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I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible
Chapter 495 - 495 Something's Not Right In The Nine Zones (Part 1)
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495 Something’s Not Right In The Nine Zones (Part 1)

Chu Xuan immediately contacted Hu Tianya.

“Greetings, Master!”

Hu Tianya said respectfully as he lay on the ground.

“Your bloodline has completed its initial transformation and you are now a divine beast. You’ve also unified the monster race. Today, I’ll bestow you with the Monster Zone and the Monster Dao principle.”

As Chu Xuan spoke, he waved his hand, and the Monster Zone descended, which was connected to the Buddhist World and Ghost World.

The Monster Dao principle was also revealed.

Hu Tianya was extremely shocked.

Too powerful!

With a wave of his hand, his master had bestowed upon him a world. What kind of existence was this?

“Many thanks, Master!”

Hu Tianya was extremely excited.

With the Monster World, the monster race would always have a haven to retreat into.

Moreover, they could develop the Monster Zone and continue to expand it.

Once it was large enough to accommodate all of them, there was no need to start a conflict with the human race.

He knew that the human race was very strong.

“The monster race can comprehend and cultivate the Monster Dao principle. The more monsters there are that cultivate it, and the deeper their comprehension of the Dao principle, the stronger the Dao principle will become.”

“Yes, Master,” Hu Tianya said excitedly.

“You can continue to cultivate. In the future, when you open up a Dao path, you can also complete and perfect the Monster Dao principle.”

Chu Xuan then gave Hu Tianya some pointers.

Regardless of whether it was Hu Tianya or Demon Buddha, both were now the masters of a nascent Great Dao principle and world.

The stronger the nascent Dao principle was, the stronger their race would be. In their respective worlds, as long as the Dao principle did not collapse, they would not die, which would make them almost invincible in their worlds.

After the Monster World was established, the Reincarnation Great Dao principle was also introduced there, together with the Heavenly Dao laws.

With the establishment of the Monster World, the Heavenly Dao laws continued to strengthen and give birth to new laws.

Hu Tianya led the monster race into the Monster World and began to make preparations for the opening of the Monster World. He also allowed the monster race to comprehend the Monster Dao principle to increase their strength.

Now that the monster race had been unified and would develop in the Monster World, they would not form an alliance with the other races against the humans.

The human race also had no intention of provoking the monster race, nor did they have the intention of becoming the sole race left in the nine zones.

After all, once every enemy was exterminated, the only people that they would fight would be each other, and the human race would then become chaotic and divided.

Even though they were the overlord race now, plenty of infighting was already going on.

In any case, the races of the nine zones were not so easy to destroy. Although they were far weaker individually than the human race, when allied, they were a formidable force.

Chu Xuan set up the Monster World, observed the improvement and perfection of the reincarnation cycle, and then turned his attention to his disciples.

Ding Yue and Xiao Liang, who had entered the Desolate Ancient Zone, and then the primordial land, both had some gains. They even had conflicts with the Dao realm cultivators there.

Ding Yue was on the run.

Xiao Liang was the same.

Perhaps, this was what true geniuses were like. They would rise up amidst adversity and step on their enemies one by one.

Chu Xuan also learned more about Hei Yue’s situation. The progress was good, and she had already exchanged some information with the other party.

Of course, it would be too difficult for that person to send his wisp of consciousness into the nine zones.

The more powerful one was, the more difficult it was for their wisp of consciousness to descend.

Hei Yue pushed forward the plan in an orderly manner.

On the other hand, she continued to suppress the Tianyue Tower.

There was almost no place for the Tianyue Tower in the entire human race’s territory.

Other than the Dao realm experts, the rest of the Tianyue Tower disciples had all abandoned the sect

The current Tianyue Tower only existed in name.

They could not recruit new disciples, and their Dao realm experts were constantly being suppressed.

Under Hei Yue’s continuous suppression, the reputation of the Tianyue Tower was ruined. They became an evil sect that oppressed women.

Therefore, anyone who was a part of the Tianyue Tower immediately became the enemy of the human race.

The few remaining Dao realm experts in Tianyue Tower could barely hold on, and even thought of leaving the Tianyue Tower.

Were it not for the strong deterrence of the founder, they would have directly announced the disbandment of the Tianyue Tower.

Now, they no longer pursued Hei Yuem or rather, they did not have the ability to pursue her.

Instead, they were worried that Hei Yue would pursue them.

Many ancient forces were waiting to see when Tian Yue would come out.

Tian Yue was a 20th-level Dao realm expert.

Moreover, it was said that there was a 30th-level Dao realm expert behind Tian Yue.

Luo Xinbai’s current strength was weaker than Tian Yue’s.

Of course, Tian Yue would not dare to target Luo Xinbai.

If Tian Yue came out, would Luo Xinbai fight Tian Yue for Hei Yue’s sake?

No one knew.

Still, as the current human king, how could he sit by and watch a human genius be bullied by a senior?

Moreover, Hei Yue possessed the Ji family’s bloodline.

Would the Ji family really sit by and do nothing?

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