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I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible
Chapter 493 - 493 Changes In The Chaos (Part 1)
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493 Changes In The Chaos (Part 1)

Within the demon race’s territory in the Ancient Chaos World, Mo Zun frowned as he looked at Tianmo Lie.

“You still haven’t contacted him?”

“He seems to be in secluded cultivation, and is ignoring me,” Tianmo Lie said angrily.

“What about the others?”

Mo Zun’s expression turned ugly.

“I can’t contact a single one of them!”

Tianmo Lie’s face turned unsightly.

Compared to the celestial and immortal races, the demon race had an advantage in the nine zones.

After all, the mixed-blood demons were still present in the nine zones.

Moreover, there were already Daoyuan realm cultivators among them.

With the current situation in the nine zones, the demon race would definitely be able to take the initiative if they gained control of a Daoyuan realm cultivator.

However, they could not even contact a single one!

Or rather…

They were being ignored!

“These mixed-blood pawns were actually unwilling to accept my communication. They are just like those pieces of trash that wanted to leave the demon race. They deserve to die!”

Tianmo Lie’s voice was filled with killing intent.

Many of the demon race’s Daoyuan realm cultivators had left the nine zones over the eras.

A portion of them were unwilling to be pawns of the ancient demon race.

A portion of them were forced to leave.

Of course, it also had something to do with him being too unyielding back then and killing two troublemakers.

This made the other mixed-blood Daoyuan realm cultivators even more indignant. They escaped into the chaos one after another, looking for a chance to escape from the demon race.

In Tianmo Lie’s eyes, killing two mixed-blood pawns was nothing.

Naturally, he would not think that he was in the wrong.

“Let’s wait a little longer. Maybe the other party is taking advantage of the expansion of the world and is using this chance to extend their Dao paths,” Mo Zun said with a frown.

Tianmo Lie nodded.

There were still many mixed-blood demons in the nine zones, after all, some of which he had made arrangements to take in as pawns.

However, the Buddhists especially detestable. They had destroyed his plans for those demons and rendered his plans useless.

“Uncle, I’m going to kill that old man. He was the one who ruined my plan!”

He was furious when he thought of how his hard work had been fruitless.

In order to lay out his plans in the nine territories, he had spent a lot of resources.

What was especially unexpected was the appearance of pure-blooded demons in the nine zones, which was extremely important.

He wanted to kill the old man before the other supreme experts of the celestial race returned!

“We can’t start a war.” Mo Zun frowned. “If the celestial and immortal races really worked together to create the Buddhists, then we have to be more careful.”

“Don’t target the human race too much. This time, our demon race will not be the vanguard!”


Tianmo Lie was not willing to accept this. He was extremely unhappy with the human race.

“Why can’t we target the human race?”

When he recalled how easily Yang had brushed him off when they fought, he felt humiliated.

Mo Zun scoffed, “What do you know? If the immortal and celestial races were really working together in secret to create a new power to counter us demons, why wouldn’t the human race do the same?”

“The demon race has always been the most hostile to the human race. What if they find out about the plot of the immortal and celestial races and come to an agreement with them to exterminate the demon race?”

“We can’t underestimate the human race. If the three races really reach an agreement, the demon race will end up in dire straits. Remember, everyone is eager to see our demon race decline!”

The demons were too arrogant and overbearing.

There were many races who were dissatisfied with the demon race and wanted to exterminate them. However, they were afraid of the demon race’s power and did not dare to display their dissatisfaction openly.

Furthermore, there were precedents for other powerful races joining forces to deal with the demon race.

Back then, the demon race had been suppressed severely.

If the human race had not risen so suddenly that the other races felt threatened, the demon-suppressing alliance would not have been dissolved.

The fearsome, war-like, and bloodthirsty nature that the demons had displayed back then had made all the other races apprehensive.

As someone who had personally experienced that incident, Mo Zun was naturally very clear about the potential dangers.

However, Tianmo Lie was still unwilling to give up.

“It’s fine not to target the human race, but we have to kill the old man. Anyway, since we suspect that the immortal race and the celestial race have secretly formed an alliance, why don’t we kill him and test their attitude?”

Given the arrogant and overbearing style of the demon race, it was very normal for them to try and kill an enemy before the arrival of potential reinforcements.

Mo Zun frowned, “They won’t just sit by and watch…”

“If the immortal race interferes, it will prove that they have secretly joined forces. Otherwise, why would they interfere in our feud?”

Tianmo Lie said coldly.

This time, the killing of ancestor Yuan Shan was also to test if the immortal and celestial races had really formed an alliance.

Ancestor Yuan Shan’s status in the celestial race was not low. After all, he was a Nine Extreme Daoyuan expert.

If they really formed an alliance, the immortal race would not just sit by and do nothing.

Otherwise, the alliance between the two races would crack.

“Yuan Shan?” Mo Zun frowned, “If they were not allied in the first place, Yuan Shan would have already gone into hiding.”

“Furthermore, it might not be a good thing to make things clear at this time.”

“The demon race has to deploy in secret. Otherwise, the immortal and celestial races will definitely take precautions against us, or even target us in advance.”

Mo Zun did not agree with Tianmo Lie’s opinion.

He looked at Tianmo Lie’s unreconciled face and said, “One of those guys from the immortal race would have already returned. My and Divine Lord Du are already here, so one of them is definitely back. They’re just being silent about it.”

“The conflict between the immortal race and the human race isn’t as obvious as that of the other races. They’ve always left a way out.”

“Don’t forget that they were the first to take in the human race’s geniuses.”

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