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I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible
Chapter 5 - The Great Emperor's Scripture
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Chapter 5: The Great Emperor’s Scripture

The two servants were both at the Qi gathering stage. They quickly put down the lunchbox and rushed forward to save Chu Xuan.

They both realized that this servant was a cultist spy. As long as they caught this spy, they would be considered to have completed a meritorious deed.

If they completed such a great meritorious deed, there would definitely be rewarded handsomely. They might even get the opportunity to obtain resources and breakthrough to the Profound Realm.

Most of the servants from the Chu family were at the Mortal Realm. Once they broke through to the Profound Realm, they would become a steward of the Chu family. Regardless of whether they were sent to various places in the county or stayed in the Chu family residence, their status would surely improve.

“Kill him! Kill him now!”

Chu Xuan was flustered and exasperated.

“A servant dares to attack me? Kill him now!”

The two servants worked together and quickly captured the cultist. Chu Xuan took the opportunity to attack and roared, “You dare to attack this young master? Die!”

“Thirteenth Young Master, you can’t kill him!”

The two servants felt their heads ache. This was a spy. It was more useful to keep him alive. How could they just kill him?

This person was indeed a scumbag among the direct descendants!

However, by now, Chu Xuan had already punched the spy’s throat. With a crack, the spy’s eyes widened and blood gushed out from his mouth. In a short while, he died.

The two servants were helpless!

After killing the spy, Chu Xuan’s face turned pale and he turned around to pretend to vomit!

“Thirteenth Young Master, this man was a spy from the cult. We have to report this to the head butler.”

The two servants did not know what to say. Thirteenth Young Master was really trash.

After killing a spy, he could not even stand the smell of blood and began vomiting!

Chu Xuan waved his hand and told the two servants to scram.

The servants carried the spy’s body and left while Chu Xuan returned to the recliner and lay down. He thought about his performance just now. He should have appeared trashy enough, right?

In this way, Chu Tianming would become even more annoyed with him. He would be completely marginalized and there would be no longer any possibility of him returning to the core of the direct line of descent, so he was no longer useful to the family.

Even if there were still spies lurking around after the Chu family’s upcoming investigation, they would not take the risk to attack a useless member of the direct line of descent like him, right?

Over the next period, he should be able to peacefully stay at home.

“You killed the cultist who invaded your house. You will be rewarded with a box of spirit-nourishing pills.”

The system’s voice sounded.

The system’s random reward was finally triggered again.

Chu Xuan received the spirit-nourishing pills. This was a type of pill that nourished one’s spirit and will. Not only was it effective at the Profound Realm, but even after breaking through to the Spirit Realm, it would still be useful to nourish and strengthen one’s spirit and will.

The medicinal pill produced by the system was extraordinary.

It was effective in both realms.

He immediately took out a bottle and poured out a spirit-nourishing pill to consume.

The medicinal pill dissolved, and a refreshing medicinal power surged into his mind. In just an instant, Chu Xuan felt that his spirit was refreshed, and his will’s perception of heaven and earth became clearer.

Lying on the recliner, he silently refined the medicinal pill. He felt the range of his will’s perception slowly increase, and his spirit and will continued to strengthen under the nourishment of the medicinal pill.

In the Chu family’s ancestral residence, in the meeting hall, Chu Tianming was about to go crazy from anger.

“Trash, trash! What kind of son did Luo’er give birth to? How can he be such trash? How could he disgrace our Chu family like this?!”

In the meeting hall, the other members of the Chu family maintained their silence. They waited for Chu Tianming to vent his anger before continuing with the discussion.

“Luo’er’s talent is outstanding, yet he gave birth to such a trash son. It’s all because of that woman. Otherwise, how could my Luo’er give birth to such a trash son?”

The others continued to remain silent.

The third son with outstanding talent actually gave birth to such a useless son. It was all Chu Xuan’s mother’s fault!

Chu Tianming was really about to explode in anger. There was a cultist spy among the servants of the Chu family. They had already captured him alive, but in the end, Chu Xuan actually killed the spy!

Although he was angry after killing the spy, what really made him mad was that after Chu Xuan killed the spy, he actually could not even stand the bloody scene and vomited.

He was simply too useless!

How could such a useless person achieve great things in the future?

This was the reason why he was mad.

At this moment, Chu Tianming was considering whether he should force his precious granddaughter, Chu Yun, to stay away from Chu Xuan.

What if Chu Xuan’s useless character was contagious?

If his granddaughter was infected by him and turned into a useless person, it would be a huge loss!

Chu Tianming cursed for a long while before he panted and sat down on the main seat. When he saw the young man sitting in the last row of the meeting hall, his expression eased up.

He rejoiced in his heart that not all of his grandchildren were good-for-nothings like Chu Xuan. In the end, there was still a junior with outstanding talent.

For example, Chu Qing, his eldest grandson who had participated in the meeting was already at the fourth level of the Profound Stage at a young age and was about to break through to the fifth level.

Not only was his cultivation talent outstanding, but his method of handling matters was also very shrewd and mature. He had even surpassed many of the older generation in this aspect.

This time, he had allowed Chu Qing to participate in the investigation of the spy in order to nurture him.

Chu Tianming was already treating him as the future heir of the Chu family, and was grooming him appropriately.

Among his sons, the third son that he had the highest hopes for had violated his engagement and nearly angered him to death. Moreover, he had gone missing and could not be found.

Therefore, Chu Tianming decided to look among the next generation. He decided he would select and nurture his successor from among his grandchildren.

Chu Xuan was depressed.

The emperor’s scripture reward that he had expected did not appear.

Perhaps it was because he had not stayed indoors for long enough.

However, he was not in a hurry. While eating the spirit-nourishing pill to strengthen his will, he also ate the great profound pill to strengthen his spiritual power.

His strength continued to increase, and he soon reached the peak of the first stage of the Profound Realm.

Ten days.

After staying in the courtyard for ten days, the emperor’s scripture cultivation technique that he had been looking forward to finally appeared.

“You’ve stayed in the courtyard for ten days, the reward is the great emperor’s scripture.”

An ancient and simple book appeared, faintly emitting a domineering pressure.

Chu Xuan was extremely excited. The emperor’s scripture was a cultivation technique that pointed directly to the Emperor Realm.

Just half of the true scripture could allow the Chu family to stand among the three great families of the Qin country for thousands of years.

From this, one could see how precious and powerful the emperor’s scripture was.

Moreover, this was only the reward for staying indoors for ten days.

If one stayed indoors for a month or a year, what level of cultivation technique would they be rewarded with?

Chu Xuan flipped open the emperor’s scripture, and one character after another jumped into his eyes.

In his mind, scenes of cultivation comprehension regarding the emperor’s scripture appeared one after another.

An hour later, Chu Xuan opened his eyes and stored the emperor’s scripture in the system space after completely experiencing the comprehension of the emperor’s scripture.

As expected of the emperor’s scripture, it was far from what the Chu family’s upper-grade scripture could compare to.

Chu Xuan took out a great profound pill and consumed it to cultivate the Profound Realm cultivation technique of the great emperor’s scripture.

Originally, he had already reached the peak of the first level of the Profound Realm. With the cultivation of the great emperor’s scripture, his foundation became even more solid, and his realm also slightly decreased.

Although his realm had decreased a little bit, his strength had almost doubled.

At this moment, when he used the Dragon Python Spirit Fist, the power was even greater, and his attacks were even more ferocious.

A great profound pill was quickly refined, and he found that the speed of his refinement was more than three times faster than before he had cultivated the emperor’s scripture.

After a day, Chu Xuan had recovered to the peak of the first level of the Profound Realm, and he was on the verge of breaking through to the second stage.

The great profound pill was a top-grade Profound Realm medicinal pill. It did not have any side effects, and his cultivation increased rapidly.

Moreover, Chu Xuan had the system, so his cultivation level would not be unstable.

He only needed to break through quickly, and he did not need to worry about his cultivation level being unstable.

Chu Xuan was considering a problem. The servant who delivered the food was not a Profound Realm martial artist, so he could not sense his cultivation level and strength.

If the head butler or other Profound stage martial artists came, his strength would be exposed.

Once his strength was exposed, Chu Tianming would look at him again. He would even think that he was a genius and pay more attention to him.

This was not the result that Chu Xuan wanted.

Therefore, what he needed now was treasures or cultivation techniques to conceal his cultivation level.

This could only come from the system’s reward.

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