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I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible
Chapter 7 - Seventh Stage Profound Realm, Thunderbolt Finger
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Chapter 7: Seventh Stage Profound Realm, Thunderbolt Finger

Spirit weapons corresponded to the three realms which consisted of the profound realm, spirit realm, and void realm. Martial artists of these three realms were able to wield the power of spirit weapons.

However, spirit weapons were unable to amplify martial artists of the unity realm and above. They might even be unable to withstand the spiritual power of martial artists of the unity realm and above, resulting in a situation where the weapons ends up damaged.

A treasured weapon was usually used by a martial artist at the unity realm, the true realm, or the beginning of the emperor realm.

Martial artists below the unity realm could also use a treasured weapon, but they could not unleash its power. Moreover, the cost of treasured weapons was extremely huge.

At the end of the day, a treasured weapon was ultimately stronger than a spirit weapon. When both sides were equal in strength, but if one person were wielding a spiritual weapon, against the other holding a spiritual weapon. Even if they could not unleash the power of a spiritual weapon, the final victor… would still be the one holding a treasured weapon.

As for an emperor weapon… those were on a completely different level. It was far from what a spirit weapon and a treasured weapon could compare to.

Chu Xuan had stayed in his residence for twenty days and obtained a high-grade treasured weapon. It was even more powerful than the Chu family’s guardian weapon. How could he not be happy?

If he stayed in his residence for a year, an emperor weapon would not just be a dream.

The spirit-slayer saber’s entire body was snow-white and there was a faint flow of spirit energy emanating from the blade. With a glance, one could tell that it was extraordinary.

Chu Xuan checked the information about the spirit-slayer saber and saw that it was actually a treasured artifact that mainly damaged one’s spirit and will.

For martial artists, injuries to the spirit and will were more difficult to treat than injuries to the body. Pills and spiritual items that could heal the spirit and will were very rare and expensive.

Once the spirit and will were severely injured and could not recover, the path of cultivation would be almost completely cut off.

At the same time that the spirit slayer sabre injured one’s physical body, it also injured one’s mental will. It was also able to specifically attack and destroy one’s mental will.

Attacks that targeted one’s mental will were always difficult to defend against. Unless one had a treasure that protected one’s mental will or a method to protect the mental will, one could only rely on your natural defence to resist.

Chu Xuan put away the spirit slayer saber. With his current strength of the sixth level of the profound realm, as long as he did not encounter a spirit realm martial artist, he could even kill a ninth level profound realm martial artist with the spirit slayer saber’s sharp edge.

Moreover, he was cultivating the Emperor’s scripture. Compared to others of the same realm, his strength was even greater.

There were only ten days left before he would have been in isolation for a month.

Chu Xuan was looking forward to the reward for a month of seclusion. What would it be?

It would definitely not be inferior to the spirit slayer saber.

After swallowing a great profound pill and a spirit nurturing pill, Chu Xuan lay on the reclining chair, leisurely continuing to read while refining the medicinal efficacy.

According to his current cultivation speed, he should be able to break through to the seventh level of the profound realm the next day.

He did not know whether it was an illusion or not, but Chu Xuan felt that after he broke through to the profound realm, his aptitude seemed to have enjoyed a huge increase.

It was definitely at the level of heaven’s pride.

Chu Xuan guessed that perhaps it was because he had entered the profound stage from the mortal realm and broke through this heavenly moat-like entrance that his entire person had sublimated, and thus his aptitude had also sublimated.

On the 21st day, Chu Xuan successfully broke through to the seventh stage of the profound realm.

The seventh stage was one of the later stages of this realm. Although it appeared like a small leap, the increase in strength was rather great.

On this day, the system also rewarded him with a martial skill.

Thunder-rolling finger!

It could condense the spiritual energy in the body into lightning, and its power was astonishing. It especially had the ability to restrain evil techniques and yin obscuring objects.

The thunder-rolling finger would increase in power as one’s realm increased. It wouldn’t become an obsolete martial technique just because one’s realm reached had surpassed certain level.

Even if one reached the emperor realm, the thunder-rolling finger would still be a powerful offensive technique.

Chu Xuan spent an hour to master the thunder-rolling finger. He could soon condense spiritual power into lightning and gather it at his fingertips as he wished.

He was able to continuously shoot out lightning bolts.

Through the servant, Chu Xuan learned that the Chu family had launched an operation to wipe out the cults in Chu County. Through this, they wiped out several cults in Chu County in one go.

In the process, they killed three spirit realm hall masters and dozens of dark realm members of the cults.

Chu Qing’s method of wiping out the cults was unexpected. Chu Tianming was very happy and praised the Chu family for having a successor.

Chu Yun, who had just left the clan grounds to train, also participated in the operation and killed a first level profound realm cultist sect member.

Although this purge of the cutist sect had been a great victory, a void realm cultist sect elder had escaped.

He had even threatened to take revenge on the Chu family.

Currently, a void realm clan elder and two Chu family stewards were chasing after the cultist sect elder.

At the same time, the clan had also stepped up their vigilance and defense.

According to reliable information, the evil cult in the Qin Kingdom had obtained a concealing technique at a certain ancient site. Therefore, they had to be on guard.

The spies from the evil cult in the Chu family had relied on this concealing technique to conceal the presence of their own evil technique and had successfully hidden themselves in the Chu family.

After the other two great aristocratic families, the Zhao and He families, as well as the Royal Qin family, had obtained this information from the Chu family, they launched internal investigations of their own and uncovered many spies.

It could be said that because of this operation by the Chu family, the evil cult within the Qin Kingdom had suffered heavy losses. Especially since their concealment techniques had been exposed, it would be several times more difficult to send spies to infiltrate other great aristocratic families.

Since the neighboring the Great Zhou Kingdom and the Purple Moon Alliance were also dealing with problems relating to the evil imperial court, the Qin Kingdom would also pass this information to Great Zhou Kingdom and the Purple Moon.

It was therefore obvious how much the cult would suffer because of this mistake. Their years of planning had all been for naught.

The Chu family naturally also became a thorn in the side of the evil cult, attracting the attention the cult.

As a result, the Chu family stepped up their defenses.

At the same time, the Chu family’s guards had already started to take action, clearing out the evil cult forces in Chu County.

Even if they could not wipe out all of them, they would at least hurt their operations.

The Zhao and He families had also made their move.

The Royal Qin had also ordered all the forces in the territory to cooperate and wipe out the evil cult.

After Chu Xuan learned this news, he was secretly speechless. He did not expect that just because he had kept a low profile, he would be targeted by a spy from the evil cult. In the end, the evil cult had suffered heavy losses.

He also did not know if the higher-ups of the cult would hate him to the bone after hearing this news.

He had to keep a low profile and increase his strength as soon as possible.

The Chu family was relatively safe. Now that they were on guard, it would not be easy for the cult members to sneak in.

However, the development of the matter was out of Chu Xuan’s expectations.

Late at night on the 23rd day.

Outside the Chu family, two figures that seemed to have hidden in the darkness quietly approached.

The aura on their bodies showed no fluctuation.

They were dressed in black, and they had perfectly blended into the darkness. Not only could they not be seen, even if one were to use their will to sense their surroundings, it would be difficult to detect them without careful observation.

The two figures slowly entered the Chu family’s land and started heading toward Chu Xuan’s small courtyard.

“Be careful, the Chu family can not be underestimated.”

“Don’t worry, with these stealth spiritual clothes, as long as we don’t enter the core of the Chu family, we won’t be discovered.”

The clothes on the two cultists were made of a special material, and the stealth spiritual clothes were made with a special technique. Due to this, they could block the perception of will to a certain extent.

The flaw was that this kind of stealth spiritual clothes only displayed this miraculous effect at night. It could blend figures into the night and avoid the perception of the will.

Of course, due to their rank, they could only avoid the perception of the profound realm martial artists.

However, as long as they didn’t enter the core area of the Chu family, it would be enough.

The two cultists didn’t come here to assassinate anyone from the Chu family, but to cause destruction.

“This direction is where the Chu family’s defenses are weakest. We’ll go through here.”

The two cultists then silently headed toward Chu Xuan.

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