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I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible
Chapter 496 - 496 Something's Not Right In The Nine Zones (Part 2)
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496 Something’s Not Right In The Nine Zones (Part 2)

Ji Dexin, the young master of the Ji family, the number one genius of the human race, and Hei Yue’s half-brother, would not stand by and do nothing, right?

Many forces knew that Ji Dexin had once stepped in to stop the Tianyue Tower because of Hei Yue.

The Ji family was a family of ancient human kings.

Ji Dexin had the bloodline of a human king, and was known as the number one genius of the human race.

Moreover, the Ji family also had high-level Dao realm experts in the Desolate Ancient Zone.

Hei Yue did not kill the remaining experts of the Tianyue Tower immediately. Instead, she continued to suppress them and kept them on the run.

The purpose was to force Tian Yue to come out.

Chu Xuan did not pay much attention to Hei Yue’s plan to destroy the Tianyue Tower and its founder, Tian Yue.

No matter how strong Tian Yue was, he was only a Dao realm cultivator. Even that 30th-level Dao realm cultivator backing him up was not worth his attention.

Hei Yue was indeed weaker than Tian Yue.

However, in the nine zones, with the blessing of the Heavenly Dao laws, Tian Yue could not kill her.

He could become a stepping stone to nurture her growth. This would likely tempt that hidden expert behind her even further, who might step in to help her during critical moments, and perhaps give her treasures.

Of course, Hei Yue would not use the Heavenly Dao laws’ blessing unless it was necessary. She would probably swindle some treasures from that hidden expert first. This was something perfectly feasible given her capabilities.

To that hidden expert, treasures that could kill Dao realm experts were just small toys which could be refined at the drop of a hat. If those treasures could help the hidden expert obtain Hei Yue’s trust, they would send over as many of them as needed.

After Chu Xuan observed the situation of his disciples, he continued to immerse himself in cultivation.

Somewhere in the primordial land, a face appeared on the tree covered in colorful spots. It was full of confusion.

It did not know why, but it felt that there was something strange about the primordial land. It could sense the existence of new laws slowly appearing in the primordial land.

Could it be the laws of the Great Dao?

Was the Great Dao calamity coming?

However, these new laws did not seem to be as powerful as the laws of the Great Dao.

It was really strange!

The face on the tree trunk disappeared and continued its hibernation.

Elsewhere, similar scenes repeated themselves with other hidden existences. Each one chose to bide their time, waiting for the right moment to awaken fully.

The 72-year milestone soon arrived.

Chu Xuan was immersed in cultivation when it happened, unaware of the passage of time.

“You have remained in seclusion for 72 years, and have extended your Dao path beyond the 100,000-mile mark. You have been rewarded with world origin energy.”

As expected, it was world origin energy again.

Chu Xuan was overjoyed.

Finally, he could enjoy the sensation of a huge Dao path extension again.

Moreover, he had already figured out how to maximize the usage efficiency of the world origin energy.

Last time, he only managed to extend his Dao path by 130,000 miles, but this time, he was hoping to extend it by 300,000 miles!

Chu Xuan immediately began his preparations.

First, he placed the Origin Dao Ring into the Great Dao to absorb any world origin energy that overflowed to prevent it from being absorbed by the Great Dao of the nine zones.

After a few more tweaks and changes, Chu Xuan once again got down to business, and started to extend his Dao path again.

While Chu Xuan was immersed in this process, the nine zones changed subtly again.

Geniuses arose one after the other.

As the Tianyue Tower was about to be destroyed, Tian Yue, who was in the Desolate Ancient Zone, could finally no longer restrain himself and made his appearance.

Hei Yue used him as a whetstone while constantly being hunted down and escaping from danger. Feeling that pressure, she began to grow stronger and stronger.

More and more experts from the primordial land entered the nine zones, resulting in more chaos erupting.

In addition, the light of the Great Dao would occasionally descend, signifying the appearance of precious treasures. Those who obtained them would instantly break through, their strength advancing by leaps and bounds.

Some of the ominous beings suddenly became extremely powerful.

There were also many living beings who were infected by their aura and became ominous beings themselves.

This sudden change made some experts realize that the Great Daoyuan realm calamity had reached its peak and was about to end.

The Heavenly Dao laws had already infiltrated over one-third of the primordial land, and had even started to make minor inroads into the heavenly domain.

The nine zones continued to expand, and the Reincarnation Great Dao principle was also strengthened. It now allowed Supreme realm living beings to reincarnate.

Many experts of the ghost race began to take on the task of maintaining the order of reincarnation.

Ghost officers, ghost soldiers, and ghost generals were all given their positions.

Buddhism was also flourishing, and there were more and more people cultivating Buddhist Dharma.

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