying to contact him.

However, he decisively ignored them!

It was more important to cultivate.

Comprehension and inspiration did not come all the time.

If he was distracted and lost focus, he would lose this golden opportunity to become stronger and fall into a disadvantaged state.

Hong Yuanchu was very excited as he looked at his own Dao path, which was now 2,000 miles long.

To him, the speed at which he was currently extending his Dao path was unprecedented, and brought him immense joy.

After all, getting stronger was everyone’s dream and goal. Any progress toward that goal would elicit happiness and joy.

While the Daoyuan realm cultivators of the nine zones were immersed in cultivation, the various races of the nine zones in the Ancient Chaos World were in a strange mood.

After the three supreme experts failed to break into the nine zones and encountered the power of calamity, everyone became wary of the nine zones. They were afraid that the situation was developing beyond their control.

Therefore, they all wanted to find a way to descend into the nine zones with their wisps of consciousness and personally investigate the changes that were occurring in the nine zones.

In the end, they discovered that after the nine zones expanded, the power of rejection of the Great Dao increased.

Their wisps of consciousness could not descend. As for those experts that were strong enough to send their wisps of consciousness into the nine zones, they did not dare to do so at this time.

A single slip-up would be enough to be discovered by the Great Dao.

Furthermore, the major races said that they too could not send their wisps of consciousness into the nine zones, which was probably to avoid suspicion of any foul play and dirty deals.

No one knew what schemes they had prepared in the nine zones.

Because of this, those who could clearly send their wisps of consciousness into the nine zones refrained from doing so. They too said that they were unable to do so due to the power of rejection of the Great Dao.

Everyone was dancing to the same tune.

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